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Social Skills Printables for Students with Autism & Similar Special Needs
Over 2,400 positive reviews!!! See the preview for examples. Thanks in advance for the feedback on these social skills activities.Social Skills Printables for Students with Autism & Similar Special Needs. (Teen edition also available!) These social skills printables will work well for any studen

Also included in: Social Skills Bundle (Behavior Skills, Play Skills, Social Skills)


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Mega Fluency Packet for Speech and Language Therapy
This mega-packet for fluency is 57 pages long. It includes visuals, printables, homework, self-advocacy scenarios, handouts, informal assessment tools, and more! The speech tools targeted are: slow rate, full breath, pausing, stretchy speech, light contact and easy onset. This packet helps your st

Also included in: Elementary School Starter Kit for Speech and Language Therapy


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Wh- Question Mega Pack
This mega pack contains TONS of resources to help your students learn how to successfully answer who, what, where, when, and why questions. This skill can be a struggle for children with autism, cognitive impairments, or speech disorders. Using visuals, multiple examples, and structure will allow st

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PDF (16.65 MB)

Distance Learning: Visual Daily Questions for the Year (Question of the Day)
Interactive digital question of the day now also on Google Slides! This is now included with this download at no additional cost.Do you do a question of the day in your classroom? We use these questions during our morning meeting time and each student answers the question, telling us sometime they l

Also included in: Visual Daily Questions BUNDLE! Over 700 questions for special education


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No Prep Social Skills for Older Students
**BEST SELLER** It can be a challenge to find age-appropriate materials for older speech students, which is why I created this social skills packet specifically for students in upper elementary and older! NO PREP REQUIRED!***************************************************************************Wh

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NO PREP Build A Sentence Activities For Grammar Intervention- Distance Learning
I work with students who are in the 3-5 grade range that are struggling with building more complex sentences. They are also struggling with identifying the who, what, where, when in sentences and when listening to longer story passages. Even when I provided visuals and examples, my students were sti

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Category Task Cards
Categorizing is an essential skills that teachers organization, vocabulary, discrimination, and more. These task cards take categorizing to the next level and target a wide range of IEP goals. The basic category cards work on a identifying a wide range of categories including more advanced categori

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PDF (4.74 MB)

Get To Know You Worksheets: Speech Therapy PreK-High School
This 22 page packet consist of worksheets to use to get to know your new students. There are worksheets for preschool-high school students. Two worksheets are developed to help your students learn a few things about their SLP (one female/one male/one gender neutral). **Product was updated 2019 to gi

Also included in: Back to School Bundle for Speech Therapy


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Early Describing and Categorizing Packet for Speech Therapy
This huge, visually based packet targets categories, describing, functions, comparing/contrasting, WH questions, and SO MUCH MORE.This packet teaches the skills necessary for describing items in isolation, keeping your students successful! The sections included are describing the category, color, si

Also included in: Elementary School Starter Kit for Speech and Language Therapy


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PDF (70.58 MB)

I Can Say the R Sound: Articulation Workbook
Designed to help with that tricky R sound, this workbook is a MUST HAVE for every speech-language pathologist! Professional illustrations teach students the anatomy of the mouth and detailed step-by-step visuals guide the clinician and student through a variety of techniques to elicit accurate produ

Also included in: I Can Say... Articulation Workbook Bundle by Peachie Speechie


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Speech Tube: A YouTube Speech & Language Companion Packet
Do your students come into the speech room and put their heads down on the desk? This used to happen with my middle school students every week. They were NOT happy to come to speech. One week I pulled out my iPhone and let them watch a popular You Tube clip. After 3 minutes of laughing and watching

Also included in: Back to School Bundle for Speech Therapy


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PDF (4.65 MB)

Curriculum Based Language Assessments for Grades 6-12 Aligned with Standards
***TPT Bestseller!!!***Obtain language baseline data easily for your upper level students. Questions aligned with Common Core Standards! Quick and easy to administer-simply read questions and record student answers. Provides a picture of where the student is performing based on standards. Perfect to

Also included in: Curriculum-Based Language Assessments {BUNDLE}


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PDF (2.74 MB)

I Can Make Inferences Using Text Evidence No Prep Workbook
This comprehensive packet assists teachers & speech-language pathologists in teaching students how to make inferences! A variety of skill levels are included in this packet. Everything from basic clue-picture matching to making inferences about poetry and longer non-fiction texts. These versatil

Also included in: I Can... Language Skills Bundle by Peachie Speechie


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Feature and Function Task Cards
Working on identifying items by feature or function is an essential skills that teachers organization, vocabulary, discrimination, and more. These task cards take feature and function to the next level and target a wide range of IEP goals. The huge range of examples, types of feature/function, and

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PDF (4.15 MB)

Articulation Stories
Not only is this resource no prep, but it is also able to be used for more than just articulation practice! A long list of sounds are targeted by the stories in this product, and there are a wealth of skills and concepts targeted, such as summarizing, sequencing, WH- questions, and more!************

Also included in: Mixed Speech Group BUNDLE


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ZIP (106.93 MB)

I Can Answer WH Questions No-Prep Workbook
If you have students working on answering WH questions, this is the product for you! Over 70 pages of professionally designed materials to help your students answer WH questions! This workbook covers WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY questions! This no-prep workbook increases in difficulty level as it

Also included in: I Can... Language Skills Bundle by Peachie Speechie


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ZIP (92.17 MB)

Following Directions Activities and Worksheets Bundle
These following directions speech therapy activities include a ton of fun and engaging materials, visuals, and worksheets that are all organized by concepts. This is great for a typical classroom, special education & speech therapy. Teach basic concepts in a systematic, organized, easy way.***Al

Digital Download

ZIP (51.26 MB)

My First Week in Speech
Everything you need to start your year off right! Students will know what to expect when they walk into their speech and language room. Stay organized, inform students of their goals and be prepared for the new school year!In this 58 page document, you receive:♥2 “Speech Expectations” Headers, inclu

Digital Download

PDF (15.18 MB)

Upper Level Vocabulary Strategies: Worksheets + Assessment for Speech Therapy
Some days at the middle school level feel like one big vocabulary lesson. I needed a better, more complete way to teach a wide variety of vocabulary skills and, most importantly, strategies! My students needed strategies that they could use in their classrooms to understand and remember important v

Also included in: Middle School Starter Kit for Speech and Language Therapy


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ZIP (3.42 MB)

Inferential and Problem Solving Language Activity Pack
Crack the case! This huge inferential and problem-solving activity pack contains 5 different activities that will have your students laughing! The entire packet contains 90 cards and 5 worksheets! Great for Speech Therapists or Intervention Specialists working on problem-solving skills!This unit co

Digital Download

PDF (14.79 MB)

Text Evidence Print and Go Inferencing Worksheets!
Encourage your students to dig deep and practice answering literal and inferential questions with this print-and-go pack! This resource covers the Common Core standards of RL3.1, RL4.1, and RL5.1. In addition, the Lexile levels used span 510-730, and the reading levels span K-R.NOTE: This product is

Also included in: Inferencing BUNDLE 2


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ZIP (32.59 MB)

Compare and Contrast: No Prep Visuals, Worksheets, Practice Activities, & More
This packet teaches your students how to compare and contrast. It is incredibly thorough and easy to prep! The entire packet is in black & white so you can simply print and go. Some activities require cutting.It includes the following:•Quiz: Great as a pre/post test to show progress.•Compare/Con

Also included in: Middle School Starter Kit for Speech and Language Therapy


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R Blends Worksheets Pack
R Blends: R Blends worksheets pack - EIGHT fun worksheets/activities to help your kids practice R-blends! - 5 cut and paste picture sorts (BR or CR, DR or PR, FR or GR, TR or GR, THR or STR) - 1 Look at the picture/write the word with simple R-blend words - 1 Look at the picture/write the word

Digital Download

PDF (1.6 MB)

Basic Concepts Speech Therapy Bundle NO PREP
TEMPORAL, QUALITATIVE, QUANTITATIVE, AND NEGATIONPerfect for introducing basic concepts in speech therapy or for speech therapy homework. Repetitive, consistent worksheets that keep kids engaged. No prep, print and go pages (or just open on your device)!NO PREP, PRINT AND GO PAGES!Simply print and t


showing 1-24 of 15,302 results

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