Captain Sea Monkey
Life on a sailboat- A 5 year olds perspective.
By Captain Sea Monkey

Captain Sea Monkey- Is a smart kid who lives aboard a sailboat with his family. Come aboard our sailing adventures on Sailing Spyridon through our social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Our son has a gift for knowledge and we love teachers pay teachers. Support our Child's education and you will also be supporting the public teachers who are so kind as to share these resources with each other through this platform.

We live a lifestyle aboard our 39 ft westerly Sea Lord sailboat. My son is a bright young gentleman and his education has always been a major priority. I had a natural birth, and we raised him on cloth diapers and made homemade baby food blends while maintaining a at home daycare with 4 other similar aged kids. We practiced Bilingual varieties through the app Doulingo and watching movies in different languages. He tends to lean toward French, Japanese, and Spanish. We decided that traveling education was best for our family. When you donate to this foundation, We support teachers all around the world and have a access to amazing resources too further our sons natural gift to learn. By funding us you are giving him an opportunity to learn alternatively.

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