What are TpT’s Seller Guidelines?

When selling resources on TpT, keep in mind the following rules to help guide you along the way:
Teachers Pay Teachers is a marketplace for educational resources
TpT is a place where teachers share, buy, and sell educational materials and resources. Click here for a more detailed list of what is and isn't allowed.
Teachers Pay Teachers is an honest and transparent marketplace
The TpT community is built upon trust. Teachers selling on TpT should only offer resources that they have produced or designed themselves. Resources should be free of technical issues and errors, complete, and ready to be used upon download. Additionally, Sellers shouldn’t incentivize or otherwise artificially game ratings and feedback.
Teachers Pay Teachers is a respectful community of teachers
Engaging with other teachers and the broader community of educators is an important part of the TpT Seller experience. Treat each other with respect and care, respond to feedback and questions with an open mind, and help keep TpT one of the best communities on the Internet.
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Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials.

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