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Listening Activities for Common Core~ Listen Up Set 1
Common Core listening skills are essential in today's classroom, so let Listen Up help train your little learners to be BIG listeners! Even we veteran teachers are finding it more and more challenging to really get today’s fast paced students to listen attentively. Though all children develop differ

Also included in: Distance Learning Listening Activities for Common Core~ THE BUNDLE Sets 1-3


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I Can Sort {NEEDS and WANTS} Picture Worksheet
Students will identify needs and wants by using the pictures at the bottom and sorting them in either the wants or needs boxes.Perfect for morning work, homework or a quick review of the concept taught!You are receiving:1 needs/wants worksheet1 needs/wants answer keyENJOY!Please see my other NEEDS a

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Distance Learning: Visual Daily Questions for the Year (Question of the Day)
Interactive digital question of the day now also on Google Slides! This is now included with this download at no additional cost.Do you do a question of the day in your classroom? We use these questions during our morning meeting time and each student answers the question, telling us sometime they l

Also included in: Visual Daily Questions BUNDLE! Over 700 questions for special education


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No Prep Social Skills for Older Students
**BEST SELLER** It can be a challenge to find age-appropriate materials for older speech students, which is why I created this social skills packet specifically for students in upper elementary and older! NO PREP REQUIRED!***************************************************************************Wh

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Get To Know You Worksheets: Speech Therapy PreK-High School
This 22 page packet consist of worksheets to use to get to know your new students. There are worksheets for preschool-high school students. Two worksheets are developed to help your students learn a few things about their SLP (one female/one male/one gender neutral). **Product was updated 2019 to gi

Also included in: Back to School Bundle for Speech Therapy


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The First Ten Days- Special Education
The First 10 Days Special Ed Lesson Plans + Activities to teach routines!! The first ten days of school are already planned for you! (SAY WHAT! Directly teach routines and grab this set of activities and lesson plans to start the year off right. WHAT'S INCLUDED?All of the below is included in the Fi

Also included in: Special Education Classroom Setup Bundle


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Editable Daily Home Communication Sheets for Special Education Students
Home and school communication is so important! These sheets allow students to participate in sharing their day with their parents using visual supports, checklists, and/or sentences. Multiple levels are included for a variety of students.Print and go OR customize for your students! New 2018 version:

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Simple Data Sheets for Special Education
Data Sheets for the Special Education ClassroomThese Special Ed data sheets are editable for your needs! You will need Microsoft Powerpoint to edit them. There are 35 sheets included to help you take effective data in your special education classroom. WHAT'S INCLUDED?+ Goal Data Sheets (4)+ Daily Da

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Money Mega Pack for Special Education
This packet contains a wide range of hands-on materials, games, and worksheets to work on coin value. Knowing the value of money is an essential life skill that needs to be developed in early childhood. Students with disabilities benefit from hands on materials and the use of visuals to learn these

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All About Me: Interactive Worksheets to Work on Personal Information
**NEWLY UPDATED: **DOCUMENTS NOW EDITABLE!** **Canadian version of address page now available** This product consists of 4 interactive worksheets which cover the following topics: -Name -Address -Phone Numer -Gender -Hair Color -Eye Color -School Name -Teacher Name -Room Number -Friends' Names **

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Back to School Activities
This packet is full of meaningful activities for the first few weeks of school. It includes fun activities to get your students moving and making friends. Every activity in this unit has black and white copies for those who have no access to a color printer! Enjoy! This Unit Includes: - Paper Doll

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Following Directions Activities and Worksheets Bundle
These following directions speech therapy activities include a ton of fun and engaging materials, visuals, and worksheets that are all organized by concepts. This is great for a typical classroom, special education & speech therapy. Teach basic concepts in a systematic, organized, easy way.***Al

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Personal Information Practice Forms for Special Education
These forms offer a realistic way to practice the most essential personal information, such as name, address, birthday, age, and others. I choose one form for each student and make multiple copies (or laminate) and keep in their binder for morning work and if they have down time. *NEW: Also includes

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Distance Learning: Special Education Next Dollar Up Money Worksheets
Now includes digital, interactive worksheets on Google Slides at no additional cost. This set of 50 worksheets works on knowing how much money items cost and paying using the next dollar method.There are two levels, the first 25 worksheets have whole numbers and the student then colors in the exact

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Visual Math Activities for Children with Autism
This packet contains a wide range of visual and engaging math activities to work on basic, foundational skills. These activities are structured, repetitive, and visual which will help students with autism access these math tasks. These activities work on counting, number identification, more/less,

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Weekend Reports for Special Education Students - Differentiated
Included are 9 differentiated weekend journals for all special education students in your classroom, from symbol readers to advanced writers. This is the perfect life skill activity to get your students discussing their weekends and asking questions to each other. This activity works on social sk

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*Think Sheets to Help Kids Think About Their Actions
Think sheets are an effective way to help children reflect on their behavior and feelings. One Think Sheet has pictures to help identify feelings, and the other just uses words. These sheets are also included in my Class Rules and Activities Inspired by Ron Clark's Essential 55 Book (Click if you w

Also included in: *Taking Responsibility Bundle - Think Sheet and Apology Letter


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Special Education Grocery Store Activities for Functional Life Skills (autism)
Designed to teach students the value and use of money as well as using shopping tools in a real-life scenario of grocery shopping. Skills include differentiated materials from money counting and next dollar up skills to calculating discounts, coupon use, check writing and more real-world skills. Fo

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Visual Color Coded Calendars and Calendar Worksheets for Special Education
*Newly updated for the spring months with school closures to have it say "weekdays" instead of "school days" and no "no school days"Updated for the 2019-20 school year!! This packet contains visual calendars with an interactive color key and worksheets for the year. I used these with my high school

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Friends Social Skills Worksheets
4 Social Skills worksheets. I use these after reading the books below, but they would be a great worksheet without. Who is a Friend, Who is Not How to lose all your friends (book - How to lose all your friends - Nancy Carlson) Interrupting others (book - My mouth is a volcano - Julia Cook) How t

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Measuring Cups and Spoons Identification Worksheets - Special Education
This pack of 34 worksheets is great for your early learners or special education students who are working on cooking skills such as identifying various measuring cups and spoons! Worksheets are differentiated to meet the needs of all of your beginning learners. This packet contains the most common m

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Cardinal Directions and Map Skills for KIDS!
This product is the perfect solution for teaching cardinal directions and map skills for lower elementary kiddos! Included: Cardinal Direction Posters for the classroom 1 set with arrows 1 set without (Color and Black and White) Label the Directions: 5 fun worksheets! Students Label the direction

Also included in: Cardinal Directions-Map Skills/Coordenadas y Habilidades Para Leer Mapas BUNDLE


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Name Writing Practice Notebook Editable
Do you need to help students learn to write their name? Bogged down on creating a different practice page for each student? The Name Writing Notebook is editable and couldn't be easier to use. Just plug in your student's name and the document does all the hard work!Features→Seven (7) name writing s

Also included in: "Preschool Complete" Curriculum Bundle


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Science Experiments for Speech Therapy
Look no further for easy to prep, hands on activities, that can be used with mixed groups, push-in, inclusion sessions, and tons of fun! Perfect for speech and language groups of all ages and levels. Only 2-4 materials required, most you already have at home or at work!****************************

Also included in: Mixed Speech Group BUNDLE


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