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This product is loaded with resources for veteran educators or teachers new to the Advanced Placement program. It is not a “turn-key” operation, rather a starting point for resource development and program alignment as you build your course or complement an existing program.

The 8 GB flash drive includes over 7000 digital files - including notes, activities unit assessments (with answer keys), and podcasts organized into 14 distinct folders for easy access to material including:

Folder #1 - Course Syllabus, Summer Assignment and Student Disclosure Contract.

Folder #2 - Talking Points/Lecture Notes: Essential (but not exhaustive) notes on each topic in the newly designed Advanced Placement curriculum. Each topic contains between 10 to 35 pages of outline notes. In addition to notes and graphics on the hard copy handouts, you can follow interactive Talking Points complete with embedded links and YouTube videos.

Folder #3 - American Pageant Guided Reading 2.0 is designed to provide predictable and manageable homework assignments for students studying AP United States History. In order to cover the content efficiently and effectively, this package guides students through the recently redesigned Advanced Placement United States History curriculum.

If you are not ready to implement the new Version 2.0 guided reading format, you can use the popular original version of my guided reading program from 2008 to 2013. Includes student edition and answer key.

Folder #4- American Pageant Notes Chapter Notes: Streamlined notes that include key points for each chapter subheading.

Folder #5 - Topic Narratives: This collection of 2-4 pages summaries is offered in over 75 individual Microsoft Word documents ideal for a quick topic overview or an end of unit review. Teachers may also consider using this product as a quick background reading for classroom debates or establishing the historical context for a primary source analysis.

Folder #6 American Pageant Quiz Bank: The newly designed AP United States History exam will have many teachers scrambling to create summative assessments to prepare their students for the May 2015 national exam. As you invest time creating your new unit exams, hold your students accountable for course content with this collection of over 160 quizzes (formative assessments) created to give students an opportunity to showcase their ability to think analytically and historically.

Each quiz is created for timed environment of 7-10 minutes providing students with the opportunity to apply detailed and specific knowledge (such as names, chronology, facts, and events) to broader historical understandings. This product includes four different quiz formats aligned with the goals of the redesigned AP national exam, which expects students to reveal the analytic and historic thinking skills necessary for success in your AP U.S. History course.

Folder #7 - APUSH Time Period Test Bank:This folder includes 580 multiple-choice questions, 43 SAQ prompts and 106 LEQ prompts aligned with The College Board 's redesign of the Advanced Placement United States History course and curriculum framework. This resource is designed for teachers looking to create new exams for their AP program or supplement an existing exam database.

The test bank bundle covers Time Periods #1 to #8 (1491 to 1980) and includes the following resources:

#1. A pool of multiple choice questions designed to assess the depth and breadth of students factual knowledge and their ability to interpret quotations, maps, graphs and visual cues. The pool allows teachers and opportunity to incorporate content specific questions into topic.

#2. A pool of stimulus based multiple choice questions designed to assess students’ ability to apply historical knowledge and historical thinking as it relates to analysis of a stimulus. The pool of stimulus based questions incorporates primary and secondary sources, as well as images (photos, paintings, cartoons, graphs or maps)

#3. A pool of Short Answer prompts that ask students to respond to historical source material and problems. The questions measure students’ ability to use specific historical thinking skills rather than to develop a thesis. The questions will directly address one or more of the thematic learning objectives for the course. The pool of SAQ prompts require students use historical thinking skills to respond to a primary source, a historian’s argument, non-textual sources such as data or maps, or general propositions about U.S. history

#4 A pool of Long Essay prompts designed to measure the use of historical thinking skills to explain and analyze significant issues in U.S. History as defined by the thematic learning objectives. Based on the prompt, students will develop an argument supported by an analysis of historical evidence. Long essay questions will focus on a variety of historical thinking skills including: Continuity and Change over time, Comparison, Causation, and Periodization

Folder #8 Take Home Tests: This folder contains a collection of 10 full Take Home Tests made of 900 questions covering 1492 to 1984 for an AP or Honors US History program.

Take Home Test #1 1492-1783, Take Home Test #2 1783-1815, Take Home Test #3 1815-1850, Take Home Test #4 1850 -1877, Take Home Test #5 (Mid Term) Beginnings to 1877, Take Home Test #6 1880 -1913, Take Home Test #7 1890-1913, Take Home Test #8 1914-1939, Take Home Test #9 1940-1957, Take Home Test #10 1954-1984

Folder #9 American History Podcast Directory: This folder contains an organized database of over 250 hours some of the best historical podcasts available. Teachers (and students) can now investigate stories of the real people behind the often sterile descriptions found in history texts. Each podcast will bring to life the characters of history with summaries and anecdotes of the historical events that shaped the world.

Folder #10 Framing the Story – Critical Interpretations of American Art: For many social studies educators the thought of including art into their curriculum is not a realistic option as high stakes testing and new common core alignments have put additional demands on instructional time. Many educators will ask the question – how can I devote valuable class time discussing art while preparing my students for looming state assessments? The answer is not as complex as it appears. In Framing the Story, I have selected 30 pieces of American art that facilitate students’ grasp of history and help them draw inspiration from historical events. Each painting or print not only makes historical events visible, it provides students and teachers with a useful tool for enhancing their understanding of the American story.

Folder #11 Powerpoint Archive: Over 5000 slides covering 9 new time periods in the new APUSH curriculum.

Folder #12 US Essential Content - Supplemental Text:
United States History and Government essential content contains over 90 thematic summaries. This tool can be used by teachers, students and parents as a guide to supplement an existing United States History program or as a concise easy to use review of course content.

Folder #13 Thematic Review Book Over 220 pages of review materials anchored to key themes in AP United States History [Available for sale April 10, 2017]

Folder #14 Post APUSH Exam Projects: This folder contains outlines and instructions for three independent projects for Advanced Placement United States History students after their successful completion of the National AP Exam in May. It is designed to encourage independent investigative research on key people, ideas, or events that have shaped American History.

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