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What kind of things can’t I sell on TpT?

TpT is a marketplace for educational resources, and although we try to define that as broadly as possible, there are certain things that are not appropriate for our marketplace.


These include:


  • Copyright or trademark infringement. Resources that aren’t the original authorship of the Seller (your work has to be your own). For more about copyright, click here.

  • Requiring additional steps for Buyers to access their purchase. All digital resources should be accessible and downloadable directly from TpT unless the file exceeds our 200 MB file limit. In that case, the downloadable resource may include a link to a third party hosting site. Buyers should not be required to give their email addresses or other personal information in order to gain access to digital purchases.

  • Directing buyers to an off-site sales channel. Resources that link to other online retailers or e-commerce sites.

  • Non-educational goods. Products whose primary purpose is neither instructional, for classroom decor, or for resource creation (gifts, apparel, swag, marketing or promotional resources or services).

  • Duplicate Listings. Each resource can be listed only once on TpT. If you have co-created a resource with another Teacher-Author, you’ll have to decide which TpT store to list it in.

  • Inconsistent Pricing between sites. You’re more than welcome to offer your work in other online retail outlets and marketplaces, but it’s important that your TpT Buyers are not being charged a higher price or being charged for something that you’ve posted for free somewhere else.

  • Offensive Content. Material that is discriminatory on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, sex, gender, disability, or orientation) or material that is pornographic or obscene.


This list isn’t exhaustive, and if you’re ever in doubt whether something is right for TpT,just let us know!


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