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*2nd-3rd Grade* Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks Spiral Bound HARD COPY


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This is a spiral bound hard copy! If you're interested in the much cheaper digital download, find that here.

This product listing is for a hard copy of this product. You will receive in the mail a CD (digital copy) as well as a black and white spiral bound notebook copy of this product. Shipping is $5 and your book and CD will be mailed out within 24 hours of purchase.

This Interactive Reading Literature Notebook for Grades 2-3 is the latest in my series of interactive notebook products for reading and ELA.

This notebook is truly interactive with templates that fold and flip for the students to interact with. This product is NOT simply pages and pages of definitions and descriptions for students to glue into their notebooks.

Each of the 15 lessons in this notebook includes a color photo of the finished product, teacher’s notes (what to write in or on the template), complete teacher’s step-by-step lesson plan and assembly instructions, and student black lines. You will find that all of the information needed to begin teaching these concepts is in here. This is NOT simply a product full of templates and organizers that require hours of research and prep time - I have included all of that information for you! I have also included a version of each template that is blank so you can adapt when necessary. All templates are digitally editable with an extra file included.


Here are the lessons included:

Lesson 1: Making Inferences
Lesson 2: Questioning
Lesson 3: Story Elements
Lesson 4: Story Structure
Lesson 5: Retell or Summarize a Story
Lesson 6: Folktale Genres
Lesson 7: Theme
Lesson 8: Character Traits
Lesson 9: Characterization
Lesson 10: Point of View
Lesson 11: Idioms
Lesson 12: Parts of a Story/Book (& Illustrations)
Lesson 13: Parts of a Drama
Lesson 14: Parts of a Poem
Lesson 15: Making Connections


I’ve included the Common Core Alignment for Reading Literature for grades 2-3. Please take a look at the Common Core Alignment in the preview file – as well as the Table of Contents – to be sure this product covers the concepts you are looking for before purchasing it.

If you teach first grade or fourth grade and are wondering if this product might work for your classroom, please view the Table of Contents and Common Core Alignment in the preview file for a list of topics and skills covered.



INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - Please contact me in advance for an exact price.


Purchasing this product grants permission for use by one teacher in his or her own classroom. If you intend to share with others, please purchase additional licenses.

Thanks so much!

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*2nd-3rd Grade* Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks S
*2nd-3rd Grade* Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks S