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{Grade 4} Unit 1: Early Societies to 1500 CE Activity Packet
The Grade 4, Unit 1: Early Societies to 1500 CE packet is aligned with the Ontario Social Studies unit outcomes and indicators as outlined in the 2018 Social Studies curriculum document. This packet features lessons and activities that aid students in gaining an understanding of the following expect

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Aztec, Maya, Inca : Complete Unit Plan Lesson Activity Common Core 5-8
Recently improved again and re-posted with more activities, Common Core-aligned tests and primary source readings for a comprehensive 5-8 notes and activity set! This is a fantastic Americas Unit plan covering the Maya, Aztec, and Inca civilizations. You can pick and choose from tons of informationa

Also included in: Americas Aztec, Maya, Inca Complete Unit & Google Ready Combined History Bundle


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Feudal or Medieval Europe Complete Unit Plan History Activity Lesson Set
We are always adding new, fresh content! Check out the preview for a closer look! This Feudal Europe activity, note and assessment bundle has a ton of Common Core options for instruction (both student-centered and teacher-driven), guided practice, extension, and assessment! Here's what you get:I. ME

Also included in: Medieval of Feudal Europe Complete Unit & Google Ready Combined History Bundle


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Magna Carta: Students Investigate the Principles then Analyze the Magna Carta!
Magna Carta: Students Investigate the Principles then Analyze the Magna Carta! This Magna Carta lesson is included in the larger "Middle Ages Unit" located here: Middle Ages Unit: 16 Engaging Lessons to teach the Middle Ages (Medieval Times)! Buy the bundle and save a bundle! ---------------

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Renaissance Complete Unit Plan: Common Core World History Activity Lesson Set
Now a COMPLETE UNIT with brand new textbook independent vocabulary lesson sets, geography lesson sets, Common Core quizzes and tests just added! This Renaissance packet has rigor, versatility and fun! It's loaded with over 28 choices. This Renaissance bundle is divided into IV parts: I. RENAISSANCE

Also included in: Renaissance Complete Unit & Google Ready Combined History Activity Bundle


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Black Plague Reading Worksheet
Black Plague Reading WorksheetThis is a simple, fascinating reading guide about the Bubonic Plague or Black Death. It explains how it began and spread, its symptoms, and the effect it had on European society. It makes for an excellent homework or in-class reading assignment because it can be complet

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Africa Trading Empires Unit Plan: Lesson Activity Set Ghana, Mali, Songhai
❤️Check out the preview for a closer look!CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES! Now a COMPLETE UNIT with more engaging Common Core activities and assessments. With over 28 activities, notes and Common Core assignments/resources, this packet would cost over $80 if bought individually. This is a fantastic way to

Also included in: Medieval Africa Complete Unit & Google Ready Combined Activity History Bundle


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Feudal or Medieval Japan Unit Plan Set: Common Core Lesson Activity Set
Now a complete unit including quizzes and Common Core tests! This is a fantastic way to cover all of the key points for Feudal Japan and the Japanese Shogun military society. You can pick and choose from tons of notes formats, worksheets, and activities. CONTENT– The content in the bundle is organiz

Also included in: Medieval or Feudal Japan Complete Unit & Google Ready Combined History Bundle


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China Dynasties Unit Plan Lesson Set Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan (Mongols) & Ming
Now a complete unit with multiple assessment options! Individually this packet would cost over $75.00! This is a fantastic way to cover all of the key points for the Chinese Dynasties during the Medieval Period including the Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, and Ming. You can pick and choose from a ton of note

Also included in: Medieval China Complete Unit & Google Ready Combined Activity History Bundle


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Middle Ages Reading Comprehension Worksheet Bundle
Want to give your students an understanding of various aspects of the Middle Ages while incorporating some reading comprehension skills? This is the bundle for you. This bundle has 13 articles. I have my students complete these in centers. I have also included two quizzes to help assess students' u


Middle Ages Timeline - NO PREP
Directions for students to create a timeline based on the Middle Ages in Europe. Includes a student worksheet for students to complete and a teacher answer key. The student worksheet has content about Medieval Europe included on it. The handout can be used without any preparation. This handout

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Feudalism Reading Worksheet
Feudalism Reading Worksheet This is a simple, 1-page reading that explains how Feudalism worked during the Middle Ages. It covers the key vocabulary terms (serf, fief, vassal, etc) and helps students to understand the reasons why the system was in place and what each person's role was in it. Foll

Also included in: Feudalism Lesson Plan Bundle


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Magna Carta Primary Source Reading, Analysis Worksheet, and Fun Activity
Students investigate important and long-lasting achievements of the Magna Carta by reading and analyzing excerpts directly from the primary source document. Then, students compare concepts in the Magna Carta to the U.S. government. An answer key and instructional materials are included. After comple

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Martin Luther, the Reformation, and Create Your Own 95 Theses Worksheet
This fun, short warm up or concluding activity reviews what the 95 Theses were and why Martin Luther created them and posted them to his church door. It then presents a similar "Teacher's Theses" with humorous complaints a teacher might have about your school. Students then create their own theses

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Where in the World Scavanger Hunt & Map Activity Physical Geography of Europe
This geography activity is completely student driven, fun and interactive. It can be done with any textbook map or atlas that has European physical geography. First, students create a physical map of Europe labeling key features. Then, students play the Where in the World Scavenger Hunt printable cl

Also included in: Europe Physical Geography Bundle Map Activities & Quizzes Distance Learning


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Medieval Times: Castles in the Middle Ages
This 3 part, 37 page package contains the following: The first section is an easy to read, illustrated booklet (21 pages) that covers the 3 main types of castles in the Middle Ages: Motte and Bailey Castles; Stone-Keep Castles; and, Concentric Castles. It also covers: Special Features of Castles

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My Feudal School: A School and Feudal Manor Comparison Activity
In this engaging analysis activity, students compare their school to a feudal manor.This is easily a class favorite!First, students read about a feudal manor and the pyramid of power in order to compare the school staff to the key players in the feudal system. It's fun to hear their comparisons with

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Oh Rats! Black Death Bubonic Plague Story Board Activity Medieval Europe
Recently edited to align with students supporting claims with evidence! In this activity, students create a 9 scene storyboard for an animated film. The film should be about a flea-ridden rat who helps to spread the Bubonic Plague into Europe during the 1300s. An example page and an easy step by ste

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Feudalism Pyramid Manorialism Middle Ages PowerPoint Posters and Worksheet
***Also available as part of Duffy's Black Death Package:http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Duffys-Complete-Black-Death-Depth-Study-Package-1560411***This is a PowerPoint, Poster and Worksheet set used to introduce students to the hierarchical structure of Feudal England and Manorialism, fro

Also included in: Duffy's Growing Medieval Bundle - incl. Black Death & History DISTANCE LEARNING


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95 Page PDF Medieval (Middle Ages) File
This file is great for a social studies. It is an intensive collection of pages which cover the curriculum. Simply print off the pages and cover the information with your students. Century Gothic fonts make the pages easy and clear to read. This 95 Page PDF Medieval Unit includes pages which can

Also included in: Medieval Times - Middle Ages Bundle - PPT, PDF, Smartboard Files.


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Feudalism  in the Middle Ages worksheet graphic organizer
This worksheet can be used by itself when teaching the feudal system or with the fully animated powerpoint I have also uploaded onto my store.This worksheet comprises of a diagram of the feudal system with the information removed. The class must label each group in the hierarchy. The second page co

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Black Death Primary & Secondary Source Assignment
Black Death Sourcework Worksheet - A great worksheet that combines Primary and Secondary Source information with 15 questions students need to answer. If you like this, please check out my Medieval Unit Package The Historian, World History grade 10, Primary Source, Secondary Source, worksh

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Middle Ages "Knights Wanted" Poster
Middle Ages - Students must create a "Knights Wanted" poster for a monarch or nobleman. They must list the requirements of a knight, the training needed etc. Students enjoy the opportunity to research the steps to knighthood and combine it with a creative assignment. Includes detailed assignment

Also included in: Middle Ages Bundle - Projects and Activities


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Fuedal Europe or Medieval Europe Unit Notes, Activities, & Test Bundle
This Medieval Europe Package has everything you need to teach fun and engaging lessons. You receive a Unit Lesson Plan, a large selection of activities, PowerPoint, guided notes, tests, and much more. You can check out my Mega Unit Bundle: 8 units – Medieval Period to World War IIIf you like this p

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