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AP Calculus AB Target Practice
AP Calculus Target Practice Bundle:As we approach the AP Calculus AB Exam, many students need a topical approach to the types of questions they will be asked to complete on the AP Exam. In this packet, you will find the following concepts for students to “aim for success.”Know Your LimitsThis Seems

Also included in: AP Calculus Curriculum 2nd Semester Guided Notes Bundle


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Calculus AB Weekly Review Second Semester
Calculus Weekly Review Second Semester Each worksheet contains 10 questions that help keep all topics covered in Calculus AB fresh in students’ minds. I give my students one of these worksheets on Monday and it is due on Friday. I count each sheet as 10 points toward their homework grade. These

Also included in: Calculus AB AP Review Bundle


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Identifying Graphs of First and Second Derivatives Activity
Derivatives & Second Derivatives - Graphing Concepts: This activity requires students to match up the graph of a function with the graphs of its 1st and 2nd derivative. This will help students to visually compare graphs and see how slopes at different points transfer to the graph of the deriva

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Circuit Training - Related Rates (calculus)
Give your students engaging practice with the circuit format! This 12-question circuit contains all of the traditional related rates problems -- ladder sliding down a wall, growing conical salt pile, deflating balloon, plus a few extras such as a profit function and Charlie Brown flying a kite. To

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Circuit Training - Product, Quotient, and CHAIN Rules (calculus)
I wrote this circuit because as we move into the chain rule, my students still don't have fluency with the product and quotient rules (boo!). So, this circuit really plays on functions that seem structurally similar but are very different... y = x^2 + cosx vs y = x^2cosx. Or, y = cos (x^2) as oppo

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Calculus Derivative at a Point Hangman Game
Calculus Derivative at a Point This is a game that students can use to practice finding the value of the derivative at a given point. Students choose a letter of the alphabet. They work the problem given. Then they check the answer blanks. If that answer is in one of the answer blanks, they fil

Also included in: Calculus Bundle-First Semester- Limits, Derivatives, Applications of Derivatives


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Hidden Figures - Movie Watching Guide and Assessment
This set of 20 questions will help your students take notes on the significant historical, scientific, and mathematical events in the movie Hidden Figures. There are easily 20 more questions that can be asked, I just happened to focus on these. You might give your students the assignment to come up

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Adding and Subtracting Decimals: Coloring Page
About this resource This color by number worksheet will encourage students to build and strengthen their knowledge of adding and subtracting decimals whilst having fun in the classroom. A great resource to use as a review, quick assessment, homework task, or something for your students to do after a

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Calculus AP AB Review Study Guide with Problems
Calculus Review This is a 20 page study guide which will help to start students' review for the Calculus AB AP Exam. (Only AB topics are covered in this outline.) The main outline headings are: I. Limits II. Derivatives III. Applications of Derivatives IV. Integrals V. Applications of Integrals V

Also included in: Calculus AB AP Review Bundle


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Circuit Training - Limits and Continuity (Calculus)
Give your students great practice for their limits and continuity test with this 28-question review in the circuit format. To advance in the circuit, students must search for their answer, and when they find it, that becomes the next problem. This circuit covers limits of the indeterminant forms 0

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Calculus Review AP Pesky Problem Practice
Calculus Review In this packet you will find practice problems for AP Calculus students. In my 15 years of teaching AP Calculus, I have noticed that certain types of problems always seem to come up on the AP Exam. This packet is a growing bundle and more pages will be added as I find more types o

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Circuit Training - Limits (calculus)
Your students will work every single one of these 24 limits problems because of the circuit format. To advance in the circuit, students must find their answers -- this element of self-check is essential! My students don't get up when the bell rings and they are working on a circuit! The problems

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This MEGA bundle contains 37 circuits which, if purchased one at a time, would cost $149. Thus, this bundle represents more than a 30% savings off of the circuits if purchased individually. The bundle also includes 11 free circuits and card sorts at the end. If I write any more circuits, I will p

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Circuit Training - Implicit Differentiation (calculus)
Give your students engaging practice with the circuit format! In order to advance in the circuit, students must search for their answer (sometimes it is dy/dx evaluated at a specified point, sometimes it is just dy/dx). These 16 questions are progressive in nature and so it could even be used as g

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Circuit Training - Integration Bundle! (calculus)
Are you interested in getting EIGHT calculus circuits for a reduced price? This integration set has many popular circuits that are for sale individually. Separately they would be $32 but you can get all seven of them for $23. Please copy and paste the link to read each product description (and to ma

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Calculus Related Rates Practice Problems NO PREP | Distance Learning
This Calculus handout on Related Rates contains excellent practice problems for your students. They will work through the rules for setting up problems, implicit differentiation with respect to time, and solving the basic types of related rates problems from the AP Unit Conceptual Applications of

Also included in: Calculus Related Rates Derivatives Activity Bundle


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Circuit Training - Precal / Trig  for (AP) Calculus CALCULATOR
These 20 problems are great to use with your calculus students within the first few days of the school year. Reviews everything from asymptotes to domain and range, logs to sine and cosine. Worked in are calculus ideas such as average rate of change vs instantaneous rate of change, all while ensur

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Circuit Training - f, f', and f'' (calculus)
Give your students engaging practice with the circuit format! This 16-question circuit asks students about increasing / decreasing, max/min, concavity and inflection points based on their analysis of the first and/or second derivatives. Progressive in nature, it includes quite a few polynomials, a

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Graphing the Derivative of a Function: Inquiry Activity
Graphs of Derivatives - Discovery: This three-page worksheet will guide your students to graph the derivative of a function and make observations about the following concepts: * The slope of a tangent line to a curve can be identified at various points and used to create the graph of the derivativ

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Circuit Training - MVT, Average Rate of Change, Average Value (calculus)
I wrote this 16-question circuit as an and of the year review for students who can't tell the difference between average value, average rate of change and Mean Value Theorem. Some problems are straight-forward, some are contextual, and all functions from polynomial to trig to square root and exponen

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Circuit Training - Derivatives Bundle!  (calculus)
This bundle contains TEN circuits! Please read each product description before you make your purchase to ensure you don't already have the circuit. This is the rough order in which I would use them in my classroom, but I teach early transcendentals so the best thing you can do is work the answer k

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Circuit Training - Solving Differential Equations (Calculus)
Your students will stay engaged as they work to solve these separable differential equations in the circuit format. After finding the particular solution, students must hunt for the answer to a specific question about a given independent or dependent value for the particular solution. In this way

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Calculus Derivatives Before the Chain Rule Task Cards plus HW
Here is a great way to help your students master Derivatives before the chain rule with this set of Task or Station Cards plus HW before the chain rule. Students can work in Pairs or small groups to works through the problems.The resource includes 3 sets of 16 task cards for your students to practi

Also included in: AP Calculus AB Curriculum Bundle


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AP Calculus Summer Work Packet
This is for teachers who want to assign summer work to students entering AP Calculus. The file includes six pages of questions about prerequisite skills for Calculus, separated by topic: - "Super-basic" algebra skills - Trigonometry - Higher-level factoring - Logarithms and exponential functions -

Also included in: Calculus AB Resources (discounted bundle)


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