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This is a lesson plan for a STEM activity on weathering and erosion. The students have to come up with a way to stop beach erosion.Weathering includes information on water and water freezing, plant roots, wind, and carbon dioxide. You get a zip file with:- the lesson plan with daily target, steps,
Introduce your students to clouds and how they are formed using this FREE non-fiction e-book! This Smart Notebook presentation has great information about clouds and fun interactive components to check for comprehension and allow students to demonstrate their knowledge on the topic! WHAT OTHER IN
Use this rocks and minerals jeopardy-like game show to review with your students. The first page "jeopardy board" has clickable hyperlinks. All other pages have clickable hyperlinks that take you back to the "jeopardy board". When I use this with my students, I also play the "Jeopardy Theme Song"
These calendars help students see how weather patterns change over an extended period of time.Whats included in this calendar bundle?* Calendars dated from August 2018-June 2019, each with a spot to record the daily high temperature and room to draw the weather for the day.*Interactive flipcharts th
This is a Schoolwide Enrichment Unit for grades K-2. This SMART Board presentation will amaze students in that it includes lessons, interactive slides, videos, and information on each layer of the rainforest. At the end of each lesson there are also websites for teachers to visit for crafts and ot
Having a hard time finding curriculum about mixtures and solutions for 4th grade? So did I, and with a little research, I created this quiz which accompanies the Mixtures and Solutions Smart Notebook presentation (also available in my tPt store). These products satisfy the GLE for 1.1.B. a-d about m
Amazing flipchart appropriate for grades 2-4 to learn about the phases of the moon. This flipchart can be used as a center while other students learn about the phases of the moon in a different manner.
This flipchart is an introduction to natural resources curriculum for First Grade. It is one of 3 flipcharts for natural resources unit. It has approximately 10 pages and some links to video clips to go along with the curriculum. There is also a sorting activity at the end of the flipchart. This
Why spend hours creating GEOLOGY and EARTH SCIENCE activities when you can share these engaging assignments effortlessly?These assignments are all created with Google Apps and can easily be shared through Google Classroom - making them perfect for eLearning, remote learning, or virtual learning. Her
Not Grade Specific
Power point used to explan whant is soil and the characteristics of its different layers.
This is a SmartBoard lesson for the various ocean zones. It was created for a 5th grade class but can easily be tailored to 3rd or 4th grade level needs. You will need the book "Biggest Thing in the Ocean" to compare and contrast various marine life that lives in each ocean zone.
This is an interactive SMART notebook lesson that teaches what items plants need and don't need to live. It's colorful and engaging for all children. Websites are also included for further extension.
This is a flipchart for living and non living things to go with the first grade curriculum. It has 6 pages and a sort of living and non living items. This flipchart is for promethean boards only.
This is an engaging ActiveWhiteboard activity that will excite your students as they sequence pictures to show the life cycle of plants. A reward sound will occur as pictures are placed correctly in the sequence line. If pictures are not placed correctly, there will be NO sound.
This contains information for first graders about the food chain. It talks about producers, consumers, and decomposers, and then the three types of consumers (carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores). These complicated words can actually be explained down to very simple concepts, and the kids really g
These 15 interactive games can be used at a computer, with the whiteboard or an MPC cart. Created by Kathy Applebee, they can be used for review of the science 6 SOLs for Virginia or comparable classes. Type in the URL and play. Rags to Riches are similar to Who Wants to be a Millionaire, challen
Interactive Lesson -Weather: The Answers in the Air Grade 6.0 Graphic features are prominent in this lesson so readers can interpret maps and other weather graphics. The first half of the lesson describes atmospheric forces that affect weather while the s
This is an ActivBoard flipchart I created for a 6th grade science lesson about ocean waves. It includes the different types of waves, detailed explanations of why waves occur, and a chart labeling the parts of a wave. There are instructions for an experiment showing the vertical motion of waves. Als
This Notebook presentation is used either as an interactive lecture or inquiry based research assignment for students. It is developed so students research evidence of continental drift (Alfred Wegener) and plot the observations onto an interactive map. As the data accumulates, and plotted onto the
8th - 11th
This exciting Smartboard activity is for helping teach about seasons and weather! There is a picture of each season with 2 children to dress for the season and weather. Different weather choices are available for each season. Pick the season, pick the weather and then dress the children appropria
This is an interactive SMART notebook lesson that discusses the cycle that a plant goes through from seed to blossom. It has colorful graphics along with links to activities on websites.
PreK - 2nd
This flipchart explores the difference between weather and climate. Climate change, global warming, and mountainous weather are all included. Discussion questions assess student understanding. Correlates with lesson one in Common Core Second Grade Science Weather Unit.
1st - 3rd
This is a simple sort of renewable and non-renewable resources made in Notebook for a Smart board.
1st - 4th
This Prezi is highlights different types of storms and provides for students: -background information - an image of each storm -a youtube video of each storm -an interactive activity or lab activity

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