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American Government Unit - Activities, Graphic Organizers, and More!
Government can be FUN and MEANINGFUL for students! These American government lessons will allow students to develop an authentic understanding of the levels of government and the branches of government. It incorporates performance tasks, government projects, enrichment activities, choice boards, and

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Declaration of Independence American History Scavenger Hunt | Distance Learning
In this fun resource for early US History, students complete a scavenger hunt on the Declaration of Independence to better understand the document, interact with historical text, and turn a boring document into an exciting challenge. Students work in either collaborative teams or individually (I'd

Also included in: Declaration of Independence Bundle: 2 Great Activities, 1 Great Price!


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Colonies Scavenger Hunt |  Students navigate the 13 Colonies | Google 1:1 Ready
Students will complete a 13 Colonies "silent scavenger hunt" where they will navigate around the room examining each colony's station. Students will create groups and, before they are turned loose, divide up the responsibilities. This lesson is a great introduction to the 13 colonies, especially i

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Levels of Government Local, State, and National | Grades 1, 2, 3
This is a fabulous set for teaching levels of government at the primary level. It goes over LOCAL, STATE, AND NATIONAL only. It discusses how the mayor, governor, and president are in charge of these different levels! It also talks about what the jobs are each of these different levels. This set i

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Citizenship: Rights & Responsibilities
This product introduces students to the rights and responsibilities of citizens at home, school, in the community, state, and country. It includes 6 pages of text and multiple choice/open-ended questions, and a 2-page cut-n-paste activity.Vocabulary includes: citizen, rights, responsibilitiesA total

Also included in: My Entire North Carolina Government Unit | BUNDLE


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3 Branches of Government Activities and Mini Unit
Your students will enjoy learning about the 3 Branches of the United States Government with this interactive packet. This hands-on approach to learning will surely help your students learn and understand all about the checks and balances of the Three Branches of the U.S. Government.Click HERE to SAV

Also included in: Social Studies Interactive Notebooks & Activities Bundle


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Liberty's Kids Video Guides Distance Learning NOW IN DIGITAL FORMAT TOO!
***FOR THOSE OF YOU DOING DISTANCE LEARNING DUE TO THE COVID-19 CRISIS, A DIGITAL VERSION AVAILABLE IN GOOGLE SLIDES HAS NOW BEEN ADDED TO THIS DOWNLOAD FOR FREE.***Thank you for checking out my Liberty’s Kids Video Guides! This pack contains a two-page episode guide for all 40 episodes of the show

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Presidential Election Unit Lesson Plans, Reading Passages, Worksheets, & More!
The 2016 Presidential election is under way! Prepare your students for Decision 2016 with this 104-page resource. This unit is designed to make the election process real and relevant to elementary aged children. Students will learn about the process of electing a president. Government and election

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Bill of Rights in Everyday Life
The Bill of Rights- What a fun topic to teach and study! This reading and social studies activity is interesting and thought-provoking for students. Students will work in cooperative groups to examine scenarios with realistic situations. They will decide if the person's rights were respected, acco

Also included in: Constitution Bundle


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Branches of Government Interactive Tree Activity
The three branches of government are showcased in this interactive activity. This resource can be used to introduce the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the U.S. government or to assess students' understanding of the 3 branches of government. Students will read facts about how our g

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Civil War Activities
Help your students learn about the Civil War in a fun and easy to use way. These highly engaging activities and worksheets will help your students understand the war between the North and the South.This high interest Civil War resource includes:→Teacher’s Tips (1-page)→Group Activity Handout (8-page

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Symbols of the USA {I Can Sort}  Activity for Kindergarten and First Grade
You are receiving a cut and glue activity for teaching US Symbols. This download includes: 1 sorting sheet 1 answer key If you need other US Symbols resources check my TPT store: Lincoln, Washington and US Symbols Necklace Bundle Thanks for stopping by...

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Elections and Voting Process Activities - Road to the White House
Your students will enjoy learning about the Presidential Elections of the United States with this interactive packet. This hands-on approach to learning will surely help your students learn and understand all about the Road to the White House and the Election Process.Click here and SAVE 20% by buyin

Also included in: Social Studies Interactive Notebooks & Activities Bundle


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Constitution Day Pack {Updated AGAIN}
All teachers have to teach Constitution Day according to State Standards. This pack makes it easy to teach it for an hour, a day, or for a few days.((Updated on 7/20/14)) This pack includes posters and worksheets for Constitution Day, which is celebrated on September 17th. Included in this pack is

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My Entire North Carolina Government Unit | BUNDLE
Looking for North Carolina government resources for your classroom? This bundle includes all 9 of my North Carolina Government products and lessons found individually in my store. Citizenship: Rights & ResponsibilitiesThis product introduces students to the rights and responsibilities of citizen


Government Unit for Primary Grades {Study Guide, Worksheets, Posters, Test}
Updated 2019 For Better Graphics and Materials:What's Included in this government unit:Study guideKwl chart5 w chartVocabulary postersComprehension reading and question sheetGovernment worksheetBranches of government posterBranches of government craftBranches of government matching gamePresidential

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Comparing Plans of the Constitutional Convention
Constitution & Comparing Plans of the Constitutional Convention This simple, easy-to-understand worksheet compares the key details of the Virginia and New Jersey Plans at the Constitutional Convention of 1787. After reviewing the essential parts of both plans, students complete six analysis q

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The Bill of Rights for Kids--5th Grade PowerPoint, Guided Notes, & Test ***ZIP
DESCRIPTION Teach about the Bill of Rights with this PowerPoint presentation, notes, and test. Slides are written for 4th, 5th, or 6th grade students. This mini-unit includes 13 PowerPoint slides, student notes, and a 30 question test! *This mini-unit is a ZIP file download that includes: --Edita

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Constitution Day PowerPoint Lesson w/ worksheets K-3
Are you ready to meet the federal mandate to teach your students about the U.S. Constitution on Constitution Day on September 17th? Everything you need to teach your primary grade(K-3) students about Constitution Day is right here, ready to use and no prep! The animated PowerPoint lesson explains

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President, Governor, and Mayor Flipbook
Social Studies Georgia Performance Standard The student will identify the roles of the following elected officials: a. President (leader of our nation) b. Governor (leader of our state) c. Mayor (leader of a city) This flipbook will be great to use after you have introduced the President, Gover

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Civics and Government: First and Second Grade
This 3 week unit covers 21 standards of civics and government for the primary grades with resources for whole group, independent work, center work, and homework. This Unit Includes -23 worksheets of varying difficulty level for all students, independent work, and whole group instruction -15 answer

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US Constitution Activities | US Constitution Preamble
Your students will love learning about the Constitution of the United States with this interactive packet full of engaging activities! The hands-on approach to learning through the components of this resource will surely help your students learn and understand all about the Constitution.Click HERE t

Also included in: Social Studies Interactive Notebooks & Activities Bundle


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Who is the Government Fairy and What is She Doing here
Make learning about the local, state and federal government more fun with a sprinkle of fairy dust! This unit kicks off with a read-aloud (or guided reading) story written at the 3.2 reading level called "Jenny and the Government Fairy". (as determined by Okapi Readability). Four activity sheets go

Also included in: VOTE The Government Fairy Bundle


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Making Sense of the Articles of Confederation - Paper Version
Used in over 1,200 classrooms! This resource shares a summary of the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation as well as the strengths for your students to understand America's first attempt at a formal set of rules. Trying to find a way to explain the Articles of Confederation to your students

Also included in: American Revolution Bundle: 15-Pack [Great for Middle School]


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