AP/Honors US History Lecture Notes (Talking Points)

AP/Honors US History Lecture Notes (Talking Points)
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This collection of editable Word Documents contains over 300 pages of essential (but not exhaustive) notes on over 20 topics for an AP or Honors U.S. History curriculum. In addition to notes and graphics on the hard copy handouts, you can follow interactive Talking Points complete with embedded links and YouTube videos on my class website

Topic #1 Exploration, Discovery and Settlement
1.1 The Age of European Exploration and Discovery
1.2 Early European Settlement Spain, France, and the Netherlands
1.3 Gentlemen in the Wilderness – The Chesapeake Colonies
1.4 An Economy of Slaves
1.5 Radicals in the Wilderness (New England Colonies)
1.6 Traders in the Wilderness (The Middle Colonies)
1.7 The First Great Awakening (1739-1744)

Topic #2 The Revolutionary Period
2.1 The Great War for Empire - “The Seven Years War/French and Indian War”
2.2 The Rejection of Empire 1763 to 1770
2.3 The Move Toward Independence
2.4 The Declaration of Independence
2.5 and the War Came, 1776
2.6 Overview of the American Revolution

Topic #3 Confederation to Constitution
3.1 Aftermath of the Revolution - The Critical Period
3.2 Weaknesses of the Articles [Chart]
3.3 Hammering Out a Bundle of Compromises 1787
3.4 Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists – The Ratification Debate

Topic #4 The New Nation
4.1 Domestic Policy Under George Washington
4.2 Foreign Policy Under George Washington
4.3 The Presidency of John Adams

Topic #5 Jefferson-Madison -Monroe
5.1 Thomas Jefferson’s First Term
5.2 Thomas Jefferson’s Second Term
5.3 The Presidency of James Madison
5.4 Post War Expansion and economic growth
5.5 The Presidency of James Monroe

Topic #6 - the Age of Jackson
6.1 The Presidency of John Quincy Adams
6.2 The Presidency of Andrew Jackson – The Rise of Mass Democracy

Topic #7 Antebellum Reform and Expansion
7.1 Antebellum Rise of the North (Industry) and South (Agriculture)
7.2 The North and the Market Revolution
7.3 Slavery and the Southern People
7.4 Society, Culture, and Reform 1820-1860
7.5 Manifest Destiny and Expansion
7.6 Polk the Purposeful and Party Politics

Topic #8 Slavery and the Steps to the Civil War
8.1 "A Hell of a Storm" 1850 to 1854
8.2 The Impending Crisis of the Union, 1854-60
8.3 The Election of 1860 and the formation of the Confederacy

Topic #9 The American Civil War, 1861-1865
9.1 "And the War Came" 1861: The Sumter Crisis, Comparative Strategies
9.2 1861-1865: The problem with numbers… What casualty counts really tell us
9.3 Civil War Highlights 1860 to 1865
9.4 Civil War Foreign Policy and Constitutional Issues

Topic #10 Reconstruction, 1865-1877
10.1 The Election of 1864, Surrender and Assassination
10.2 The Impending Constitution Crisis - Johnson vs, the Radicals
10.3 Legacy of the Civil War and the Reconstruction of the South
10.4 The Realities of Reconstruction 1865-1877

Topic #11 The Great American West
11.1 Western Migration and Settlement
11.2 Native Americans – A Culture in Crisis
11.3 The Settlement of the West

Topic #12 The Age of Industrialization
12.1 The Economics of Industrialization
12.2 Ingredients of Industrialization - Case Studies
12.3 The Impact of Industrialization on Labor
12.4 The Age of Industry - Labor and Strikes

Topic #13 Urbanization and Immigration
13.1 Rise of the American City
13.2 The Golden Door – New Patterns of Immigration 1890 to 1920
13.3 Closing the Golden Door – Nativist Reactions
13.4 Social Thought in the Gilded Age
13.5 Popular Culture and Politics in the Gilded Age

Topic #14 The Gilded Age – Politics and Imperialism
14.1 Politics of the Gilded Age 1876-1896
14.2 Raise Less Corn and More Hell – the Rise of the Populist Movement
14.3 Populism and Presidential Election of 1896
14.4 Imperialistic Impulses – An Empire Beyond the Seas
14.5 America as a World Power – Spanish American War
14.6 America’s Course (Curse?) of Empire
14.7 America’s Course (Curse?) of Empire – Part II

Topic #15 The Progressive Era
15.1 The Progressive Movement and the Transformation of America
15.2 Progressives in Government
15.3 The Election of 1912: Republican Divisions and the Bull Moose
15.4 Progressives Presidents 1901-1920 [chart]

Topic #16 America in World War I
16.1 New Directions in Foreign Policy 1900-1917
16.2 The War to End all Wars
16.3 Homefront Mobilization during World War I
16.4 Wartime Intolerance
16.5 The Post War Dream and the Treaty of Versailles

Topic #17 The Roaring 20’s and the Great Depression
17.1 The Roaring Twenties: Change v. Resistance to Change
17.2 The Economics in the 1920s
17.3 Conservative Republican Presidents 1920–1932
17.4 The Crash and the Great Depression
17.5 New Deal Programs – Relief, Recovery, Reform
17.6 The New Deal on Trial

Topic #18 The Road to World War II
18.1 American Foreign Policy Between the World Wars
18.2 The Road to War 1919-1941 [Chart]
18.3 The Home front during World War II

Topic #19 The Cold War
19.1 The Truman Show 1945 to 1952
19.2 The Cold War Begins 1945-1952
19.3 The Cold War in Asia: China, Korea, and Vietnam
19.4 The Cold War Comes Home - the Hunt for Subversives
19.5 The Election of 1952, Eisenhower, and Moderate Republicanism
19.6 Ike and the Cold War Spike (increased tensions)

Topic #20 The Stormy Sixties
20.1 The Situation in the Sixties - The New Frontier and the Great Society
20.2 Civil Rights Gains and Strains Sixties - Part I
20.3 The Struggle for Equality [ Graphic]
20.4 (1961-1973) The Conflict in Vietnam
20.5 Civil Rights Gains and Strains Sixties - Part II
20.6 1968 The Year that Rock America (and the World!!)
20.7 The Warren Court

Topic #21 The Making of Modern America
21.1 The Return of Richard Nixon
21.2 Nixon's Downfall - Watergate Break-in and Subsequent Cover-up
21.3 Carter’s Domestic Policies–Economic Issues and Deregulation
21.4 President Jimmy Carter – Foreign Policy
21.5 The Reagan Revolution - Reduce, Reshape, Recommit
21.6 The Iran-Contra Affair (1979 to 1986)
21.7 The Making of Modern America [Narrative Overview]

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