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Where can I find my purchases?

Easy – they're on your My Purchases page! And they’ll stay there for as long as you keep your TpT account.


Make sure you're logged in to TpT, then use your mouse to hover over the "My TpT" button near the top of your screen. The menu will open and you can click on the link to My Purchases.


Once you're on My Purchases, you’ll see a list of everything you've bought. Click "download now" to download the files you've purchased to your computer. If you ordered a hard good, the seller will ship it to your mailing address. You can also switch to the Free Downloads tab on My Purchases to see all the free items you've downloaded since January 2014.


Also on the My Purchases page, you can do a search of everything you've purchased. You can sort your items so that they're in alphabetical order, or with most recently purchased or revised items on top. You can also filter your purchases list so you only see digital downloads, hard goods, or purchase orders.


If you’ve seen your purchases in your account before, but can’t find them now, this usually means that you have more than one account and you’re looking in the wrong one. Try logging out and then logging back in using a different email address.

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