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    Standards Alignment Document


    A bundle of low prep, highly engaging, and academically relevant printable and digital interactive math notebook materials for your 6th grade curriculum? Yes... here it is! This year long bundle is a huge value for any Common Core or Texas TEKS sixth grade math classroom.

    How is this bundle different than others available?

    • Each notebook set has three parts: a half page notes, interactive and often reusable practice activities, and a test prep style assessment. Most other notebook bundles offer only a set of notes.
    • Includes word problems and models for every included topic. This set is about deep learning, not just cutesy notes.
    • Easy and efficient to use. The notes waste no space for teachers who have limited copies and paper. Each activity requires only a few scissor cuts for students.
    • Developed with guided math and differentiation in mind! Buyers have used these materials with multiple levels of students successfully, from pre ap classes to ESL classes; as an extension for gifted students and as a support for those with special needs.
    • Every notebook has a Google Slides version for teachers that need to go digital, teach distance learning classes, or for paperless classrooms.

    The preview is a clickable and downloadable file with the Common Core and TEKS alignment guide. It also has information on planned sets to be added in the future. Check it out!

    ALL 6th Grade TEKS Topics are Available! Two more CCSS additions are still in the works (Factoring and Surface Area coming soon for common core classrooms).

    Rational Number System Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • The Rational Number System

    • Whole Numbers

    • Integers

    • Rational Numbers

    • Comparing Rational Numbers

    • Ordering Rational Numbers

    • Absolute Value

    • Opposite Numbers

    • Fraction Notation of Division

    Positive Rational Number Operations Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • Adding and Subtracting Decimals

    • Adding and Subtracting Fractions

    • Mixed Additive Positive Rational Number Operations

    • Multiplying Decimals Models

    • Multiplying Decimals using the Algorithm

    • Dividing Decimals with Models

    • Dividing Decimals using the Algorithm

    • Multiplying Fractions with Models
    • Multiplying Fractions using the Algorithm
    • Dividing Fractions with Models
    • Finding Reciprocals
    • Dividing Fractions using the Algorithm

    Order of Operations Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • Order of Operations

    • Levels of Grouping

    • Simplifying using Distribution

    • Order of Operations with Integers

    Prime Factorization Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • What is an Exponent?

    • Prime Factorization

    • Prime Factor Trees

    • Division by Primes (Cake)

    Properties of Operations Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • Associative Property

    • Commutative Property

    • Distributive Property

    • Inverse Property

    • Identity Property

    Integer Interactive Notebook Set- Vocabulary and Integer Operations (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • Money Model Integer Vocabulary

    • Elevation Model Integer Vocabulary

    • Temperature Model Integer Vocabulary

    • Writing Integers

    • Combining Integers

    • Adding and Subtracting Integers

    • Grouping Integers

    • Multiplying and Dividing Integers

    • Integer Operation Quick Reference

    One-Step Equations Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • Introduction to Equations

    • Modeling Equations with Objects

    • Modeling Equations with Algebra Tiles

    • Additive Equations

    • Multiplicative Equations

    • Fraction Equations

    • Integer Equations

    One-Step Inequalities Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • What is an Inequality?

    • Solution Sets

    • Modeling Inequalities

    • Solving Additive Inequalities

    • Solving Multiplicative Inequalities

    • Inequalities on a Number Line

    • Integer Inequalities

    • Representing Integer Inequalities

    Algebraic Relationships Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • Independent and Dependent Variables

    • Representing Linear Relationships with Tables

    • Representing Linear Relationships with Graphs

    • Representing Linear Relationships with Equations

    • Additive vs. Multiplicative Relationships

    Ratios and Rates Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • Fraction and Decimals

    • Decimals and Percents

    • Fractions and Percents

    • Fraction Decimal Percent Mnemonic

    • Fraction and Percent Strip Diagrams

    • What is a Ratio?

    • Percentages as a Ratio

    • Scaling Ratios

    • What is a Rate?

    • Unit Rates

    Proportionality Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • Introduction to Proportionality

    • Ratio Tables

    • Graphing Proportionality

    • Tape Diagrams for Proportionality

    • Qualitative Proportionality

    • Quantitative Proportionality (Proportion Equations)

    Measurement Conversions Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • Customary and Metric Conversions Reference Pages

    • Using Unit Rates for Conversions

    • Using Ratio Tables for Conversions

    • Using Proportions for Conversions

    Percent Proportions Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • Percent Proportions Mini Book

    Triangle Properties Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • Triangle Angle Sum Theorem

    • Triangle Inequality Theorem

    • Angle and Side Relationship within Triangles

    Area and Volume Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • Decomposing Parallelograms

    • Decomposing Triangles

    • Decomposing Trapezoids

    • Area of Parallelograms

    • Area of Triangles

    • Area of Trapezoids

    • Area of Composite Figures

    • Volume of Rectangular Prisms

    The Coordinate Plane (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • The Coordinate Plane

    • Graphing Ordered Pairs

    • Distance on a Graph

    Data and Statistics Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • What is Variability?

    • Dot Plots

    • Stem-and-Leaf Plots

    • Histograms

    • Box Plots

    • Measures of Central Tendency

    • Mode

    • Median

    • Mean

    • Range

    • Interquartile Range (IQR)

    • Mean Absolute Deviation (for CCSS classrooms)

    • Skew and Symmetry

    • Gaps, Clusters, and Outliers

    Financial Literacy Interactive Notebook Set (DIGITAL VERSION INCLUDED)

    • What is a Checking Account?

    • Credit Cards

    • Debit Cards

    • Credit Reports

    • Comparing Salaries with Different Levels of Education

    • Methods of Paying for College

    Are you a Texas teacher? These notebooks are also a part of the 6th Grade Math TEKS Mega Bundle!

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    to see state-specific standards (only available in the US).
    Use ratio reasoning to convert measurement units; manipulate and transform units appropriately when multiplying or dividing quantities.
    Find a percent of a quantity as a rate per 100 (e.g., 30% of a quantity means 30/100 times the quantity); solve problems involving finding the whole, given a part and the percent.
    Solve unit rate problems including those involving unit pricing and constant speed. For example, if it took 7 hours to mow 4 lawns, then at that rate, how many lawns could be mowed in 35 hours? At what rate were lawns being mowed?
    Make tables of equivalent ratios relating quantities with whole-number measurements, find missing values in the tables, and plot the pairs of values on the coordinate plane. Use tables to compare ratios.
    Use ratio and rate reasoning to solve real-world and mathematical problems, e.g., by reasoning about tables of equivalent ratios, tape diagrams, double number line diagrams, or equations.


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