AP Biology 62 Presentations, 73 unit tests with answer keys and 77 Study Guides

AP Biology 62 Presentations, 73 unit tests with answer keys and 77 Study Guides
AP Biology 62 Presentations, 73 unit tests with answer keys and 77 Study Guides
AP Biology 62 Presentations, 73 unit tests with answer keys and 77 Study Guides
AP Biology 62 Presentations, 73 unit tests with answer keys and 77 Study Guides
AP Biology 62 Presentations, 73 unit tests with answer keys and 77 Study Guides
AP Biology 62 Presentations, 73 unit tests with answer keys and 77 Study Guides
AP Biology 62 Presentations, 73 unit tests with answer keys and 77 Study Guides
AP Biology 62 Presentations, 73 unit tests with answer keys and 77 Study Guides
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This is by far my most popular bundle of AP biology resources, not only will it help your students hit those 4s and 5s with all the test prep and study guides. It will save you months of work and stress thinking about developing your course, its all here for you. I am often contacted concerning the overwhelming content of the AP course, this helps breaking the course into the relevant sections making it manageable for you.

As with all my bundles I want to supply you with great resources at a fantastic price, if you purchased these separately at $3.00 each they would cost $636.00 Yet at this bundle price of only $59.95 you receive the whole bundle for only $0.28 each. That is only $0.28 for each study guide, $0.28 for each assessment and $0.28 for each powerpoint, not forgetting the amazing free 218 placemat sheets. its a fact you will not receive such great products, at such an incredible price from anywhere else.

Not only this you will also receive free of charge my ebook Marine Biology for the Non-Biologist (a best seller on Amazon) and also my literacy in Science bundle 18 informative and light hearted articles on various topics, with questions for your students. Fantastic bell ringers. If you were going to purchase they would cost $12.00. These represent great savings for you and are a great addition to any teachers resource bank.

Not only this but as an extra thank you I am also giving you a lesson on specialised cells, speed dating!!!! This is a fantastic lesson on the subject which really engages your students as they go on different dates learning about the most common specialised cells and their adaptations. This hugely popular lesson sells at the normal $3.00 so you get a total of $15.00 of free very useful gifts to add to your resource bank. This is suitable for grades 6 to 10.

These highly detailed resources are to be used extensively in teaching, topic review, test prep and assessment, there are 62 separate PowerPoint presentations, 73 End of unit assessments and topic tests each with answer keys together with 77 workbooks and study guides this mega bundle supplies you with the tools for 2 years’ worth of resources..

The preview file contains a powerpoint, assessment and answer key, study guide and a sample of the free test prep sheets, on photosynthesis. Please check it out to see the quality of the resources available in my ap biology bundles. Enjoy.

Please note: To avoid duplicate purchases this bundle contains all of my AP biology resources.

Important Information: Even though this product represents incredible value for money at $59.95 it is still a considerable outlay. With this in mind I have split this resource into 3 parts allowing you to purchase this bundle at no extra cost over three easy instalments of £20.00 each at a time period for you to decide. So please look in my shop for Part 1, 2 and 3. and get this valuable resource in an easy to budget for manor. Thank you.

Advanced Placement Biology PowerPoints teaching and review aids

ABO Blood groupings

Adaptations to diets

Adenosine triphosphate

Animal cloning

Arteries veins and capillaries

Biochemistry of photosynthesis

Biochemistry of respiration

Biodiversity and evolution

Blood tissue fluid and lymph



Cell structure

Cell membranes

Cells of the Immune system



Deforestation and agriculture

Digestive system

DiHybrid inheritance

DNA hybridization

DNA Genes and polypeptides

DNA technology parts 1 and 2

Energy in ecosystems



Exchange in plants

Exchange surfaces

Gas exchange in insects

Genetic variation and the founder effect

Genetic fingerprinting

Immunology and classification


Locating and sequencing genes

Mammalian heart

membranes in cells

Monohybrid cross

Movement across membranes


Neurons and the action potential

Nitrogen cycle

Populations size and structure



Protein synthesis

Proteins amino acids sequences and classification


Pyramids of biomass

Respiratory system

sampling techniques




The brain

The eye

The nerve impulse

Transmission of diseases

Transport of oxygen


All at $0.28 each!!

Here is a vast selection of advancement placement biology question papers and end of unit assessment test papers with associated answer keys. Most units have both a question paper and assessment paper making it a hugely comprehensive resource that covers most of two years of teaching for grades 11 and 12.

The question papers are a very good homework exercise, and issuing the answer keys allows the students to self-assess their work, whilst giving great exam preparation. The formal unit assessments are exactly what they are, fantastic for tracking students’ progress on their understanding of any unit.

There is a total of 41 topics, 73 tests, and answer keys

Topics that are covered are

Action potentials

Antibiotic resistance

Biological molecules

Blood glucose

The blood system

The brain


Cell transport





Energy transfers

Environmental populations


Gas exchange

Genetic cross



Hardy Weinberg


Heart disease

Human populations



Lung disease


Mitosis and the cell cycle


Nutrient cycles

Oestrus cycle



Plant growth

Plant transport



Selection and speciation

Summation and synapses

Temperature control.

Again all at $0.28 each!!

Here is a vast selection of advancement placement biology student workbooks and printables. They are designed for the student to use as a reference source and in review. Some have questions for the students to answer themselves and then to look up the answers in their own review time and peer assess, thus no mark scheme is included. This allows them to self-assess their work and gain further understanding of the topic. The workbooks are in-depth and hugely informative ranging from over 30 pages to 2 pages in length.

Topics that are covered:-

Adaptation for Nutrition,

Animal Transport,



Biochemistry of photosynthesis,

Blood Vessels, Blood Tissue Fluid and Lymph,


Carbon Cycle

Cell Differentiation,

Cell Division,

Cell Structure,

Cell Membranes,


Closed Double Circulation,

Plant and animal cells,

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells,

Composition of Blood,

Coordinating the Heartbeat,

Deforestation and effects of farming,

Diet Related diseases,

Different Microscopes,

Digestion and Absorption,

Disease causing organisms Diseases of the Lungs,


DNA base sequences and classification,

DNA hybridisation and classification,

DNA Replication,

Energy losses along food chains Enzymes,



Exchanging gasses in fish,

Exchanging gasses in plants,

Food chains and Food Webs,

Gas Exchange,

Gene Technology,

Genetics Glossary, Hardy Weinberg Principal,

Human Populations,

Immune Response,

Immunology and Classification,

Lifestyle and Human health risk Factors,

Light Microscope,

Linear Magnification,

Mammalian Respiratory System,


Movement across Cell Membranes,


Nitrogen Cycle,

Nucleic Acids,

The Fluid Mosaic Model, Photosynthesis Limiting Factors,

Plant Transport,

Population Growth Curves, Prokaryotic Cells,

Proteins and Classification,

Loss of Genetic Diversity,

Reproductive Strategies,


Selection and Evolution,

Selection Pressures,

Size and Surface Area,

Speciation, Succession,

The Five Kingdoms,

The mammalian Heart,

The Structure of DNA,

Tissue Fluid,

Transport of Carbon Dioxide,

Transport Systems,

Vaccines and Monoclonal Antibodies,

Ventilation of Insects.

Again all at $0.28 each!!

Free bonus resources for this amazing bundle

Due to further developments I can now increase the resources in this bundle AT NO EXTRA CHARGE these are offered as a free addition to your purchase.

Test prep, test prep and more test prep is the secret to exam success so with this in mind the bonus material contains test prep sheets in the form of ppt slides, these are an awesome way to allow your student to apply their knowledge in each area of study. Please note that these do not have the answer keys and as such is a great way of issuing homework and peer assessment. They are fully editable and can be used in any presentation you want or as stand-alone resources. There is a small selection of these in the preview file.

Test prep sheets are 213 individual sheets.

Please note that these very powerful challenging revision sheets are given to you as a thank you for purchasing this hugely comprehensive bundle, and have no answer keys.

You will also receive free of charge the following:-

Marine Biology for the Non-Biologist the PDF version

A fantastic e book on the subject which will be a great help to teachers delivering the subject as well as a valuable resource for any student who is engaged in this subject. The book describes the biology in the seas in detail yet in a humorous way educating and entertaining at the same time. Also it describes important oceanic features such as coral reefs, the artic seas and hydrothermal vents, with a bit of 'what's going to kill you in the sea' which is always a great topic.




The jellyfish

The hydroids

The anemones

The corals

The stony corals


The gastropods

The mesogastropods

The archeogastropods

The neogastropods

The nudibranchs (sea slugs)

The bivalves

The cephalopods

The nautilus

The squids, cuttlefish and octopi


The decapods - crabs, lobsters and shrimps

The barnacles



Limu-make-o-hana (the deadly seaweed of Hana)

Shellfish Poisoning


The cone shells

Sea snakes

Venomous fish


The discovery

The physical environment

Vent biology


The polar environment

Animal adaptations

The fish

The invertebrates

The birds

The mamals

Literacy in Science.

A collection of 18 original, informative, light hearted, yet inspiring articles on various aspects of science namely Physics and Marine Biology.

Each text is written in an informal manor, describing in detail the science behind the title, followed by 3 – 4 questions from which the pupil has to dissect the answers from the text or formulate their own ideas.

Each article and set of questions is 2 sides of A4 in length.

1. A child of the Stars – where were you made?

2. Are we being watched – the difficulties of searching for alien life.

3. Bernadette the deadly yellow boxfish – she’s beautiful but evolution has packed a deadly punch, let Bernie tell you all.

4. Earthquakes and your fingernails – how do they happen and why are they like your fingernails?

5. Mass and Weight – what’s gravity got to do with it!

6. Nuclear Power part 1 – how we get electricity from the atom.

7. Nuclear Power part 2 – Time line of an explosion, and nuclear meltdown.

8. Red shift, The Doppler Effect and the Expanding Universe.

9. Samantha the red serpent star, let Sam describe her amazing biology to you.

10. SAR 11 – So just what is the most important life in the ocean?

11. Sir Isaac Newton, William Hershel and fluorescent corals – Ok just what have these in common.

12. So what is electricity – let your students ‘go with the flow’!

13. Sid the Sponge – Don’t take a bath with me, allow Sid to describe himself.

14. That old bar magnet called earth – magnets, solar wind and dead planets.

15. The Blue Dragon – this baby packs a real sting, but how?

16. The deadly wave called sound – sound is amazing and deadly.

17. The empty sea, a sad but true tale.

18. The immortal jellyfish – who wants to live forever, well this beast can!

Specialised Cells Speed Dating

Lesson Overview

Introduction to specialised cells – different types

Introduction to speed dating

Get to know yourself time – memorise your cell type

Helpful tips

Speed dating time – tell your class mates about yourself - listen to their description – fill in your dating card.

The speed dating quiz

Full instructions are provided with all support resources for a total of 8 specialised cells. The main ppt has been built to guide you and your class effortlessly through this fun filled engaging lesson.

Please enjoy and above all have fun engaging your students.

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