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1 macromolecules card game deck with instructions

1 macromolecules card game deck with instructions
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Students' tweets about the game - no joke!

"So apparently my Biology teacher created a macromolecule card game that was super fun. Hopefully I pass this quiz." Zach

"I never thought science would be interesting until my teacher made a game about building macromolecules that's actually fun #mindblown" - Hannah

Intro to the game
Teaching the topic of macromolecules isn't the most interesting for students. There are numerous structures to remember, and there isn't anything that can really make it interesting. I have decided to design this Macromolecules card game where it is a competitive card game where players compete against each other to build structures to earn points. To further add to the competitive spirit, players can destroy or steal other players' structures/points via 'attack cards' such as hydrolysis.

The game has been tested in my class, and to my surprise, they all enjoyed playing the game, and their knowledge of the structures was passively learned.

It is really easy game to learn and start. Students can use the basics, and start building their macromolecules one by one.

The cards are professional designed and printed on high quality cards.

Give it a try. Instead of giving students worksheets or making the structures, try having this game. One deck can be played up to 4 players. Expansion ideas are being explored.

There are 144 cards in total.

Electronic versions of the rule book and points system will be sent through e-mail.

There are 6 decks in this purchase for a class of 25-30.

How to start the game:
Shuffle the deck of cards, and distribute 5 cards to each player.
Place the remaining deck of cards in the middle and this is your PICK UP PILE.
Have another cleared area for the DISCARD PILE.
Select a person to go first, and organize the game in the following way.

At the beginning of each turn, the player:
1. Picks up a card.
After the card has been picked up, the player can choose the following:
1) Play a card
2) A player can play more than one card if they can complete a structure in that one turn
3) Discard a card
4) Trade a card from their hand with a card in the discard pile (This counts as a turn)
The turn is done after any of the above 4 is played.
For example,
• If a player discards a card, then the turn is completed.
• If a player plays a card, and cannot do anything else, the turn is completed.
The game is finished once all the cards from the draw deck are gone, or a player has reached 20 points or more. If the game is completed by completing the draw deck, any unfinished structures will receive minus 1 point.

The shipping cost of the game is set at the current price because the weight of the cards. I do not make extra money from the shipping as the shipping is quite expensive.

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or visit my website at www.sciyeung.com/blog for more

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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1 macromolecules card game deck with instructions