21 Biology Diagram Crosswords BUNDLE {Editable}

21 Biology Diagram Crosswords BUNDLE {Editable}
21 Biology Diagram Crosswords BUNDLE {Editable}
21 Biology Diagram Crosswords BUNDLE {Editable}
21 Biology Diagram Crosswords BUNDLE {Editable}
21 Biology Diagram Crosswords BUNDLE {Editable}
21 Biology Diagram Crosswords BUNDLE {Editable}
21 Biology Diagram Crosswords BUNDLE {Editable}
21 Biology Diagram Crosswords BUNDLE {Editable}
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Diagram crosswords are a great way to help review and reinforce the terminology associated with diagrams, especially those found in any anatomy or body systems unit. It also helps students practice the correct spelling of difficult vocabulary. I began making these worksheets as a fun way to help my students review. They were so popular and effective with my students that I made over 20 of them! Each crossword is priced individually at $2.75, but in this bundle you SAVE 35% and ONLY PAY $1.79 for each one!


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♥ "Totally awesome resource. The kids love them. Also the hint you gave us with cutting up the diagram to reassemble and use as a quiz review was awesome!!!!!!!" (Thanks Cynthia B.)
♥ "These are excellent as stand alone vocab crosswords and even better as a complement to the big foldables. I use these crosswords to review vocab before a test or as work when I have a sub. I love everything from Tangstar Science. High quality, accurate, challenging, and fun!" (Thanks T.F.S.)
♥ "Awesome resource. Thank you!" (Thanks Juanita T.)
♥ "Wow! What a fun way to review body systems. My children have enjoyed using these. Thank you!" (Thanks Angela Z.)
♥ "FUN BUNDLE to incorporate into the lessons I use." (Thanks Nikki G.)


AWESOME BONUS ACTIVITY: After students have completed their crossword, I get them to cut out their diagram, glue it onto another piece of paper and then label as many of the diagram parts as possible without looking at any aids. It’s a great way to assess what students have learned and it creates two activities from one. You can also tell them ahead of time that they will be doing this second activity. Some students will feel extra motivated to learn the terms well while filling in their crossword. After the labeling, they will have a handy reference sheet for studying.



1) MITOSIS Crossword with Diagram
Terms: nucleolus, cleavage furrow, prometaphase, four, centromere, sister chromatid, nuclear membrane, interphase, anaphase, prophase, chromosome, telophase, spindle fibers, equatorial plate, cell membrane, centriole pair, cell plate, eight, metaphase

2) URINARY SYSTEM Crossword with Diagram
Terms: adrenal gland, renal cortex, aorta, renal artery, bladder, urethra, ureters, minor calyx, left kidney, renal pelvis, inferior vena cava, renal pyramid, major calyx, renal vein, renal medulla, urethral orifice, right kidney

3) NEPHRON Crossword with Diagram
Terms: ascending loop of Henle, descending loop of Henle, blood, proximal convoluted tubule, sodium, afferent arteriole, glomerulus, loop of Henle, peritubular capillaries, distal convoluted tubule, renal artery, renal corpuscle, renal vein, Bowman’s capsule, efferent arteriole, filtrate, collecting duct, urine, water

4) PLANT CELL Crossword with Diagram
Terms: photosynthesis, cellular respiration, cell membrane, chromatin, nucleolus, chloroplast, cytosol, nuclear membrane, cell wall, rough endoplasmic reticulum, central vacuole, mitochondrion, smooth endoplasmic reticulum, nuclear pore, Golgi body, nucleoplasm, Golgi apparatus, cytoplasm, nuclear envelope, nucleus, mitochondria, RNA, ribosomes, vesicles

5) ANIMAL CELL Crossword with Diagram
Terms: cellular respiration, cell membrane, chromatin, nucleolus, cytoskeleton, cytosol, nuclear membrane, centriole pair, rough endoplasmic reticulum, central vacuole, mitochondrion, smooth endoplasmic reticulum, nuclear pore, Golgi body, nucleoplasm, Golgi apparatus, cytoplasm, nuclear envelope, nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes, vesicles

6) LEAF AND CHLOROPLAST Crossword with Diagram
Terms: granum, cuticle, lamellae, stroma, upper epidermis, lower epidermis, thylakoid, sugars, xylem, photosynthesis, vascular bundle, bundle sheath cell, water, guard cells, palisade mesophyll, outer membrane, grana, phloem, spongy mesophyll, air spaces, stoma, lamella, stomata

7) BRAIN Crossword with Diagram
Terms: corpus callosum, frontal lobe, temporal lobe, midbrain, optic chiasm, cerebral cortex, lateral sulcus, brain stem, central sulcus, pineal gland, thalamus, pons, olfactory bulb, primary motor cortex, primary somatosensory cortex, ventricle, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, Broca’s area, pituitary gland, medulla oblongata, hypothalamus, cerebellum

8) NEURON AND SPINAL CORD Crossword with Diagram
Terms: axon terminals, myelin sheath, dorsal root ganglion, nodes of Ranvier, ventral horn, sensory neuron, axon hillock, cell body, Schwann cell, white matter, interneuron, dorsal roots, motor neuron, ventral roots, central canal, dendrites, axon, dorsal horn, gray matter

9) EAR Crossword with Diagram
Terms: Eustachian tube, anvil, stirrup, vestibular nerve, cochlea, cochlear nerve, middle ear, stapes, semicircular canal, temporal bone, inner ear, tympanic membrane, auditory canal, ear drum, hammer, pinna, malleus, incus

10) EYE Crossword with Diagram
Terms: aqueous humor, photoreceptors, vitreous humor, ciliary body, rods, bipolar cell, cornea, interneurons, fovea, lens, suspensory ligaments, cones, optic disk, iris, pupil, ganglion cell, optic nerve, choroid, sclera, retina

11) FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM Crossword with Diagram
Terms: primary follicles, fimbriae, womb, egg, uterus, fallopian tube, vagina, cervix, corpus luteum, corpus albicans, endometrium, primordial follicles, ovary, secondary follicle, myometrium, Graafian follicle, ovum, infundibulum, uterine lining

12) MALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM Crossword with Diagram
Terms: scrotum, sperm, Cowper’s gland, rectum, bladder, semen, ejaculatory duct, urethra, urethral orifice, glans penis, penis, corpus spongiosum, seminal vesicle, corpus cavernosum, epididymis, vas deferens, navicular fossa, prostate gland, testis, anus

13) HEART Crossword with Diagram
Terms: mitrial valve, right atrium, left atrium, septum, chordae tendineae, oxygenated, left ventricle, bicuspid valve, ascending aorta, left pulmonary arteries, right ventricle, left pulmonary veins, right pulmonary veins, deoxygenated, pulmonary valve, right pulmonary arteries, inferior vena cava, superior vena cava, descending aorta, aortic valve, tricuspid valve, upper body, pulmonary trunk, heart strings, aorta

14) BLOOD Crossword with Diagram
Terms: plasma, thrombocytes, red blood cells, artery, bone marrow, valves, neutrophil, capillary, stem cells, leukocytes, blood, erythrocytes, buffy coat, white blood cells, platelets, basophil, away, hematocrit, vein, monocyte, toward

15) SKELETAL SYSTEM Crossword with Diagram
Terms: shoulder blade, scapula, ulna, skull, clavicle, sacrum, pelvic bone, tail bone, humerus, tarsals, metacarpals, spine, phalanges, vertebral column, cranium, pubic bone, jaw, patella, rib, femur, carpals, fibula, radius, metatarsals, sternum, tibia, mandible, vertebra, coccyx

16) DIGESTIVE SYSTEM Crossword with Diagram
Terms: small intestine, oral cavity, pharynx, large intestine, teeth, duodenum, appendix, ascending colon, rectum, colon, salivary glands, gall bladder, descending colon, stomach, sigmoid colon, transverse colon, ileum, bile duct, esophagus, jejunum, anus, saliva, pancreas, tongue, bile, liver

17) TEETH Crossword with Diagram
Terms: periodontal membrane, bone, wisdom tooth, enamel, incisors, gums, dentin, pulp cavity, premolars, root, pulp, cementum, canine, molars, gingiva, crown

18) RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Crossword with Diagram
Terms: right lung, left lung, vocal cords, nostrils, bronchioles, pleural membranes, pharynx, diaphragm, esophagus, nasal passages, trachea, intercostal muscles, right bronchus, glottis, oral cavity, left bronchus, epiglottis, ribcage, larynx

19) MICROSCOPE Crossword with Diagram
Terms: coarse adjustment knob, diaphragm, base, eye, condenser, forty, illuminator, light, no, eyepiece, one hundred, fine adjustment knob, rotating nosepiece, ocular lens, stage clips, objective lenses, revolving nosepiece, body tube, four hundred, arm, stage, slide, yes

20) LAB EQUIPMENT Crossword with Diagram – Part 1 – FREE!
Terms: graduated cylinder, funnel, Bunsen burner, beaker tongs, Florence flask, retort stand, overflow can, test tube clamp, watch glass, evaporating dish, Petri dish, beaker, Erlenmeyer flask, ring clamp, electronic balance, dissecting pins, test tube, spot plate, stopper, hot plate

21) LAB EQUIPMENT Crossword with Diagram – Part 2
Terms: clay triangle, test tube brush, filter paper, test tube holder, pestle, scalpel, forceps, pipette, cover slip, scoopula, eye dropper, test tube rack, stirring rod, triple beam balance, crucible tongs, thermometer, wire gauze, glass slide, microscope, goggles, mortar, probe


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