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Teachers turn to the sharing economy for some work-life balance

“The support from other teachers on the TeachersPayTeachers website provided me with a work-life balance my professors never envisioned. After my third child, I permanently moved to the other side of TpT. As a seller, I’m providing a work-life balance to other teachers in the same way it provided it for me.”

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Sacramento area teachers make extra money selling lesson plans, curriculum online

“Retired kindergarten teacher Jackie Albright said websites like Teachers Pay Teachers also have grown popular because brick and mortar stores selling classroom materials have all but vanished. ‘Teachers know what students need,’ said Albright, who taught at Dan O. Root Elementary in Suisun City until recently. ‘Teachers trust other teachers. Teachers always have shared between classrooms and now we are sharing internationally.’”

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How Teachers Pay Teachers Is Recruiting Top-Notch Tech Talent

“Jared Cohen, former vice president of operations at Kickstarter and now TpT’s vice president of product, is motivated by TPT’s dedication to its ‘teacher-author’ community. ‘Putting community first,” he points out, …’makes you feel like you’re not just building a tool; you’re also helping people achieve things.’”

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Why These 3 Companies Are Destined to Scale

“The reality is that teachers trust other teachers more than experts or textbook publishers to develop new educational materials. The introduction of the Common Core sent demand for these new materials skyrocketing and Teachers Pay Teachers stepped up to fill the void.”

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Etsy for teachers? TpT becomes hub for education materials

"We know that teachers don't have a lot to spend and we want to make sure every dollar is a dollar well spent,’ says Adam Freed, TpT's CEO, in an interview with CNBC.Freed, Etsy's former COO and a Google alum, describes the site not only a marketplace, but a global community of teachers collaborating in a new way. The idea is to create a resource center filled with content intended to enhance students' educational experience.”

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A Sharing Economy Where Teachers Win

“Teachers often spend hours preparing classroom lesson plans to reinforce the material students are required to learn, and many share their best materials with colleagues. Founded in 2006, TeachersPayTeachers speeds up this lesson-plan prep work by monetizing exchanges between teachers and enabling them to make faster connections with farther-flung colleagues.”

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6 Companies That Are Teaching Educators What Good 'Disruption' Means

“Rarely would anyone consider educators in the United States to be overpaid. Yet in reality, while teachers command fairly meager salaries, they are obviously responsible for our future generations’ education. Fortunately, a new education technology tool is allowing dedicated teachers to earn additional money for their hard work through the process of sharing it with educators throughout the world. Teachers Pay Teachers, a program that (as of this writing) had well over three million users, is an online marketplace that connects educators worldwide and lets them buy and sell their own self-created educational materials.”

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The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Education

“Founded in 2006 by a teacher frustrated with the resources available to him, Teachers Pay Teachers is an open marketplace for buying and selling lessons and classroom tools. The site grew in fits and starts for years before finally hitting its groove in 2014, when it topped $100 million in lifetime sales and hired former Etsy COO Adam Freed as its new CEO. ‘The best marketplaces often have a dynamic where the buyers and sellers are working together in concert,’ Freed told EdSurge.”

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