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As teachers, we know how hard our students work each day. We also know that fine-motor, gross-motor, and social-emotional skills are just as important as academic skills…especially with our young learners. These critically important skills are often pushed to the side at school and at home. I created these EDITABLE (PowerPoint and Slides versions included) experience-based homework calendars to address the non-academic skills my students were missing, as well as, comply with our school’s “Homewo
Is it a NEED? Is it a WANT? Students will identify needs and wants by using the pictures at the bottom to sort them into the correct boxes.Perfect for morning work, homework, assessment or a quick review of the concept taught!This resource includes: 1 needs and wants worksheet (pictures labeled)1 needs and wants worksheet (pictures not labeled)1 needs and wants answer keyENJOY!Please see my other NEEDS and WANTS items in my TPT store:Needs/Wants PostersNeeds/Wants Emergent ReaderNeeds/Wants BING
HOMEWORK CAN BE SO MUCH MORE THAN A WORKSHEET!Do you struggle with homework that is developmentally appropriate for your students? Use this no-prep easy to manage homework packet to organize your homework for the entire year. This can be used in any special education or autism program, pre-school, head start or kindergarten classroom.The homework is a simple one page per week assignment that includes a weekly reading log, weekly chore, a learning through play activity and a sharing guide. Use
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
Teach name recognition for free with tracing fonts and a name hunt. Ideal for preschool, transitional kindergarten, and kindergarten students during the back to school season. Directions are given in English and Spanish to accommodate bilingual students learning to identify and trace their name. Take your class list and insert every name as long as 12 letters! Plus, because each page is editable you can use the same product to teach your kindergarten and preschool students their LAST NAMES
A Name Activity for back to school season to teach your kindergarten and preschool kids to write their name independently one letter at a time. With this editable file you will be able to take your class list and directly type in every students' name. This file contains pages to accommodate names from 3 letters long to 11 letters long. This EDITABLE product features a page for: 3 letter names like Ana or Joe. 4 letter names like Ross or Abby 5 letter names like Wendy or Louis 6 letter name
This product includes 11 interactive and re-usable worksheets: - 3 versions of a binder cover - 2 versions of putting days in order (matching vs. independent) - 2 versions of putting months in order (matching vs. independent) - Matching coin names/values to picture of coins/names. - Identifying the weather and temperature. - 4 Dressing Activities. Dressing boy for winter, boy for summer, girl for winter, and girl for summer. - Identifying color of clothing I have had many requests for this pro
PreK - 6th
Recycle your weekly circular grocery or store ads with this BUNDLE of over 30 differentiated activities! Great inexpensive and engaging activity for special education students!See each individual product listing above for detailed descriptions of what is included in each product! Some include differentiated versions for higher level students (that don't necessarily like cut & paste)★★ This resource does not come with grocery store or department store ads, you must collect your own (you shou
Not Grade Specific
| Life Skills | Recipe | Comprehension | Cooking | Special Education | Reading | Real World | BUNDLE |Interested in teaching functional reading and writing and class? You can't get much more functional than reading and writing using recipes!!With this bundle, you will be set with FORTY TWO recipes!!Each recipe comes with 10 questions. That means you and your class will be able to have 420 comprehension questions to answer!Here are the specific recipes in this bundle:Recipe Unit 1:English Muffins
Find the coordinating Life Skills Posters HERE!Included:65+ Life Skills Homework Pages39 Paper/Pencil Homework pages25+ Digital Homework pages**The digital version will be given in a clickable link on the PDF. The link sends you to a Google Drive folder of each life skill.Life Skill Assignments:Washing your hands (2 versions)Eye contactCalling 911HandshakesRandom act of kindness (2 versions)My addressSpend time outsideWin or Lose (2 versions)Emergency phone numberMake a grocery listDaily sleepin
Not Grade Specific
This product consists of 4 interactive worksheets which cover the following topics: -Birthday and Age -Favorite Color, Shape, Animal, and Sport -Favorite Fruit, Vegetable, Snack, and Drink -Matching Topics such as "Address" or "Name" with the correct answer. Word Document included as well as PDF for easy editing of personal information matching sheet! ** Newly added: Cover Sheet and Teacher Cheat Sheet (to keep track of everyone's info!) **Also included in this product are directions for use
| Life Skills | Reading | Food Prep Directions | Cooking | Special Education | BUNDLE | Up for sale is an amazing real-world oriented document for your kids to practice their reading skills on. Reading food directions is an essential life skill that many students unfortunately do not have much experience with (both in and outside of the classroom). Help bridge this gap by testing their food prep skills in a fun and engaging way! Although initially designed for special education students, any tea
Are you sick of making copies of homework packets? Are you tired of hearing that your families are spending HOURS on homework? Are you over looking at the homework you assign?I was too! After reading many research articles and hearing about how LITTLE QUALITY time my students are able to spend with their families, I decided to create something different that would create conversations and strengthen connections at home! Each month of Family Fun Homework Menus have 12 different activities to choo
Not Grade Specific
| Life Skills | Recipe | Comprehension | Cooking | Special Education | Reading | Real World |Are you looking to integrate more real world reading instruction into your classroom? What better way to motivate students than to help them practice their reading skills with recipes! With this purchase, you will get TEN recipes with TEN questions each (100 questions total!!)Are you looking for a DIGITAL version of this download? CLICK HERE to see it!Recipes You Will Get With This Unit Are:English Muffi
Social Skills: social skills worksheets for speech therapy, special education, and regular education!Do your students need to work on using appropriate social skills? You can target a variety of social skills with these worksheets, including staying on topic, eye contact, emotions, being polite, and more! My students love using these social skills worksheets. They're great to use individually, but I get a ton of use out of these in my social skills groups. My kids love the fun cat theme, and you
| Life Skills | Safety Signs | Community Signs | Special Education - Reading - Writing - ELA - Real World | IEP | UNIT ONE | NOW UPDATED WITH MORE IMAGES, BETTER FORMATTING AND AN ANSWER KEYWith this purchase, you will get THIRTY FIVE different images your students will be able to see in the real world. Signs for pool closures, eviction notices, construction zones, and wet floors are all things your students will run into outside of the classroom What better way to practice learning them than in
| Life Skills | Receipts | Special Education | Reading | Math | Shopping | Money | BUNDLE |Wanting to teach your kids functional reading skills? Receipts are a great way to get students to understand the importance ofYour kids will absolutely love this and you will too. I directly integrated the data into my IEP goals as well. Life skills students need exposure to vocabulary like sales tax, total vs. sub total, debit vs. credit, change, etc. Such a fun and simple activity to assess them on these
PreK - 12th
Food Nutrition Facts Worksheet to practice functional reading and life skills identifying different attributes about food products. Use any packaged food product that has a nutrition food label on the package to answer the questions.This comes with:1 WorksheetAsks the student various questions such as the name or brand of the product, food group, type of food, type of container, net weight, serving size, servings per container, calories per serving, ingredients, and where the product is stored.
1st - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
You'll love these PRINT and GO math packs, already differentiated for three different skill levels, and over 600 worksheets to last you the entire year!Life skill math topics include: • money• directions• more/less• size• time• numbersVariety and Repetition: This pack includes two different style worksheets for each topic and level. Students will quickly learn worksheet format as they go through each themed pack. Multiple Steps: Worksheets include multiple steps (cut/paste, color, etc) so that s
| Life Skills | Special Education | Hours of Operation | Store Hours | Shopping | Reading | Writing |Teaching students how to read different hours of operation signs is an important life skills that promotes real world reading comprehension. You will get 16 images of actual store hours of operation and other randomly selected schedules as well (ex: open swim times, bus schedules, etc.). Then, there are 5 follow up comprehension questions for EACH picture.That is a total of 80 real-world comprehe
PreK - 12th
Drawing Conclusions Worksheet Packet! These worksheets teach inferencing skills and common vocabulary used in everyday life. The multiple choice questions are supplemented with a creative writing assignment at the end of each page. This is an ideal tool for teaching inference skills in reading for elementary students. ESOL students will especially benefit from the use of common phrases and vocabulary used in American speech. To find more worksheets in the series go to: http://www.teacherspayt
This introductory money packet is great for early learners! The money covered in this packet includes the penny, nickel, dime, quarter and one dollar bill. All printables require NO PREP and can be used for independent work, morning work, homework, and math centers!PLEASE NOTE: Some of the pages in this packet are also used in my first grade money packet. Make sure to only purchase one of these packets as some of the pages are duplicates. Also, students will need to be able to skip count by
This introductory money packet is great for your early learners. The money covered in this packet includes the penny, nickel, dime, quarter and one dollar bill. All printables require NO PREP and can be used for independent work, morning work, homework, and math centers!* PLEASE NOTE: Some of the pages in this packet are also used in my kindergarten money packet. Please make sure to only purchase one of these packets as some of the pages are duplicates. The skills included in this packet
A Name Activity for back to school season. Teach your kindergarten and preschool students name recognition. With this editable file you will be able to take your class list and directly type in every students' name. This file contains pages to accommodate names from three letters long to 11 letters long. This EDITABLE cut and paste product features a page for: 3 letter names like Amy or Joe. 4 letter names like John or Abby 5 letter names like Sandy or Danny 6 letter names like Joanna or Dani
Life Skills Reading | Writing | Careers | Jobs | Research | Interviews | Bundle | Cover Letters | Resumes | Interest Assessment | If you are looking to start a job unit in class but have no idea where to begin, look no further! This download has EVERYTHING you can possibly need to jump start your instruction in class.Are you interested in the ⭐ DIGITAL ⭐ version instead? CLICK HERE!Buy the bundle and save 20%! Separately, these downloads would cost $25. Purchase the bundle for only $20!Purchase

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