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Rick's Resources
Includes Google Apps™
This bundle contains one or more resources with Google apps (e.g. docs, slides, etc.).

Products in this Bundle (29)

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    Printable PDF files are included for all resources. Five resources also include a digital Google Slides™ version for distance learning. Bundled are 29 quality math resources for 4th grade which address important problem-solving, vocabulary, fractions, basic operation skills. Some use QR coding for instant feedback on PDF versions. Answer keys provided.


    These 29 math resources for grade 4 engage students in a variety of challenging and effective math activities. The problem-solving stories require the solutions to multiple problems. They must use comprehension skills with the story problems and then apply their math understanding to pull relevant information and use multi-steps in order to arrive at the correct solution. Some skills addressed in the multi-step stories include perimeter, adding, multiplying, money, squaring, decimals, subtracting, dividing, time, percent, measurement, fractions.

    The math vocabulary and meanings resources give 4th grade students multiple approaches to learning and retaining essential vocabulary terms. The math puzzles are very motivating and provide excellent practice with basic operations. Some activities use QR code technology to give immediate feedback.

    The 4th grade math skills and tutoring resources provide effective instruction and practice of all main 4th grade math skills. Full answer keys are provided on all relevant resources. The activities are great for homework, practice, centers, or test prep. Most activities are no-prep with other just minimal preparation needed. All resources are aligned with the common core and other state and national math standards.

    PDF pages in the resources can be printed either in color or grayscale with good results. These activities are effective as a homeschool or summer reading resource and are easily adaptable to existing lesson plans. The worksheets and activities can be used as a quick comprehension assessment tool.

    Listed below are brief descriptions of each product and links to the actual products for more in-depth information.

    Math Word Problem Challenges This best selling math product is challenging but very effective. Each story presents several math challenges that students must complete. This offers real-life realistic math scenarios that allow students to see math relevance. Great for partner work, groups, or centers. 40 pages.

    Math Story Problem Task Cards Similar to the Math Word Problem Challenges, these story problems are in task card form. Each story has four corresponding math challenges that students can complete. These are challenging but very effective in giving students practice with math tasks. 60 task cards. 21 Pages.

    Best Multi-Digit Multiplication Worksheets A collection of Multi Digit multiplication worksheets perfect for school or homeschool settings. Provides effective practice for multiplying larger numbers. QR code capable. Detailed answer keys included.33 Pages.

    Best Long Division Worksheets A collection of beginning long division worksheets perfect for school or homeschool. Introduces division in small incremental steps from basic to more complex. QR code capable. Great for 4th grade, 5th grade. 39 Pages.

    Multiplication Bingo What better way to learn the multiplication facts than with motivating games of bingo. All facts 2-12 are represented. Includes 30 boards for large group play. 40 pages.

    Grade 4 Math Vocabulary Task Cards 60 task cards that review key math vocabulary terms. Includes optional use QR codes on each card for Smartphones or tablets. A great tool for student review or test preparation. 21 pages

    Grade 4 Math Vocabulary Bingo Another very effective, fun and motivating tool for helping students learn important math vocabulary terms. Includes 30 boards for large group play. 40 pages

    Math Vocabulary Words and Meanings Worksheets 4th Grade These effective math vocabulary no-prep worksheets with QR code technology includes 75 essential math vocab terms and meanings that students in 4th grade should master. Addresses core standards. 33 Pages.

    Math Vocabulary Flash Cards for Grade 4 Included are 75 essential math terms and definitions that students in 4th grade should master. Simple print, cut, fold system. Includes ideas for vocabulary games. Great for review, test prep, and homework. 20 pages

    Fractions Task Cards 84 well-designed task cards for the review and reinforcement of essential fractions concepts. Common Core aligned. Can be used with QR code reading apps or answer key. 27 pages.

    Fractions Bingo A great game for the reinforcement and review of key fractions concepts. Includes detailed calling cards and 30 boards for large group play. 40 pages

    Math Basic Operations Algebraic Thinking Picture Puzzles Fun but challenging math picture puzzles effectively sharpen critical-thinking and problem-solving. Students use algebraic thinking to determine values of pictures and solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, division equations. 44 pages

    Math Pyramids: Addition and Subtraction Problem Solving Fun little puzzles that require addition and subtraction skills to solve. Includes full answer keys. 28 pages.

    Math Basic Operations - Block Puzzles Challenging but fun puzzles that require students to place digits 1-9 in the proper boxes so all number sentences running horizontally and vertically are true. Uses all four math operations. 40 pages.

    Math Basic Operations - Math Riddles Effective and fun puzzles that require students to correctly complete 8 different math challenges on each page using various operations. The answers are matched to letters which can be used to answer riddles. 27 pages

    Math Basic Operations - Triangle Puzzles A unique puzzle in the shape of a triangle that requires students to multiply and perform another math operation to complete each problem. Answers are matched to letters which can form the answer to a posed riddle. 28 pages.

    Multiplication - Lattice Puzzles These puzzles present a unique and fun way to complete multiplication problems. Highly motivating with riddles to add even more motivation. 28 pages.

    Math Basic Operations - Cross Puzzles These are similar to little crossword puzzles only in math form. Students must find the correct digits for the missing cells in order to make the crossing number sentences true. Riddles are added for additional fun. Highly motivating and effective. 28 Pages.

    Lattice Multiplication Worksheets Students often have difficulty learning the traditional method for multiplying larger numbers. Lattice multiplication is an alternate technique that many students find easier and more enjoyable than other ways. It provides a different way to think about multiplication and builds a solid conceptual understanding. Even students who are proficient with multiplication benefit from learning this method.

    Number Sense

    * Standard and Word Forms

    * Standard and Expanded Forms

    * Place Value Digit Replacement

    * Place Value Digit Value

    * Place Value More or Less

    * Roman Numerals

    * Base 10 Models

    * Equality and Inequality

    * Comparing Numbers

    * Rounding Numbers

    * Prime and Composite Numbers

    * Even and Odd Numbers

    * Estimation

    * Patterns

    Addition and Subtraction

    * Commutative Property

    * Associative Property

    * Add Numbers to Thousands

    * Add Numbers to Millions

    * Addition Problem-Solving

    * Addition Fill in the Missing Digits

    * Addition Estimating Sums

    * Subtract Numbers to Thousands

    * Subtract Numbers to Millions

    * Subtraction Problem-Solving

    * Subtraction Fill in the Missing Digits

    * Subtraction Estimating Differences


    * Commutative Property of Multiplication

    * Associative Property of Multiplication

    * Distributive Property of Multiplication

    * Multiplication Models

    * Multiply 2-digit by 1-digit

    * Multiply 3-digit by 1-digit

    * Multiply 4-digit by 1-digit

    * Multiply 2-digit by 2-digit

    * Multiplication Problem-Solving

    * Multiplication and Zeros

    * Multiplication and Square Numbers

    * Multiplication and Estimating Products

    * Multiplication and Input/Output Tables

    * Lattice Multiplication


    * Division Models

    * Division Estimating Quotients

    * Division Facts W/Without Remainder

    * Division 2-digits by 1-digit Level 1

    * Division 2-digits by 1-digit Level 2

    * Division 3-digits by 1-digit Level 1

    * Division 3-digits by 1-digit Level 2

    * Division 3-digits by 1-digit Level 3

    * Division 3-digits by 1-digit Level 4

    * Division 2-digits by 2-digits Level 1

    * Division Problem-Solving

    * Division Equalities and Inequalities

    Graphs and Data

    * Coordinate Plane Graphs

    * Coordinate Plane Map Graph

    * Vertical Bar Graph

    * Horizontal Bar Graph

    * Pictograph

    * Line Graph

    * Circle Graph

    * Frequency Charts

    * Tables

    * Stem and Leaf Plots

    Time and Money

    * Reading Digital & Analog Clocks

    * Elapsed Time

    * Time Zones

    * Reading Transportation Schedules

    * Time Word Problems

    * Coins and Bills

    * Adding & Subtracting Money

    * Multiplying & Dividing Money

    * Making Change

    * Money Word Problems

    Customary and Metric Measurement

    * Measuring Length

    * Estimating Length

    * Converting Length

    * Measuring Weight

    * Estimating Weight

    * Converting Weight

    * Measuring Liquid Volume

    * Estimating Liquid Volume

    * Converting Liquid Volume

    * Area

    * Perimeter


    * Identifying Fractions

    * Equivalent Fractions

    * Patterns of Equivalent Fractions

    * Fraction Equality and Inequality

    * Ordering Fractions

    * Adding Fractions – Like Denominators

    * Adding Fractions – Unlike Denominators

    * Subtracting Fractions – Like Denominators

    * Subtracting Fractions – Unlike Denominators

    * Fraction Word Problems*Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

    * Fractions – Lowest Terms

    * Multiplying Fractions

    * Multiplying Fractions Word Problems


    * Decimal Models*Decimal Models with Whole Numbers

    * Decimal Place Value

    * Decimal Number Line Tenths

    * Decimal Number Line Hundredths

    * Graphing Points on Number Line

    * Equivalent Decimals

    * Decimal Word Forms Tenths

    * Decimal Word Forms Hundredths

    * Converting Fractions to Decimals*Converting Mixed Numbers to Decimals

    * Rounding Decimals

    * Decimal Equality and Inequality

    * Decimals Ordering

    * Decimals Adding

    * Decimals Subtracting

    * Decimals Multiplying

    * Decimals Dividing

    * Decimal Word Problems

    Geometry and Probability and Variables

    * Geometry Lines

    * Identifying Angles

    * Measuring Angles

    * Shapes

    * Classifying Shapes

    * Classifying Triangles

    * Perimeter

    * Area

    * 3D Shapes

    * Vertices, Edges, Faces

    * Solid Volume

    * Line or Reflection Symmetry

    * Probability Making Predictions

    * Mean, Mode, Median, Range

    * Variables – Evaluate Expressions

    * Solve Variable Equations

    * Expressions with Variables in Stories

    I take pride in my products and guarantee satisfaction. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about any of my materials.

    Please note that some of the products in this grade level bundle may crossover into other bundles. Some products may be appropriate for more than one grade level.

    --- ABOUT THE AUTHOR ---

    Rick Whitehead has been a teacher and author for over 30 years in public and private practice. His background includes teaching in public schools, curriculum development, school program design, private mentoring and author of juvenile fiction. He is devoted to helping children learn and grow by providing high-quality resources that are highly motivating and effective even for the most reluctant learners.

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    994 Pages + Some Digital Versions
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    to see state-specific standards (only available in the US).
    Multiply or divide to solve word problems involving multiplicative comparison, e.g., by using drawings and equations with a symbol for the unknown number to represent the problem, distinguishing multiplicative comparison from additive comparison.
    Solve multistep word problems posed with whole numbers and having whole-number answers using the four operations, including problems in which remainders must be interpreted. Represent these problems using equations with a letter standing for the unknown quantity. Assess the reasonableness of answers using mental computation and estimation strategies including rounding.
    Understand addition and subtraction of fractions as joining and separating parts referring to the same whole.
    Fluently add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.
    Multiply a whole number of up to four digits by a one-digit whole number, and multiply two two-digit numbers, using strategies based on place value and the properties of operations. Illustrate and explain the calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays, and/or area models.


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