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Practice and memorize the 21 most difficult multiplication facts with this rhyming video and rhymes printable. The chants are different from other similar products I've seen because the visuals actually illustrate the equations. Kids LOVE them! Click on the preview for a short clip from the video.Ha
Want to get organized for guided reading? Watch this video to see how I use a 2-binder system to keep important resources at my fingertips! To view the guided reading resources featured in this video, click HERE! Video Recap: I keep a binder of masters and a binder for my day-to-day instruction.
In this free video I've included my top tips for organizing your classroom centers, monthly activities, and interactive writing center. I take you inside my classroom so you can see how I have organized my center activities and my monthly paperwork. I also give you an in depth look at how to organiz
This video is meant to tell students about the 6 New World Explorers during the Age of Exploration in the New World. Simply show the video DIRECTLY to your students or use the video as a teaching aid. Discusses the 4 G's (God, Gold, Glory, Greed) along with each explorer's sponsor country and key co
Using Robotics in kindergarten and first grade can be a powerful tool to increase literacy and math skills. This video walks you through how I use BeeBots in my class and I show you how to put a mat together. Check out all my BeeBot resources
Here’s a quick organization tip! We all know the first few days or even weeks of school is stressful. From schedule changes to new students…it’s just NUTS! I was always running around trying to get everything ready for new students the morning the front office notified me of a new addition to my cla
Growth Mindset: This video will help you get started on your growth mindset classroom. This video is approx. 17 minutes long and has me (Jenny K.) talking about how you can easily have your own growth mindset classroom. In this video I discuss the following: 1. What is a growth mindset?2. Why is a g
Are you tired of missing glue stick lids? Clogged bottles? Have you bought your last glue stick? You need to try glue sponges. These easy to make glue sponges will solve all of your glue problems. Glue sponges are cost effective and will last all year with just a little maintenance each month
All videos and activities are downloadable in the supporting document. {Best Seller} {Kindergarten Math Bundle} Buying the bundle today gives you a one-time discounted price ensuring you receive all future-related videos and activities free of charge. What makes this bundle unique and how will it
Martin Luther King Jr. technology integration resource has your students celebrating his life while working with Google Slides.The resource uses google slides to help students think about what peace, equality and justice mean as they learn all about Martin Luther King Jr. and his life. Students will
Just got hired as a middle school reading teacher? Or maybe you’ve been teaching middle school ELA for a while now, but you're looking for some fresh insight? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is the video for you! Ever since I posted my video about teaching writing, I've gotten so many emails and q
Word of the Day is a series of vocabulary videos that combine useful information about the word with a fun story from history that entertains while using the word in context. Word bank is usually pulled from lists of useful ACT or SAT words. Today's word is "Pertinacious." Our story comes from Will
This e-course is for TpT Sellers. The e-course is divided into 8 easy-to-watch (go-at-your-own-pace) videos, that are full of techniques to improve your product covers and to take the stress out of layout and design. I will teach everything you need to know to super-charge your resource covers. (To
We’ve all been there. We have behaviors occurring in our classrooms that are less than desirable. When you have students engaging in disruptive and inappropriate behaviors, it hurts the whole classroom. Our quality of teaching suffers, students learn less, and the student engaging in the behaviors m
a game idea for practicing vocabulary, reviewing skills / concepts, and more! - How to play this quick and simple game Math Games Math Giraffe Blog with more teaching ideas Our Free "Back to School" book of printable resources
Communication for students who are non-verbal or limited verbally is discussed. In this session, professionals will learn about evidenced based strategies for helping students increase their spontaneous communication. The verbal operants are introduced and a focus is on where to start with early lea
This video will explain how to teach adjectives using a show & tell activity. It's the lesson I use as a HOOK to get my students engaged. This activity is ideal for K-3 students. Here's the gist: Students choose an object that can be brought to school that fits in a small brown paper lunch ba
Using context clues is an important skill for students to learn. It can help them understand and learn new vocabulary, as well as, aide in the comprehension of information. Unfortunately, this skill can be difficult for students to learn on their own. The Clue Sandwich is simple and effective stra
This teaching video (for teachers) is all about how you can create your own agamographs with your students using Emoji's as the example. In this 10 minute video I go through what an agamograph is, why teachers love to make them and then show you exactly, step-by-step how you can make them with your
Learn measurement the musical way through these 2 animated lessons and math music videos that will fundamentally transform the way students will respond to your instruction. Extensive supplementary material with illustrated worksheets, games, songs, anchor charts and more are provided. So... Come
Teaching a wide variety of multiplication strategies will help students to be more successful! In this FREE video, I share five of my favorite strategies, or models, that help students to understand what multiplication is. This quick video provides ideas for introducing multiplication and suggestion
Organizing your classroom library is a breeze with this quick and easy tip! ************************************************************************* Blog ❤ Facebook ❤ Instagram ❤ Pinterest
This video is meant to tell students about the cooperation and conflict between Native Americans and European Explorers. Simply show the video DIRECTLY to your students or use the video as a teaching aid. Downloadable version is now in the supporting documents! This downloadable video is for one tea
Learn the names of the states first, then by utilizing google slides and an included video that will teach you and your students learn a simple brain friendly way to learn the LOCATION of the United States. After that, they will spend time doing a quick research into their chosen state. The final go

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