Can I offer resources that are hosted on a third party site?

What happens if you want to sell resources that are hosted outside of TpT? It’s OK to host your resource through a third party site in the following cases:


  • If the file is larger than our 200MB limit

  • If the resource consists of streaming content

  • If the resource is an online course


If your download file exceeds 200MB in size, you can sell access instructions (links, passwords, etc) in a PDF document in your TpT store as long as the TpT member isn’t required to create an account on the third-party system.


To list your resource as a TpT product, it should have restricted access and not be composed of content that is available for free or a lower price somewhere else. We also request that you don’t include links to points of sale on other commercial sites.

If you choose to host your resource elsewhere, you should explain in the product description that the resource is stored on another system, so TpT members will know what to expect.


Choosing a hosting provider:


If you decide to provide a TpT resource by third party delivery, it is especially important to remember that TpT'ers need to be able to access their purchased resources at any time, and retain access to these resources even if a Seller removes resources from active listing. This means that you’ll need to choose a third-party file hosting provider that will remain stable over the long term (i.e. no expiring download links), or keep your access instructions up to date if you move the resource to another system. The most commonly used third-party providers are Dropbox and Google Drive.


Make sure your file has clear and easy to find instructions for accessing your resource on the 3rd party system. Your file should include an active link to the third-party site or instructions that can be easily followed by the customer. Remember, TpT’ers are able to download their purchased resources at any time to any location, even if the resource is no longer for sale. You can include your TpT store and credits/copyright information in the file as well.


File formats:


You can use any of our accepted formats, as long as the access instructions are kept current and easy to follow.The accepted file formats can be found in our FAQ.




As long as you keep your audio/video streams private and up to date, you can use YouTube or other streaming audio/video sites for your third-party downloads. Keep in mind that TpT’ers should not be required to pay to access audio/video that is broken or publicly available.


Updating your file:


Since you're hosting the content on another platform, there won't be any way to notify previous customers about updates unless you upload a new version of the access instructions file to our system. TpT’ers automatically receive the most recent revision that has been provided by the Teacher-Author/Seller when downloading from TpT. Please read this FAQ page for information about how to notify your customers that you've uploaded a revised version of your product.

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