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Forms of Energy - Light, Sound and Heat for Primary Learners
This forms of energy resource is a great supplement to your primary unit on sound, light and heat. There is a wide variety of activities that your students will love. *** Now included: versions of each page that says "thermal" instead of "heat". These pages are located at the end of the document an

Also included in: Science Bundle for Primary Leaners - Growing Bundle


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Looking for gravity resources for the primary grades? You have come to the right place! I had a hard time finding age appropriate gravity resources on this tough concept for my little ones, so I made this packet with our littlest learners in mind. Included in this gravity packet are:-Gravity ancho

Also included in: Science Bundle for Primary Leaners - Growing Bundle


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Force and Motion Pack (Worksheets, Centers, Experiments, Anchor Charts)
This large pack includes a variety of goodies to supplement your force and motion instruction. It includes: *4 anchor charts (1 for gravity, force, motion, and friction) *Gravity experiment *Force experiment *Push or Pull? center activity *Journal page *student flashcards *Review worksheets for gra

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Video Guide, Quiz for Bill Nye – Energy * PRINTING Google Doc™/pdf
NO PREP, differentiated and interactive Google Doc™ for PRINTING for the Bill Nye - The Science Guy * - Energy episode. Keeps students on task while watching the video. Two differentiated student worksheets / video guides, four differentiated quizzes , and answer key for Bill Nye - The Science Guy

Also included in: Video Guide, Quiz for Bill Nye – Energy * Distance Learning BUNDLE


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Force Friends! Grade 3 Force and Motion Science Centers
Never Fear! The FORCE FRIENDS are here! This fun packet contains everything you need for a SUPER start to Force Centers! This product includes 4 centers for students to help them to reinforce their learning of forces and motion. The Four Centers are: -Super Slow Down (Hands-on task- Frictio

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Static Electricity Science Stations
A great collection of 4 stations to use in your science curriculum. These stations have some WOW results and use readily available materials! The pack comes with directions, materials sheet, recording sheet, 4 complete stations, and questions for each station. This item is a MUST for science teac

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Balance and Motion Unit You will find the perfect balance of activities to go with your balance and motion unit. Wondering what you will find inside? Take a look at this list of activities to help you teach your unit on balance and motion! Posters: balance, motion, simple machines, compound mac

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Motion Review Worksheet:  Distance Time Graphs
A nice, simple review of motion and interpreting distance-time graphs. I put together various different distance-time graphs to allow students practice in interpreting them. Great for middle school or introductory high school courses. I have included a key. Main topics: motion, speed, reference

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Newtons Laws of Motion interactive NOTES with demonstrations and activities
This document contains NOTES for students to take on Newtons Laws of Motion. They include several example activities and demonstrations for the teacher and/or the students to do! This makes note-taking more interactive and helps kids 'get' it!The notes are simplified for easy understanding!Pair this

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Force and Motion Stations-inquiry activities for Newton's 1st law/ Inertia
6 stations of activities to introduce or help students understand Newton's 1st law, friction and inertia. Simple materials are needed and about 15 minutes of prep-work before the activity are needed. Student data sheet and expected results are included.Materials: 2 water bottles, rubber bands, strin

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Push and Pull Sort
Push/ Pull Sorting WorksheetTHIS RESOURCE INCLUDES:Sorting mat, sorting pictures and an answer key. Save time and money and buy Sort Worksheets Bundled____________________________________________________________________ YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKEPurchase Sorting Worksheets Individually Mystery Letters Bund

Also included in: Science Sorts - The Bundle


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Calculating & Graphing Speed, Distance and Time
With this worksheet, students will practice graphing provided data on 3 different distance/time graphs and will then interpret the graph and calculate the average speed. Students will also answer a series of questions which require them to manipulate the speed equation to solve for either the speed

Also included in: Custom Bundle for Sandra V.


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{Grade 6} Unit 2: Flight Activity Packet
The Grade 6 “Flight” packet is aligned with the Ontario Science curriculum expectations. This packet walks students through what flight is, how flight is possible and the forces that act upon flight. This packet addresses the following overall expectations taken from the Ontario Science curriculum:-

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Distance-Time (Speed) Graphs (Motion Graphs) Mo-6
I use this worksheet to help teach motion graphs. This distance-time graph worksheet includes six graphs to show constant speed, acceleration, deceleration, no motion, and combinations of these. Combine this worksheet with my Mo-7 worksheet on speed-time graphs to compare distance-time graphs and sp

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Electrical Circuits Sorting Activity
This is a sorting activity will help students differentiate among the different types of circuits. Students will have to identify the definition, a model, and a situation for the following: -open circuit -closed circuit -series circuit -parallel circuit This was created on the 4th grade level but

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Potential and Kinetic Energy Sort
This is a great sorting activity for students to practice reading examples of energy and deciding if it is an example of Potential or Kinetic Energy. Students cut, sort and glue the examples of energy into the correct category. This can be used for guided or independent practice, or even a quiz or

Also included in: Energy Bundle - Worksheets and Center Activities - Potential and Kinetic Energy


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Physical and Chemical Changes Teaching Bundle VALUED AT $8.00
This MEGA BUNDLE has everything you need for your physical and chemical changes unit in your science class! BUNDLE CONTENTS: Seek and Highlight Physical and Chemical ChangesSeek and Highlight Science Stories help you integrate reading into science in a fun way! With easy prep and little materials r

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Speed and Velocity Review Worksheet
A nice, simple review of motion, speed, velocity, and acceleration. Students will practice calculating speed, velocity, and acceleration from questions, pictures and graphs. Great for middle school or introductory high school courses. I have included a key. Main topics: motion, speed, velocity,

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Forces and Motion
Product Description: Forces and motion unit for lower elementary that included lesson plans, activities, vocabulary cards, poster, writing prompts, extension activities, and much more. Lesson plans are laid out in an easy to understand format with assignments for each day along with extra activities

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Force and Motion Freebie: Race Car Theme
This activity is intended for application of force and motion vocabulary/concepts (such as a quiz). Students should match words (force, motion, push, pull, and friction) and definitions, as well as tell why a smooth, flat track would be best for a race. You might also be interested in: Simple Machi

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Forces and Motion Unit Activities
About this ProductThis product includes more than 32 activities for a complete unit on forces and motion. The activities in this product are differentiated for grades 3-5 and 6-8 requiring science process and critical thinking skills. It meet most state science standards and NGSS while making approp

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Balanced and Unbalanced Forces: Cut and Paste
This activity provides a fun, engaging, and meaningful way to practice determining balanced and unbalanced forces. Students will cut out examples and glue them in the correct column.Answer key included.This is part of a BUNDLE

Also included in: Balanced and Unbalanced Forces BUNDLE


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STEM Challenge Blow Tubes featuring Newton's Laws of Motion
If you need to catch the attention of your elementary students this project will do it! This GREAT package contains a complete lesson plan for a STEM lab experience. The topic is Newton's Second Law of Motion---but it is presented in a very kid friendly way! Students will be blowing marshmallows thr

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Sound and Light Waves Word Search PLUS
Help students learn important vocabulary when introducing or reviewing a unit on sound and light waves with this word search worksheet. The kids will enjoy themselves searching for the hidden words and will be reviewing meaning and spelling as they have fun. The definitions for the 23 hidden words

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