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A call and response song/video that will engage Pre-K to 2nd Grade students and help teach the one profound idea that underlies all compassion, empathy and bullying prevention.
A catchy little song to introduce yourself to PK through 2nd grade to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Display it on the smartboard or big screen so they can sing along! With the younger students, sing a line and ask them to repeat it back to you. It will be a hit for sure at the beginning o
Bullying prevention at it's funniest! This delightful positivity song and simple lesson plan remind students to choose their company wisely. Why hang out with negative people? What a snore."Scary Guy" lyrics arm students with a sense of humor and a whole lot of useful common sense. Includes song,
A cool rap 53 second rap in length to get your students starting to think about their future after HighSchool. A discussion after the song is played can create a neat lesson in career opportunities for your students. Students in upper Elementary, Middle and High School can fast forward their lives a
This song reminds us that our dreams can come true.
This is a powerpoint I put together that uses current, relevent music videos that take a stance on bullying.The music videos include: - "Mean" by Taylor Swift - "Wings" by Macklemore - "Invisible" by Hunter Hayes - "Mean Girls" by Rachel Crow - "Stupid Boy" by Keith Urban - "Stole" by Kelly Rowland
A fun loving song and activity to help motivate children to brush their teeth. The song is written by Cathy Bollinger from Rivanna Music and includes educational topics such as brushing in the morning and night, flossing,and how too much sugar can lead to cavities. It is two minutes in duration and
Are you trying to find a way to successfully help students be "under control" in classroom situations? This game can be played anywhere, is fun for all students, and provides valuable lessons. This printable includes cover, instructions, and 6 printable figures with which to play the game.
Use these catchy songs to teach your preschoolers and kindergardeners about tattling, hitting, and sharing! Sung to common tunes and in a printable format perfect for hanging on the wall for repeated reference.
This is a guided 10 minute breathing meditation, appropriate for 9th grade and up. Great for incorperating mindfulness into your daily classroom routine.
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ZUcJxM8gnnYGet up and face your fears everydayStand up for what is rightGet up and face your fears everydayAnd shine,shine,shine your lightName calling..............is never ,ever rightTeasing...................... is never ,ever rightMean words.............. is never ,eve
A song that goes with the story and activity lesson called, Word's Aren't Enough by Mike Wignall.
This lesson plan is the perfect tool to help elementary teachers implement a Common Core ELA writing activity, while addressing the SEL (Social-Emotional-Learning) goals of the classroom. Download the song "Accidents Happen" to facilitate the lesson. Students will listen to song, evaluate lyrics,
This lesson plan is the perfect tool to help elementary teachers implement a Common Core ELA writing activity, while addressing the SEL (Social-Emotional-Learning) goals of the classroom. Download the song "Accidents Happen" to facilitate the lesson. Students will listen to song, evaluate lyrics, an
Short meditations and daily affirmation practices for kids. Providing mindfulness practices in a bite-sized easy to access format including mp3s via QRcodes. Do you wish you could encourage students to manage their own behavior through growth mindset and coping skills? Still struggling as to how to
Video version - https://youtu.be/wMOWuIXH9poWhen I wake up in the morning and the sun’s aboutto shineAnd I look out my window and I wonder just how I might feel today, how I might feelWill I feel happy,sad or grumpy, anxious or confusedThoughtful or forgetful, annoyed or even usedThankful, calm or p
This is a great song to unify a school in bullying prevention efforts. The lyrics support the concepts taught in the Marvin and Jessie plays dealing with bullying, conflict resolution, empathy, and respect. This download includes a vocal version of the song for listening and learning, an instrumen
Enjoy this coloring sheet as your kids sing along and listen to the fun and entertaining song "Bucket Filler" one of everyone's favorite songs on Miss September's CD "I Am Love-A-Bull".Miss September is a teacher, children's performer, author, and motivational speaker working with puppets, magic, mu
Young children need to learn to turn off their sound to not disrupt whole group. Uses song and visuals in a catchy way to remind students to "mute their mic". Sing to the tune of Hi Ho the Derie Oh.
Acceptance of people who are different, and teaching empathy can be difficult. This video has a catchy tune and timely message that partners well with diversity education. Diversity, empowerment, and celebrating the differences between us is the message of this video for kids and families. We are a
When kids regularly have fun they learn how to rely on their own capacities to generate and experience true joy. This means they don't need others, devices or distractions to entertain them or to take them outside of themselves.Having fun can come from things like being silly, creating, singing, dan
20 min mp3 for whatever your brain needs to do! Creative Think Tank Time, Classroom Concentration Time, Studying... whatever!
The activity below is meant to accompany the book, Frog Slime: A Child's Guide to Calming Down.

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