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2D & 3D Measurement Unit: Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, and Volume NO PREP

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5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
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This unit is sure to ENGAGE your junior students and teach a ton of 2D and 3D measurement Concepts such as:
* Selecting appropriate Units of Measurement (metric system)
* Measuring perimeter (regular, irregular, missing sides)
* Measuring area (square, rectangle, parallelogram, triangles)
* Making 3D shapes with nets
* Surface Area (rectangular prism, triangular prism)
* Metric Conversions (length, volume and mass)
* Volume (units, formula)
* Mass (estimating)

MAKE into a STUDENT BOOKLET or print off one lesson at a time!

There are also 3 center packages:
* Problem Spin: Area (7 centers)
* Problem Spin: Volume (4 centers)
* I'm Done Now What Centers (exploring a variety of concepts)

Each lesson is 3 PART (Getting Started, Working On It, Problem of the Day and Reflect and Connect)


Lesson 1:
Getting Started: Brainstorming & Video, Units of Measurement
Investigation: Units of Measurement (length, mass and volume)
Working On It: Matching card game, matching items to appropriate measurement units.
Reflect & Connect: Estimating Measurements

Lesson 2:
Getting Started: Measurement practice (includes decimal measurements)
Perimeter video and concept chart.
Working On It: Find the perimeter (some sides missing, find side length given perimeter)
Reflect & Connect: House floor plan, find perimeter

Lesson 3:
Getting Started: Area video and concept chart (compare area and perimeter)
Measuring Area in square units.
Hands On: Estimating area of desk using sticky notes.
Area Anchor Chart
Area of Rectangles & Squares, fill in the blank anchor chart
Working On It: Find the area of each part of the robot.
Problem: Area of Yard (subtracting area)

Lesson 4:
Getting Started: Discovering the formula: parallelograms
(cutting parallelograms and arranging into rectangles)
Area of parallelograms fill int he blank anchor chart
Working on It: Find the area of parallelograms
Problem: find the height of parallelogram, given the area.
Tickt Out: Find the correct expression, find area of parallelogram design.

Lesson 5:
Getting Started: Discovering the formula for area of triangles
Video, area of triangles
Area of triangles fill in the blanks anchor chart
Working on It: find the area of a variety of shapes
Problem: Envelope area question (rectangle, triangle, subtraction)
Reflect & Connect: Total area (of a net)

Lesson 6
Getting Started: Using nets to make 3D figures, video and matching the net to 3D solid.
Templates to make nets

Lesson 7
Getting Started: Surface area, video and concept chart.
Guided Practice: Find the area of a 3D shape (nets used in last lesson)
Hands On: Small groups estimate surface area of a variety of rectangular prisms (boxes, packages etc)
Problem: Painting a shed, surface area question (not all sides)
Reflect & Connect: Wrapping a present, surface area.

Problem Spin (Surface Area Centers, 7 total and tracking sheet)

Lesson 9
Getting Started: Rating units of measurement
the Metric System Length: Fill in table with units of length and their short form.
Length Conversions: Ruler, meter stick, using ladder
Guided Practice (several pages, conversions using the ladder)
Working On It: 2 conversion (length) problems.
ticket Out: Conversions and surface area of rectangular prism.

Lesson 10
Getting Started: The metric system mass
Working On It: Mass conversions
Problems: 2 mass conversion problems
Ticket Out: Mass conversions and problem.

Lesson 11:
Getting Started: Volume video and concept chart
Volume and cubic units practice
Volume of rectangular prisms and cubes fill in the blanks anchor chart.
Working On It: 2volume questions
Problem: Volume aquarium question
Reflect & Connect: Dump truck volume question

Lesson 12
Getting Started: Volume of cake question, discovering formula for triangular prism volume.
Volume of triangular prisms, fill in the blank anchor chart
Working On It: Find the volume, rectangular prisms
Problem: Farmer question, volume of triangular prism
Reflect & Connect: Volume of chocolate bar, rectangular prism

Problem Spin (more centers, 4 in total, all volume questions.

I'm Finished Now What Centers:
- Estimation Scavenger Hunt (estimate and measure the mass of objects in the room)
- How Much Larger (comparing measurements, subtraction)
- 2 Piece Shapes (make shapes, measure area)
- My luxury Dream House (create floor plan, find area)
- Welcome to the Shoe Show (find area of shoe)
- Model City (collaborative class project to make a 3D city)

- Summative Assessment Included!

Handy tools:
Some hand tools to have for this unit are: scales, variety of boxes for surface area, unit cubes, rulers, meter sticks, measuring tapes, measuring cups, calculators.

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2D & 3D Measurement Unit: Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, a
2D & 3D Measurement Unit: Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, a
2D & 3D Measurement Unit: Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, a
2D & 3D Measurement Unit: Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, a