AP Lit Full Course Growing Bundle (AP Literature & AP English Lit)

AP Lit Full Course Growing Bundle (AP Literature & AP English Lit)
AP Lit Full Course Growing Bundle (AP Literature & AP English Lit)
AP Lit Full Course Growing Bundle (AP Literature & AP English Lit)
AP Lit Full Course Growing Bundle (AP Literature & AP English Lit)
AP Lit Full Course Growing Bundle (AP Literature & AP English Lit)
AP Lit Full Course Growing Bundle (AP Literature & AP English Lit)
AP Lit Full Course Growing Bundle (AP Literature & AP English Lit)
AP Lit Full Course Growing Bundle (AP Literature & AP English Lit)
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This bundle provides first year and seasoned AP Lit teachers looking for a refresher with materials for teaching AP Literature for an entire year. This is a growing bundle, meaning that some of the resources are still being added. By purchasing early, you get free unlimited downloads to any future updates and added resources, despite the increase in value.

**Please download the preview file for important product information and informative FAQs before purchasing!!!

This bundle currently includes the following resources:
A customizable course syllabus

A unit plan overview, explanation of ongoing assessments and written assignments, and full list of poems for recommended teaching. This is a FREE RESOURCE, click here for more info!

Intro to Poetry Complete Unit
This bundle includes all of the materials you would need to introduce poetry analysis to AP Lit students or other advanced literature students. It includes a unit plan and student objectives, which are not sold separately. It also includes three suggested timed writing prompts with corresponding rubrics, as well as sample essays for two different poetry prompts from former AP exams.

This bundle also includes the following resources, sold separately:
- Figurative Language poetry notes
- Sound and Musical Elements notes
- Imagery, Tone & Misc. poetry elements notes
- Rhyme Scheme & Meter notes
- Poetry Explication assignments and rubric
- Poetry Compare/Contrast essay assignment and rubric
- "Women" by Alice Walker poem analysis slideshow
- "Metaphors" by Sylvia Plath poem analysis slideshow
- "To an Athlete Dying Young" by A. E. Housman poem analysis slideshow
- "Musee des Beaux Arts" by W. H. Auden poem analysis slideshow
- Poetry pre-test (FREEBIE)

How to Read Literature Like a Professor
This unit could be taught as a stand-alone unit for two weeks, or you could use the 26 mini-lessons included to spread it out throughout the whole school year. It includes lessons on each chapter of the book, as well as a five point quiz and answer key for each chapter. This unit relates literature to songs, poems, films, and television to increase student engagement, plus the rich information helps turn AP students into literature analysts. It includes a poster too!

AP Literature Test Prep Unit
This resource provides a no-prep approach to preparing students for the AP Literature exam. This unit is designed for 10 days but can easily be altered for more or fewer days, based on teacher discretion. Using detailed slideshows, handouts, and suggested activities, the resource includes the following materials and activities:
- A pre-test acting as an entrance slip, testing students on their knowledge of the exam and asking them what they most need review with
- A slideshow explaining various multiple choice strategies
- A slideshow explaining how to annotate texts and general writing strategies
- A slideshow explaining approaches to the poetry question
- A handout with a majority of the "Twenty Best Poems"
- A BINGO activity for vocabulary review
- A printable list with all vocabulary words defined, for teacher use during the BINGO activity
- A slideshow explaining approaches to the prose question
- A slideshow with strategies for approaching the open question
- An "AP "Trending List"" list of titles
- A slideshow discussing writer bias, plus common writing mistakes and how to avoid them

AP Lit On-Demand Strategies
This detailed handout provides 10 strategies for writing essays on the AP Lit exam. These strategies are based on my experience teaching the course and in scoring the exam as an AP Reader. The resource also comes with a general holistic rubric, which can be used for any on-demand writing exercise in an AP Lit course. I've also explained the importance of on-demand writing and provided some time-saving tips for integrating and scoring timed writings in the classroom. This resource is useful for test preparation in the spring and for integrating on-demand writing all year long.

AP Literature Vocabulary Bingo
This is a fun way to break up rigorous test prep, but it still challenges students to remember important literary terms and academic vocabulary. By playing a bingo-style game, students are entertained and challenged at the same time. This product includes a customizable game board with suggested words, instructions on how to play, and a list of defined vocab words.

AP Literature "Trending" List
As teachers of AP English Literature know, it can be very overwhelming to prepare a reading list. There is no suggested reading list for the course or for the exam, and the titles included in the title suggestions grow each year. However, after 12 years of teaching and several years of scoring the exam, I have begun to see trends in novels and plays suggested on the exam. That is where this list comes in handy. Each year I update this list, so this is the 2007-2017 version. It includes the suggested novels and plays from the most recent AP English Literature exams, so teachers can plan accordingly. I ask my students to choose their novels and plays to review from this list to get a better idea of what has been "trending" in years past.

Things Fall Apart Full Unit Bundle
This contains everything you will need to teach Chinua Achebe's novel, Things Fall Apart. The bundle contains the following:
- 9 PowerPoint presentations of introductory and chapter reading notes
- 1 answer key for discussion questions (from PowerPoint notes)
- 2 novel quizzes + keys
- 1 timed writing
- 1 unit test + key
- 1 Literary Criticism paper + resource sheet and rubric
- supplemental poem study (W.B. Yeats' "The Second Coming")
- pronunciation guide for characters and places
- recommended unit plan and homework reflection prompts

Frankenstein Whole Unit Bundle
This three-week unit plan includes everything you would need to teach Mary Shelley's masterpiece, Frankenstein. Designed for an advanced placement course, it guides an analytical, quote-driven exploration of the text, along with multiple assessments and supplementary activities. The following is included:
-Introduction to the text and background notes, including a pre-test
-93 pages of detailed, guided powerpoint notes, guiding students through the reading with quotes, analysis, and thought-provoking questions
-Answer key to all in-class discussion questions, so you'll never be puzzled by the notes
-2 quizzes to be given during the course of the reading, + answer keys
-1 Socratic Seminar, including thought-provoking questions, notes on the procedure, and a scoring rubric
-3 on-demand writing prompts
-1 unit test plus key
-Unit objectives, guidelines, and suggested unit plan
-4 analytical writing reflection prompts, to be given out during the course of student reading
-1 creative response project
-1 AP style multiple choice text-based quiz (can be used in along with Frankenstein or as a stand-alone practice quiz)

All the King's Men Unit Bundle
This bundle contains the full unit materials for Robert Penn Warren's masterful novel, All the King's Men. This is an excellent but challenging novel for students to study. This unit includes:
1 unit plan with suggested homework activities
1 unit test with answer key
8 pages of handouts, rubrics, and objectives
2 quizzes including answer keys
1 Socratic Seminar with questions, procedure, and rubric
84 pages of powerpoint notes based on chapters, including quote analysis, theme discussion, and overall plot explanations.
The unit culminates with several assessments, including a unit test, a creative political cartoon, and an analytical paper, for which I've included a rubric.

Poetry Compare/Contrast Paper & Rubric
One important exercise for AP English Literature students is preparing for a possible compare/contrast essay on the AP exam. This paper asks students to analyze two poems, similar in topic or form, for major differences. Not only does it prepare students for the exam, but it gives students valuable practice in writing about and analyzing complex poetry. This resource includes a handout explaining the paper's details and 16 different poetry pairings for students to choose from. It also includes a rubric to use when grading the paper. Each file in this resource is available in both PDF and Word, and you can customize as needed.

Poetry Explication Unit
A useful exercise for AP English Literature students is learning to explicate a poem. Poetry explications consist of breaking down a poem and analyzing all of its poetic elements to explain its theme and meaning. This short unit contains a guide to writing a poetry explication in both powerpoint and handout form, as well as a detailed rubric for grading explications. I've also included handouts for three suggested poems to study:
- "The Black Walnut Tree" by Mary Oliver
- "Musee des Beaux Arts" by W.H. Auden
- "To an Athlete Dying Young" by A.E. Housman
Each file in this resource is available in both PDF and Microsoft Office (Word and PowerPoint) and you are permitted to edit as needed.

Rhyme Scheme & Meter Lesson
This powerpoint instructs students on how to identify a poem's rhyme scheme and meter by providing examples of rhyme identification and scansion on various published poems. This is an excellent resource to be used in advanced classes but could be used as low as 9th grade to introduce rhyme and meter. I use it in my Creative Writing class to introduce fixed-form poetry, as well as my Advanced Placement English Lit class to introduce poetic elements. I've included a handout with in-depth instructions on iambic pentameter in case you need a more in-depth look at that type of meter. Each file in this resource is available in both PDF and Microsoft Office (PowerPoint and Word).

Poetry Epigraph Paper
This is an excellent paper in pushing students towards thematic poetic analysis rather than an analysis organized by poetic elements. Students must find a famous quote that expresses the main theme of the poem, then use that quote as an epigraph for their paper, which is an excellent expository strategy for future papers. This is a wonderful writing assessment for AP English Literature students needing a push into advanced poetry writing, any other upper literary class. Includes paper assignment, sample introduction, poem suggestions, and a rubric. Each file in this resource is available in both PDF and Word format.

"The Black Walnut Tree" Poetry Lesson
"Ozymandias" Poetry Lesson
"The Forge" Poetry Lesson
"Dover Beach" Poetry Lesson
These videos will explain everything you need to know to teach various advanced poems to your AP students. Many of these poems have been used on past AP exams. Each video briefly discusses the plot of the poem, the major poetic elements, important background info and other teaching suggestions. I've also give each poem a score on the following factors, each of which I explain in detail in the video:
- Difficulty
- Intrigue Level
- Poetic Elements
- Relatability
Each video comes with an identical powerpoint for your use in the classroom.

Independent Novel Project
I created this project as a way to get students to read on their own in preparation for the AP Lit exam, but to give them more freedom and ownership in what they choose to read. The project describes many different novels they can choose from, then requires a one-on-one meeting to discuss the book and choose a writing prompt (taken from AP English Literature's open-ended questions on the exam). These writing prompts will be expanded into a full paper, for which I included a rubric. Each file is available in PDF and Microsoft Office (Word & PowerPoint) and personalization is highly encouraged! The files are easy to edit to design around the novels you have read as an instructor. Pictures and book descriptions have been taken from Goodreads.com as a part of public domain.

Literary Vocabulary Semester-Long Quiz Unit
This is a semester-long unit that tests students on their long-term knowledge of important literary terms. WIth weekly quizzes on the same group of terms, it moves vocabulary from short-term into long-term memory and better prepares students for the AP English Literature exam. This bundle includes:
1 handout of words to study meant for student distribution (102 words in total)
-1 list of words defined, for teacher use
-13 quizzes
-13 answer keys
-Includes a link to a Quizlet review list, all set up for student review!
The quizzes work on long-term knowledge by incorporating words from previous quizzes and by not using all words suggested in the word bank. It also challenges students to study all of the words at a time, as they do not know what words will be selected for each quiz. This is a great assessment tool to use for a whole semester!

AP Lit Vocabulary Semester-Long Quiz Unit
This is a semester-long unit that tests students on their long-term knowledge of challenging vocabulary that can be used in AP-level writing. Each week assesses a group of 20 words in a 15 point matching style quiz. I like to use these quizzes in the spring semester in preparation for the AP exam. This resource includes:
1 handout of words to study meant for student distribution (12 lists of 20 words each)
-12 quizzes
-12 answer keys
-Includes a link to Quizlet review lists, all set up for student review!
Each file is available in both PDF and Word form, in case you need to make any edits.

King Lear Unit Bundle
This resource contains everything you need to teach King Lear to your AP Lit students. It includes 75 pages of informative slideshow notes, both introducing and explaining the text. The notes relate to themes, characterization, and both explain plot details and pose thought-provoking questions to instill critical thinking skills. It includes three quizzes to check for understanding as students read and a unique summative timed writing activity as its summative assessment. This assessment prepares students for the AP Exam perfectly, plus it gives students a chance to demonstrate their understanding of King Lear. This bundle also includes:
- A suggested unit plan
- Student learning targets
- 3 written reflection prompts to serve as homework
- A suggested rubric to grade reflections
- Unit notes and suggestions for AP teachers

Twelfth Night Unit Bundle
This bundle contains all of the materials you need to teach Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, including 57 pages of guiding reading notes, three unique and challenging reading quizzes, an 80 point unit test and answer key, and summative activities such as a short essay and creative group projects. It includes includes the following items:
- Unit learning objectives
- Teaching suggestions & tips from my own experience
- Suggested unit plan
- Written reflection prompts
- Written reflection rubric

AP Literature Summer Reading Assignment
This resource prepares incoming AP Lit students for the writing and reading rigors that come with the course. This assignment includes three components:
- A poetry analysis assignment with a required written reflection
- A required reading of a novel based on a list of novels (which you are free to customize!)
- Another reading of a novel or play based on analysis of "literary merit." Afterward, students must write a reflection explaining how this novel has "literary merit" in their opinion.
The resource also comes with a suggested rubric for the written reflection, and each file is available in both Word and PDF format.

Customizable Final Course Reflection FREEBIE
This resource can be used as an exit slip, course survey, or even as a replacement for a final exam in AP-style classes. Students are asked to write two pages on what they thought was the best unit or assignment of the year and which unit or assignment should be improved or changed. I have found their feedback incredibly useful and constructive in designing my class for the following school year, and students generally enjoy an opportunity to give feedback.

Feel free to e-mail me at aplitandmore@gmail.com or message me through the Q & A section with any questions regarding this course, before or after purchasing. I appreciate your input and feedback and wish you well in your AP teaching endeavors!
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