What types of accounts are offered on TpT?

There are four types of memberships available on TpT. All of them allow you to make purchases, but only a Seller account allows you to upload your resources for sale. You can open a new account by choosing a membership level on our Sign Up page.


If you’re just planning on buying and downloading TpT resources, sign up for a free Standard Membership.


If you’d like to sell your own resources on TpT, there are two types of Seller accounts available: Basic Seller or Premium Seller. Both of these allow the ability to digitally post your resources, but the two accounts vary in payment structures.


A Basic Seller Membership is free, but you will be charged a small fee for each transaction.




A Premium Seller Membership is $59.95 per year and you will earn a higher royalty compared to Basic Seller membership. There are no transaction fees on resources that are $3 or more. A 15-cent processing fee will apply to each resource that is in a cart where the total is under $3.





A Publisher Membership is also available for publishers that would like to set up a self-service store on TpT. There is no annual fee for this type of account and royalties are split 50/50 on digital sales.



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