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I Can Sort {NEEDS and WANTS} Picture Worksheet
Students will identify needs and wants by using the pictures at the bottom and sorting them in either the wants or needs boxes.Perfect for morning work, homework or a quick review of the concept taught!You are receiving:1 needs/wants worksheet1 needs/wants answer keyENJOY!Please see my other NEEDS a

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Goods and Services 1st Grade 2nd Grade Primary Economics
This set of activities has everything you need to teach your students about goods and services. Appropriate for first and second grade social studies.Includes:Vocabulary Posters (goods, service, consumer, producer, supply, demand, and barter)Goods and Services Picture SortWriting TaskCut-and-Glue Wo

Also included in: Primary Economics Bundle: Goods & Services + Needs & Wants


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Wants and Needs, Earning and Saving:  A Primary Economics Unit
The wants and needs/earning and saving materials in this product were created to meet several standards within one unit. It address needs and wants, earning and saving, currency, job/community helpers and more. Here is a detailed list of the pages included in this packet.Activities Included:- Want

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Media Literacy / Advertising Activities - Bundle
Are you looking for media literacy activities that will engage your students? This bundle includes 6 different resources and includes activities such as poetry, writing, discussion topics, ad technique, student social media survey and more! My students have always enjoyed working on a Media Unit and


Levels of Government Local, State, and National | Grades 1, 2, 3
This is a fabulous set for teaching levels of government at the primary level. It goes over LOCAL, STATE, AND NATIONAL only. It discusses how the mayor, governor, and president are in charge of these different levels! It also talks about what the jobs are each of these different levels. This set i

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Goods and Services including Producers and Consumers
The goods and services / producers and consumers materials in this product were created to help students understand basic economics. These concepts can be difficult for young learners but these activities will help them grasp the ideas in a fun manor. Activities Included:-Anchor Charts for Goods,

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Community Signs Mega Pack for Special Education
This unit includes tons of fun games, printables, flashcards, and an adapted book to help your students learn about common community signs. Here is what's included: - 16 Flashcards with definitions - What Should I Do? A multiple choice adapted book - Which Sign Is It? Card Game {identify sign based

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Needs and Wants Sort Activities
Boost engagement with this fun, interactive resource about needs and wants. It includes vocabulary cards, individual and group sorting activities, graphic organizers, a coloring sheet, a word building activity, a drawing sheet and more! It works great for boosting academic vocabulary while learning

Also included in: Social Studies Sort Activities Bundle


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Needs and Wants
This is a Needs and Wants unit that includes a three day lesson plan, color sorting cards for your pocket chart or center, sorting cut and paste activity for students, an easy reader, posters, and a mini booklet for your students to complete. I have included 5 versions of the wants and needs mini-

Also included in: Christmas Activities and Christmas Worksheets


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Consumer OR Producer Sort Sheet {Economics} First Grade & Kindergarten
You are receiving a sorting page to provide practice on identifying consumers and producers…could also be used as an assessment too!1 sort page is included1 answer key is includedIf you need other consumer/producer resources check my store for a poster pack. I also have needs/wants and good/services

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Needs and Wants Activities: Primary Economics 1st Grade 2nd Grade
This is a set of activities, worksheets, and posters to support your primary economics unit on needs and wants. Includes:Vocabulary Posters with definitions of needs and wantsPicture Sort - Students sort picture cards according to whether the item is a need or a wantWriting Activity - Student write

Also included in: Primary Economics Bundle: Goods & Services + Needs & Wants


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Economics Introduction-Consumer, Producer, Goods, Services, Supply & Demand
Introduce your students to the basic economic concepts of money, wants/ needs, goods/ services, consumers/ producers, and supply/ demand. 5 days of lesson plans and extension activities are included. **************************************************************************************************

Also included in: Economics Introduction: Print and Digital BUNDLE!


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Supply and Demand for Google Classroom™ | Distance Learning
Teach your students about Supply and Demand. This resource is compatible for use with your Google Classroom™ or for distance learning. The passage in this versatile resource combines social studies and reading informational text in one convenient lesson. It’s easy for teachers and fun for kids! Thi

Also included in: Economics for Google Classroom™ | Distance Learning BUNDLE


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Touch Money Packet
Touch Money is a great way to teach your students how to count groups of coins! I use this with my special learners who benefit from the visuals of touch points. This packet includes:-Front & back touch money posters-Draw the touch points on the coins (4 pages)-Draw the line to front/back of the

Also included in: Touch Money Bundle for Special Education


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Community Workers Unit for Special Education
This unit includes tons of fun games, printables, flashcards, and an adapted book to help your students learn about community workers. Here is what's included: - 12 Flashcards with definitions - Where do you work?: 12 page adapted book with related vocabulary terms; matching pieces included - 9 mat

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Economics: Goods & Services, Wants & Needs, Making Choices, Saving & Spending
This 4 week unit utilizes literature, whole group activities, independent practice, interactive notebooks, and PowerPoint slide shows to teach the economic concepts of wants and needs, goods and services, saving and spending, and making choices. This unit includes: 17 colorful instructional posters

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Economy Unit for Special Education
This unit includes tons of fun games, printables, flashcards, and an adapted book to help your students learn about the basics of the economy! < strong> This functional social studies theme will help your students about life skills in an academic way. This unit can be differentiated for all ty

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Help your students make real world connections with WANTS and NEEDS with these real-life pictures for sorting and NO PREP printables!What other teachers have said about this product:"Great pictures; very clearly labeled. Really helped with our study of wants and needs for our district writing asses

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Goods and Services Sort
Goods and Services Sorting WorksheetTHIS RESOURCE INCLUDES:Sorting mat, sorting pictures and an answer key. THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES:Sorting mat, sorting pictures and an answer key. Save time and money and buy Sort Worksheets Bundled____________________________________________________________________

Also included in: Social Studies Sorts - The Bundle


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Recycling Unit for Special Education
This unit includes tons of fun games, printables, flashcards, and an adapted book to help your students learn about recycling! This is a great academic and functional theme to incorporate into your classroom curriculum. Here is what's included: - 10 Flashcards with definitions - Ready to Recycle:

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Wants and Needs Producers and Consumers
Teaching on producers and consumers or goods, needs and wants can be tricky. This pack will help you guide your students through this important social studies unit. These colorful posters and engaging activities will keep your students focused and learning during this unit of study.Included are:*c

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Economics Unit
If you are teaching economics, this unit will really help you beef up your lesson plans. This unit covers wants & needs, goods & services, consumers & producers, types of resources, bartering, and opportunity cost. To spice it up, this unit has a variety of types of activities to help

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Economic Resources {Reading Passages & Questions}
This mini-unit includes a week's worth of plans for economic resources, focusing specifically on natural, human, and capital resources, as well as entrepreneurs. Standards are included for Georgia; but this is generic enough for any economics unit. Inside this unit: *** The text comes in three dif

Also included in: Social Studies Curriculum Bundle for Native American Indians to Colonization


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Scarcity Economics Unit
These scarcity and choice activities were designed as a cross curricular economics unit. They will help your students learn what scarcity is, how it is caused, and how they can help make better choices to limit its effects. Social Studies, reading, and writing lessons are all included in this unit

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