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In this video, I share a vocabulary instruction routine that is manageable for the busy classroom and focuses on tier two words. This routine helps students to increase reading comprehension, become better writers and. improve test scores!Topics included in this video:-types of vocabulary words-why
These 38 songs teach EVERY SINGLE Common Core 1st grade math standard. Some of these songs were used in a 2009 study of 286 students. The researcher found that the songs decrease anxiety, increase motivation, and increase mathematics achievement (Kokobas, 2009; see reference below). I'd love to be a
Check out this video for quick and easy tips on how to assemble colorful, fun, and EDUCATIONAL sensory bins for your classroom! Check out my blog for more ideas >>>-4 Benefits & Easy Tips for Sensory Bins in the Classroom Don't forget to grab your -Free Educational & Editable Tem
This animated music video describes the structure and functions of the human digestive system as the first bite of a sandwich travels through the G.I. tract and gets digested and absorbed along the way. The rhyming lyrics, catchy music, and vibrant animations describe the processes of ingestion, th
This 125-minute video offers 101 tips in six modules.✿The Thinking✿The Time✿The Store✿The Data✿The Customers✿The MarketingUse this video as a sit-through course, a fix-one-thing-at-a-time project, or a podcast while you're driving to school. This is YOUR business, so make it work for you. Included a
Recharge and Write is a cooperative learning strategy that works well in many subject areas to foster higher level thinking and discussion, and in this video Laura Candler explains how to use it for math problem solving. The strategy is quite simple, yet it's extremely powerful due to the structure
This video set will empower your children to make a difference as they learn valuable writing skills. Use materials to help students to think logically, create quality paragraphs, and/or write 6-paragraph essays. I've organized materials so that even Kindergarten students may be able to write essays
Are you ready to get your kids ENGAGED as ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS in their learning?! In these videos, I will teach you and your students some CHANT SHENANIGANS (a chant and a cheer!) for 8 types of nouns!0:00 - WELCOME for the teacher0:51 - I teach your students the chant for NOUNS1:33 - I teach your
This free video is a training tool for teachers and their classroom staff to learn to take samples of data in the classroom using the free data sheet that is included. This module launches the Special Education Training Series that will provide teachers with overviews and demonstrations of a variet
Use this interactive video lesson to review modifiers with your students! This video lesson reviews adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions. It does NOT go into as much detail as videos 5, 6, and 7 on each modifier, so please make sure you aren't introducing modifiers to your students by using this le
This set starts with a music video that uses a pattern to teach children how to tell time to the hour and half-hour. I recommend having one or more large geared clocks that the whole class can see, plus mini-geared clocks for individual students. In my class, we do exactly what you see in the video:
In this video I explain what interactive notebooks are and give lots of tips for implementing them into your classroom schedule! Topics Included: What are interactive notebooks? Materials needed When to use INBs What subjects to use INBs Assessment Tips for saving time Related Resources: Huge Mat
This Common Core-aligned set contains TONS of ways to wrap up the end of the year! Click on the "Video Preview" AND the "Supporting Document Preview" to view and hear samples. In Section 1, I’ve included an illustrated memory book, followed by 8 different writing "craftivities" (such as shape books,
This ABC set includes a two-minute video that teaches all letters, basic sounds, and examples, followed by a quick 30-second song that reviews letter sounds. You'll also get differentiated ABC charts: 1. A full-color version that includes letters, examples, and words 2. A full-color chart with lett
In this video, I explain the 5 components that I include in my guided reading lessons for K-2 students, as well as the instructional practices that I include in each component. The five components are: - Fluency items - Book intro + whisper/silent read - Comprehension discussion - Strategy instruc
This mini-unit is a collection of lessons that will get your students to QUICKLY move away from the scribble pictures to drawings with people, settings, and details. This is serve us well once we get into writing units of study. You will want to find, check out, or buy the book Cherries and Cherry P
When students are absent from class, it's hard to keep track of the work they miss. The "Ketchup Folder" is a tool that helps me manage the chaos. Place a "Ketchup folder" on a student's desk in the morning when you notice the child is absent. When you hand out assignments, simply slide a copy into
#DistanceLearningTpT We are living in an uncertain time, and I personally will be creating ways to help my students to learn from home as we try to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus. I have tagged this product #DistanceLearningTpT because I feel it can be very beneficial for at-home learning. Y
If you are looking for a new, fresh, and fun way to introduce composers to your students, look no further! FaceTime with Composers offers your students a humorous, factual, and fun way to get to know famous composers. After watching this goofy and informative video, your students won't forget the co
This short video includes engaging cartoon characters that explain the folktale genres: fable, fairytale, tall tale, scary story, legend and myth. The difference between folktale and folklore is also explained. Your students will love watching this quick video that is not only fun but also covers st
Meet Slater, a very hungry alligator who always eats the number that is greater! Watch him walk around his hometown marsh and swamp in this greater than less than video as he eats human food and goes apple picking for the largest apple he can find. On a somewhat unrelated side note, Slater has an Au
Are you students having trouble determining whether a compound is ionic or covalent? View this quick and easy strategy that students can utilize to learn the difference between the two, simply by using the periodic table. Of course, this is not taking into account differences in electronegativity.
★ ★ ★ ALL ABOUT ME Explosion Box and Craftivity★ ★ ★ Be sure to check out the preview button for a detailed description of what is included in this AWESOME PRODUCT! This ALL ABOUT ME Explosion Box and Craftivity is sure to help your students get to know one another! This is the perfect resource to
Fractions For Kids: Worksheets, Game, Animated Video & More| Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade |♫♪ by NUMBEROCK ♫♪★ Get The Entire 3rd Grade Year of Lessons 60% OFF ★★ GET EVERYTHING WE'VE EVER MADE AT 65% OFF ★»»-------------¤-------------««»»-------------¤-------------««Video Comes

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