8th Grade Math Curriculum Mega Bundle

8th Grade Math Curriculum Mega Bundle
8th Grade Math Curriculum Mega Bundle
8th Grade Math Curriculum Mega Bundle
8th Grade Math Curriculum Mega Bundle
8th Grade Math Curriculum Mega Bundle
8th Grade Math Curriculum Mega Bundle
8th Grade Math Curriculum Mega Bundle
8th Grade Math Curriculum Mega Bundle
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This eighth grade math MEGA (growing) bundle will eventually be a full curriculum. It currently contains all discovery worksheets, card games, task cards, card sorts, stations, scavenger hunts, and more! All activities are aligned to the eighth grade math Common Core State Standards.

Check out the Free to Discover 8th Grade Math Catalog for more information.

I have officially completed Phase 1! To date, I have created discovery-based worksheets and activities for all standards.

I am currently working hard on Phase 2 creating differentiated notes and leveled practice for each standard. This bundle has lots of growing to do!

I am offering a huge discount on all 8th grade CCSS resources I have created at this point. There are currently 134 resources in this bundle. By purchasing this product today, you will also be able to download all of my future 8th grade CCSS products at no additional cost. The product price will increase as I add more resources. New files will continue to be added so be sure to check back every month or so for your free access to the new resources.

These files are now available in Dropbox AND as a Teachers Pay Teachers download. You have access to both locations upon purchase.
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To access the files after completing your purchase, download the PDF in this Teachers Pay Teachers listing. The PDF contains a link to the resources in Dropbox and directions for how to download. You do not need to sign up for anything in order to have access. You can always access the newest updates and additions by visiting the Dropbox folder.
Method 2 (Teachers Pay Teachers): When you download this resource, you will receive all files currently included in the bundle. Re-download at any time to receive updates.

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Phase 1 - Discovery Worksheets & Activities by Strand:

The Number System
Rational or Irrational? Exploring Repeating Decimals
Matching Game: Converting Between Repeating Decimals and Fractions
Making Sense of the Irrational: Estimating Radicals
Scavenger Hunt: Practice Estimating Radicals
Math War: A Game to Practice Comparing Real Numbers
BINGO: The Number System Review
Rational Numbers Review Task Cards

Expressions and Equations
Matching Game and Card Sort: Positive Exponent Rules
It’s Exponential! Exploring Positive & Negative Exponent Rules
Number Line Game: Negative Exponents
Old Math Guy: Exponent Rules
Squares and Cubes: Solving Equations Involving Square and Cube Roots
Perfect Squares and Cubes Card Sort
Solving Equations Involving Squares and Cubes Scavenger Hunt
Very Large and Small: Estimating, Comparing, and Performing Operations in Scientific Notation
Stations: All Things Scientific Notation
Old Math Guy: Converting Between Scientific Notation and Standard Form
Scientific Notation Operations Scavenger Hunt
Math War: Comparing Scientific Notation and Standard Form
That’s Proportional! Comparing Rate of Change in Proportional Relationships
Math War: A Game to Practice Comparing Rate of Change
How it Moves: Exploring Connections to Slope and Y-Intercept
Old Math Guy: Matching Linear Graphs to Equations in Slope Intercept Form
Old Math Guy: Identifying Slope from Linear Equations
The Special Ones: Solving Equations with Special Solutions
Clear Them Out: Solving Equations with Fractional Coefficients
Solving Linear Equations Task Cards
You’ve Got Math Talent! Solving Multi-Step Equations
Solving Multi-Step Linear Equations with the Variable on One Side Scavenger Hunt
Visible Solutions: Solving Systems of Linear Equations
Scavenger Hunt: Solving Systems of Linear Equations
BINGO: Expressions and Equations Review
Old Math Guy: Properties of Numbers

Input and Output: Evaluating and Identifying Functions
Old Math Guy: Matching Input and Output of Functions
Growth Rates: Comparing Rate of Change in Non-Proportional Relationships
Math War: A Game to Practice Comparing Rate of Change Non-Proportional Edition
Is it Linear? Comparing Linear and Nonlinear Functions
Sort Activity: Classifying Families of Functions
Road Trip! Modeling and Analyzing Linear Relationships
Task Cards: Determining the Rate of Change and Initial Value of Linear Functions
Rate of Change and Slope Scavenger Hunt
Rate of Change and Slope Task Cards
Up, Down, and Around: Analyzing Graphs
Group Activity: Analyzing Graphs
BINGO: Functions Review Game

Transformations: Experimenting using Manipulatives
Transformations Task Cards
Transform it! Reflections
Transform it! Rotations
Transform it! Translations
Transform it! Dilations
Transformations Card Sort
Name That Transformation: Cut and Paste Activity
Old Math Guy: Geometric Transformations
Angle Relationships: Vertices, Transversals, and Vocabulary: Oh My!
Angle Relationships Scavenger Hunt
Angle Relationships Task Cards
Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal: A Mathemagical Puzzle
Proving Pythagoras Right: Proving the Pythagorean Theorem
A Hypotenuse and Two Legs: Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean Theorem Stations
Volume & Surface Area Real World Project
Volume & Surface Area Scavenger Hunt
Old Math Guy: Geometry Vocabulary
BINGO: Geometry Review

Statistics and Probability
Scattered! Constructing, Interpreting, & Modeling Scatter Plots
Scatter Plots Stations
Organize it! Constructing, Interpreting, and Calculating Relative Frequency of Two-Way Tables
Old Math Guy: Two-Way Tables
BINGO: Statistics & Probability Review

Additional Resources
Grade 8 Pre- and Post-Assessments
8th Grade Math Review Task Cards
8th Grade Math Review Scavenger Hunt

Autumn: Scientific Notation
Autumn: Get Ready for 8th Grade Math
Autumn: Square and Cube Roots
Halloween: Calculating Slope and Rate of Change
Halloween: Solving Linear Equations
Halloween: Calculating Slope from 2 Points Partner Practice
Thanksgiving: Writing Linear Equations
Thanksgiving: Applying the Pythagorean Theorem
Christmas: Rate of Change and Initial Value
Christmas: Angle Relationships
Christmas: Solving Equations Partner Practice
Valentine’s Day: Comparing Rate of Change
Mardi Gras: Writing Equations in Slope Intercept Form
Pi Day: Three-Dimensional Measurement
St. Patrick’s Day: Two-Way Tables
Easter: Geometric Transformations
Earth Day: 8th Grade Math Review NEW!
Summer: 8th Grade Math Review

Phase 2 - Differentiated Notes and Practice by Unit:

1-1 The Real Number System
1-2 Properties of Real Numbers
1-3 Operations with Integers
1-4 Operations with Rational Numbers
1-5 Repeating Decimals
1-6 Square and Cube Roots

2-1 Translating Algebraic Equations
2-2 Solving One-Step Equations
2-3 Solving Two-Step Equations
2-4 Solving Equations Involving Distributive Property
2-5 Solving Equations with the Variable on Each Side
2-6 Solving Equations with Special Solutions
2-7 Solving Equations with Rational Coefficients

3-1 Solving Equations Involving Squares and Cubes
3-2 The Pythagorean Theorem
3-3 Converse of Pythagorean Theorem
3-4 Distance Between Two Points
3-5 Two-Dimensional Measurement
3-6 Three-Dimensional Measurement

4-1 Representing Relations
4-2 Identifying Functions
4-3 Evaluating Functions
4-4 Linear v Nonlinear Functions
4-5 Analyzing Graphs

5-1 Graphing Linear Equations by Making a Table
5-2 X- and Y-Intercepts
5-3 Slope of a Line
5-4 Rate of Change

6-1 Writing Linear Equations Given a Graph
6-2 Writing Linear Equations Given Slope and a Point
6-3 Writing Linear Equations Given Two Points
6-4 Comparing Linear Functions

7-1 Translations
7-2 Reflections
7-3 Rotations
7-4 Dilations NEW!

8-1 Constructing and Interpreting Scatter Plots
8-2 Modeling Data with Trend Lines
8-3 Constructing and Interpreting Two-Way Tables
8-4 Calculating Relative Frequency

9-1 Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing NEW!
9-2 Solving Systems of Equations Using Substitution
9-3 Solving Systems of Equations Using Elimination NEW!
9-4 Solving Systems of Equations Using Elimination with Multiplication NEW!

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