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Can I offer a growing bundle or progressive bundle?

Teacher-Authors sometimes promise new content for a resource on a regular basis (usually monthly or quarterly), much like a magazine subscription. Teacher-Authors can market these periodical resources as a “bundle” and update the listing as new content is created and added to the original resource file. Since content will be added over time, the resource becomes a progressively growing bundle.


While growing bundles can be a unique way to pre-sell a subscription to your resources, there are certain responsibilities you have as a Teacher-Author. If you offer a growing bundle, here are some guidelines to follow:


  • Be clear. State clearly and prominently in the description that the resource is incomplete, list what is currently contained in the resource file, and what additional content will be added in the future.

  • Be timely. Provide your buyers with a clear timeline for when you will deliver additional content.

  • Be responsive. Acknowledge customer questions in the event that you are unable to deliver updates when they are due.

  • *Pre-sales. If your growing bundle doesn’t yet contain any content when you post it, please be very clear that the current file is empty and that all of the promised material is forthcoming. Also, keep in mind that until the resource contains content, it is considered an un-downloaded resource and TpT will approve refunds for Buyers who request them.


Growing or progressive bundles are a serious commitment. Buyers are counting on you to deliver these resources as promised and in a timely fashion. If you’re unable to do so, TpT may issue refunds on your behalf on a prorated basis for missing content and your credibility as a TpT Seller may be affected.


With great bundles comes great responsibility! Think carefully about whether or not this model works for you, and use these guidelines as the rule of thumb when offering progressive bundles. Your customers will be counting on you!

For general guidelines about bundles, check out this FAQ.

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