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Eclipse Activities :  Lunar Eclipse & Solar Eclipse
Eclipse Activities : Lunar Eclipse & Solar Eclipse••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Included in this download is:A collection of early childhoood activities for studying eclipses - both lunar and solar.General Eclipse Activities: - Eclipse C

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Moon Phases worksheet & mini book
Good for science regarding the solar system, Earth, sun, moon, or a space theme. This includes a coloring worksheet with the accurate names for the phases of the moon. The 16 page mini book easily explains how the moon phases work. Sight word rich. Includes: 1 worksheet 2 pages of mini book 1 page

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Space and Solar System Distance Learning
This COMPLETE and comprehensive space unit on our planet, the solar system, and space is just for you! All activities include instructions, activity cards, and a response/recording sheet if applicable. I've also included the DIGITAL and NO PREP version! Share with your class using Google Classroom™,

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Phases of the Moon Cut and Paste & Phases of the Moon Calendar
As students learn about the phases of the moon they can follow up with this cut and paste and moon phase calendar activities. Students can create their own monthly calendar by shading in the moon as it appears in the sky each evening. This product also includes an explanation in kid friendly langua

Also included in: Looking Up At The Sky Bundle


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{Grade 6} Unit 4: Space Activity Packet
The Grade 6, Unit 4: Space activity packet is designed to meet the overall and the specific expectations outlined in the Ontario 2007 Science curriculum document. This packet has been updated as of 05/03/19.About the Packet:This packet is designed to introduce students to what the solar system is, a

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Moon Phases Cut and Paste Practice
Have students practice the order of the phases of the moon by cutting and pasting the photos of the moon in the correct order relative to the Earth and the Sun's rays. A great assessment or review activity!This activity is also part of the following bundle: Check it out! Moon Fact and Phases Lesson

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Space Close Reading
Close Reading: Space- This 54 page product contains 12 space-themed non-fiction close reading passages with evidence-based questioning sheets to go with each. Great to use as a whole group lesson or in small group reading. The articles are about the following topics: -the moon -the sun -stars -spac

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Space for Little Astronomers! Astronomy&History for Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Space, planets, and all about the moon explained with a non-fiction story, for children in kindergarten and first grade. This unit also includes activities, worksheets, and crafts to help young learners practice writing, understand, and remember key facts about the solar system.Sources:NASA - Our So

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Solar System and Planets
Kindergarten planet and outer space units are complete with this outer space themed solar system math, writing and science activity pack. Planet, outer space and solar system themed activities that are PRINT and GO! Perfect for Pre-k, Kindergarten and First grade planet and space units!!Included in

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Earth and Space Printables
Review science content with no prep printables! These were designed with 5th Grade Science STAAR test prep in mind, but can be used year-round as review in other grades, too! Looking to save on the Science Test Prep Printables Bundle? What types of activities are included? • short Cloze passages

Also included in: Science Test Prep Printables Bundle


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Solar System Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension and Main Idea & Detail Practice
In this activity, students will read a passage and identify details that appropriately complete the given webs. This worksheet was designed specifically to target the following skills: - Refer to Explicit Details (RI.4.1) - Conducting research (W.4.7) - Organizing Information/Text (W.4.4) - Gath

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Print and Go Interactive Sheets Earth and Space (Rotation & Revolution)
Love the idea of foldables, but sometimes don’t have the time for the maintenance part of them? Print and Go Science Printables are what your classroom needs! Designed to be functional and student friendly, Print and Go Science Printables present key science skills to students with visual presentati

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Outer Space, Solar System, and Planets with Google Classroom Distance Learning
This space unit is a perfect supplemental resource to use for primary science lessons. They cover a variety of topics about space, such as the solar system, all the planets, the inner and outer solar systems, the sun, moon, and stars, asteroid, astronauts, and more. There are different types of reso

Also included in: Science Worksheets No-Prep Bundle and Science Distance Learning Google Classroom


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Solar Eclipse Elementary Math Activities
Are you ready for August 21, 2017? A Total Solar Eclipse will be visible for a large part of the United States. This Solar Eclipse Elementary NO PREP Math Activities is a great activity for Science or Math class with your students! This packet teaches students about solar eclipses, how to make and u

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FREE Planet Research Worksheet
A good starting point for students to do their own investigating either on the internet or at the library. Once completed students can use this worksheet as a reference sheet for future learning about the Solar System.UPDATE: Some suggested websites have now been included as a guide.

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This unit has been used in the classroom with much success. My students are asking for more. They learned from the questions and discussion that it lead to. The unit includes the following: * suggested lesson plans (about 15 minutes) that include a quick introduction to stars and constellations

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Space - Moon Phases Assessment - Quiz
This is an assessment on the phases of the moon. It includes: * a matching vocabulary section with these words: waxing, waning, gibbous, crescent and quarter * a labeling section with pictures of the moon in different phases (includes a box with the names of the phases) * a fill-in-the-blanks sectio

Also included in: Space / Astronomy Bundle - The Complete Set


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Phases of the Moon Interactive Notebook
Use this Interactive Notebook as you teach the phases of the moon: students will explain the causes of day and night phases of the moon. Included: Day & Night Title Essential Questions K-W-L chart Vocabulary flip book {BW & Color} Rotation & Orbit notebook model {BW & Color} Seasons

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Sun, moon, and Earth Science Unit
This unit is designed with 2nd grade Georgia Performance Standards in mind, but it covers the major concepts begin taught about the Earth, Sun, and moon. Students will understand the concepts of: -the position and movements of the Sun, moon, and Earth - stars and their differences - the rotation

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The Martian (2015) Guided Viewing (Movie Guide) Worksheet
This is a guided viewing worksheet for the movie The Martian starring Matt Damon and directed by Ridley Scott. This is an amazing movie that is both highly entertaining while also being quite educational. There really has never been a better film for use in the science classroom (while also being ea

Also included in: The Martian (2015) - First Man (2018) DOUBLE FEATURE - Movie Guide Bundle


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Science Reading #17 - Breathing & Peeing in Space -Sub Plan (Google Slide, PDFs)
This science article / sub plan comes in two versions (with answer key): 1) easily printable PDFs, as well as 2) Google Slides for distance learning. Students can type in their answers directly in the Google Slides. This resource spans two pages in total with 1 and 1/3 pages of article and 2/3 pages

Also included in: Astronomy / Space Articles - 8 Science Sub Plans BUNDLED (Google Slides & PDFs)


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Planet Order Planets Activity
Planet Order Book Activity This is a planet book with the 8 planets in order. A great activity to reinforce the 8 planets in our solar system. This is perfect for any space or planet unit and can be easily differentiated for your needs.Students can write facts on the back of each planet or they can

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Tides (cut and paste) Activity
This is a sorting activity on basic information about tides (high, low, spring and neap). It includes illustrations and information about causes, water levels, when each tide occurs and the moon phase.Students cut, sort and paste information then answer summary questions.Use this activity in an inte

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Space / Astronomy - Earth's Movements ( Seasons )
This is a great activity sheet to assess what your students have learned about the movements of the Earth and the effects it has on the seasons! Some suggested vocabulary the students should know before doing this activity: axis, hemisphere (Northern/ Southern), summer, winter, spring, fall, orbit,

Also included in: Space / Astronomy Bundle - The Complete Set


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