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Mega Fluency Packet for Speech and Language Therapy
This mega-packet for fluency is 57 pages long. It includes visuals, printables, homework, self-advocacy scenarios, handouts, informal assessment tools, and more! The speech tools targeted are: slow rate, full breath, pausing, stretchy speech, light contact and easy onset. This packet helps your st

Also included in: Elementary School Starter Kit for Speech and Language Therapy


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Turning the Question Around to Answer in Complete Sentences (Test Prep & More!)
Are you tired of your students giving one or two word answers? This product includes one interactive class activity and two worksheets for practice and assessment to help students lose the question word, move the verb, switch personal pronouns, and use the question to formulate their answers in comp

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Articulation Stories
Not only is this resource no prep, but it is also able to be used for more than just articulation practice! A long list of sounds are targeted by the stories in this product, and there are a wealth of skills and concepts targeted, such as summarizing, sequencing, WH- questions, and more!************

Also included in: Mixed Speech Group BUNDLE


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Weekend Reports for Special Education Students - Differentiated
Included are 9 differentiated weekend journals for all special education students in your classroom, from symbol readers to advanced writers. This is the perfect life skill activity to get your students discussing their weekends and asking questions to each other. This activity works on social sk

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Big Picture Scenes: Wh- Questions + NO PRINT/Digital PDF
•Now includes NO PRINT option for use with iPad or computer.•This product includes 44 cards. Each card has a beautiful illustration and 5 to 8 questions, which include a mixture of: wh- questions, logical questions, inferences, predictions, and/or personal questions. See the preview for examples.The

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Superhero Sentence Formulation for Speech Therapy
This 17-page packet is a fun way to target sentence formulation with a motivating super hero theme. To Play: Mix and match to create silly sentences. Once a student has a complete sentence formed, experiment with word order. "Can you put the ‘when’ card first?" "What about the ‘what’ card?" Use th

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Fluency Tools Treatment Packet
This packet uses a "tool" theme to help students achieve fluency. They think of their strategies as speech tools to help facilitate smooth speech. This packet addresses many aspects of fluency including fluency enhancing behaviors, stuttering modification, types of disfluency, relaxation, pacing,

Also included in: Fluency Super BUNDLE!


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Writing Prompts Through the Year ~ Sharing Pages {BUNDLE}
Writing Prompts for Class Share Time build essential Common Core writing and speaking skills from the beginning of the year all the way to the last day of school and through summer too. These "Sharing Pages" give students a unique opportunity to share their writing in front of the class. Each writin


Semantic Relationships | Speech and Language Therapy | Speech Therapy
Semantic Relationships: word relationships for Speech and Language Therapy and Special EducationThis Semantic Relationships speech therapy packet allows you to target semantic relationships (word relationships). It's perfect for upper elementary & middle school speech therapy and special educati

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Are looking for some new ways to present your articulation targets to your students? If so, these articulation mini cards might be for you! Don't get me wrong, I love my large decks of speech cards and various worksheets but sometimes you just want to reduce the table clutter, especially for larger

Also included in: Speech and Language Mini Cards - Bundled Set


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Idioms In Context
Idioms in Context. Students read through the paragraphs and then mark the correct definition of the idiom. The paragraphs should give the students enough context to help them figure out the definition. Three pages are included.

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Story Retell and Sequencing
Story Retell And Sequencing: Includes 20 original stories for the student to listen to and retell to the therapist/teacher. This product is great for use in Speech & Language Therapy as well as English and Language Arts. This task targets retell and sequence abilities as well as auditory compreh

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A Frontal Lisping and /S/ Sound Remediation Program
What's better than getting to say that we helped to eliminate someone's speech disorder? Not much, and that is why I am writing this with a smile on my face. I have actually done that by following the steps in this program. I have helped to eliminate frontal lisping behavior in many people by foll

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Stupendous Exercises For Increasing Speaking Intelligibility
Welcome to Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC & thank you for coming by to read about our product to help to increase speaking intelligibility using some our favorite "go to" speech intelligibility techniques. We worked on developing this product over a long period of time. We tried all

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Articulation Comics
Not only is this resource no prep, but it is also able to be used for more than just articulation practice! A long list of sounds are targeted by the comics in this product, and there are a wealth of other essential skills and concepts targeted inside!************************************************

Also included in: Mixed Speech Group BUNDLE


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No Prep Articulation Activities Distance Learning
No Prep Year Round Therapy Materials for Mixed Articulation Groups. This value bundle contains 24 packets of cards and worksheets to cover all the sounds your students need.Print & Go Articulation Activities - Great value, quick and easy, 'ready in a moment' activities for your mixed articulati


DO YOU LIKE MINIATURES, TRINKETS & DOODADS? These FUN YEAR-ROUND MATS are the PERFECT COMPANION for working on SPEECH & LANGUAGE goals such as SPATIAL CONCEPTS, VOCABULARY, ARTICULATION, PREPOSITIONS, WH questions, DESCRIBING, and many other targets, while using all your little mini object

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NO-PREP Articulation Dots and Boxes for Speech Therapy
This is a speech version of the classic dot-connecting boxes game. Students connect dots by saying the word in between two dots. Each time someone finishes a box, they can write their name in the box. When all the boxes are done - the person with the most boxes wins.There are 13 different boards: S

Also included in: Articulation Games BUNDLE for Speech Therapy


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These Fun & Functional Speech Sound LARGE Mouth VISUALS for your SPEECH THERAPY TOOLBOX KIT will give you and your students the needed visual cues to help make progress with speech goals. Included are worksheets, posters, word lists and lots of other visuals to use WHILE HAVING TONS OF FUN. PAR

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SPEECH-ZEE An Articulation Dice Game
Need a new, engaging way to target later articulation sounds for those hard to motivate students? Give this a try! I have some older students who love to play dice games in speech. The problem ---> most popular dice games take too long and adding up all of the dice is tedious! I created SPEECH-Z

Also included in: SPEECH-ZEE BUNDLE! A Speech Therapy Dice Game


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I Can Say the K and G Sounds Articulation Workbook
If you have students/clients with velar fronting, this workbook is for you! 150 pages to target the K and G sounds! Professional illustrations teach students the anatomy of the mouth and detailed step-by-step visuals guide the clinician and student through a variety of techniques to elicit accurate

Also included in: I Can Say... Articulation Workbook Bundle by Peachie Speechie


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A Dab of Speech and Language Bundle - Speech Therapy Activities
A Dab of Speech and Language for the YEAR! These speech therapy activities are super fun and engaging! They cover articulation, language, and fluency (stuttering)! This bundle contains 564+ pages of NO PREP activities that represent all seasons and occasions! Included Activities:Speech: “A dab of…,”


Five Senses Activities with Graphic Organizer
Five Senses Activities with Picture Cards and worksheet / Graphic Organizer. Describing words / Adjectives Activities & Worksheet for Preschool, Kindergarten and beyond. Teach the Five Senses with this printable pack containing flashcards, activities for vocabulary development and a homework wor

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Stone Soup: Speech & Language Story Companion
Use this companion with the Ann McGovern story version. Page 3: Soup Place Mat Page 4-6: In My Soup Articulation Activity. Give each student a Soup Place Mat. Print out pages 4-6, cut and laminate. Place the cards face down on the table. Have student take turns choosing a card. Use the item on th

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