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Niki Math
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Niki Math
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    This BIG AP Calculus (AB and BC) GROWING Activities Bundle contains over 2500 problems as more than 800 of them come with full typed solutions and handwritten clearly (more than 1600 problems of the rest have detailed and typed answer keys).

    It is a zipped folder that contains PDFS (107 products) and Google Slide products (41 products) and represents 32% savings off of the items if purchased individually. THE PDF PRODUCTS INCLUDED ARE TURNED INTO DIGITAL! These are all my Calculus 1 & 2 products ! - rigorous practice sheets and fun partner and group activities, maze "true or false", task cards, card sort, unique new activities like "password search" activity, "mathematicians search" activity, "calculus terms search" activity, "syllables search" activity, hidden constellation, "win the hearts" matching game, "turkey hunting" matching game, "fill in the missing", "complete true life story", review and practice tickets, etc. all created with the purpose to improve students’ skills in Differential and Integral Calculus.

    If purchased now, as the bundle "grows" you would NOT have to purchase the additional items - they would just need to be downloaded at a later date!

    SO FAR the resource covers the following topics:

    Calculus 1 (for the 1st semester)


    ◈ Computing Limits

    ◈ Limits at Infinity

    ◈ Infinite Limits

    ◈ L'Hospital's Rule and Indeterminate Forms

    ◈ Using Limits to Find Asymptotes (vertical, horizontal and slant)

    ◈ Limits Involving a Parameter


    ◈ Power Rule

    ◈ Product and Quotient Rule

    ◈ Derivatives of Exponential Functions

    ◈ Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions

    ◈ Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions

    ◈ Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions

    ◈ Chain Rule

    ◈ Second Derivative

    ◈ Higher Order Derivatives

    ◈ Finding a Derivative at a Point

    ◈ Logarithmic Differentiation

    ◈ Implicit Differentiation

    ◈ Tangent Lines

    ◈ Absolute Extrema

    ◈ Classifying Critical Points

    ◈ Increasing and Decreasing Functions (Monotone Intervals)

    ◈ Relative Extrema

    ◈ Rolle's Theorem and the Mean Value Theorem

    ◈ First and Second Derivative Tests

    ◈ Intervals of Concavity and Inflection Points

    ◈ Curve Sketching


    ◈ Computing Indefinite Integrals

    ◈ Substitution Rule for Indefinite Integrals

    ◈ Computing Definite Integrals

    ◈ Properties of Definite Integrals

    ◈ Substitution Rule for Definite Integrals

    Calculus 2 (for the 2nd semester)


    ◈ Integration Using U - Substitution

    ◈ Integration by Parts

    ◈ Integrals Involving Trig Functions

    ◈ Integration Using Trig and Other Different Substitutions

    ◈ Integrals Involving Trig Functions Using Trig Substitutions

    ◈ Integration of Trig Functions by Universal Substitution tan(x/2)

    ◈ Partial Fractions and Long Division

    ◈ Integrals Involving Roots

    ◈ Integrals Involving Quadratics ( Completing the Square Method)

    ◈ Improper Integrals

    ◈ Аrea Between Curves

    ◈ Volume of Solids of Revolution The Washer Method


    ◈ Separable Differential Equations (Finding General Solutions)

    ◈ Separable Differential Equations (Finding Particular Solutions)

    ◈ Linear Differential Equations (Finding General Solutions))

    ◈ Euler's Method


    ◈ Direct and Limit Comparison Tests

    ◈ The Ratio Test

    ◈ The Root Test

    ◈ Integral Test

    ◈ Alternating Series Test

    ◈ Telescoping Series

    ◈ Power Series: Radius and Interval of Convergence

    ◈ Taylor and Maclaurin Series


    ◈ Eliminating the Parameter, Finding Parametric Equations & Graphing Parametric Curves

    ◈ Finding the First and Second Derivatives

    ◈ Finding the Slope of a Parametric Curve

    ◈ Finding the Equation of a Tangent Line at a Point

    ◈ Determining the Concavity at a Point

    ◈ Finding the Arc Length on a Given Interval

    ◈ Finding the Area Under a Curve on a Given Interval

    VECTORS in 2 and 3 Dimensions

    ◈ Component Form, Magnitude and Direction, Unit vectors, ijk Form

    ◈ Operations with Vectors, Linear Combinations

    ◈ Dot Product, Angle Between Two Vectors, Orthogonal Vectors, Projections


    ◈ Finding the Domain

    ◈ Graphing Vector- Valued Functions

    ◈ Computing Limits

    ◈ Finding Derivatives

    ◈ Evaluating Integrals


    ◈ Converting between Polar & Rectangular Coordinates

    ◈ Converting Rectangular Equations to Polar and Converting Polar Equations to Rectangular

    ◈ Slopes and Tangent Lines for Polar Curves


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