Age of Revolutions Review Worksheets - Glorious, French, American Revolutions

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Do you need to see how much your students remember about three key revolutions at once? Do you need to help them review the Glorious, American, and French Revolutions so they can attain true mastery of the Age of Revolutions?

Whether you are looking for a set of practice worksheets or a solid review test on the big ideas underpinning these revolutions and their significance, these materials may be just the ticket!

As any history teacher knows, there is a big difference between getting students to master a single revolution and bringing them to the point where they are conversant in several at once. Only when a teacher has accomplished that last feat, however, does it become possible to see and understand connections across eras, which of course is essential to truly seeing the great sweep of history in all its glory.

These materials were developed in response to the need for review materials that would require students to actively think about the ways in which the Glorious, American, and French Revolutions are similar and different.

These worksheets assume that all three revolutions have already been covered in class. That means that now, students are ready to begin the much more challenging work of analyzing larger patterns in history. These worksheets will help students to recall key points about each revolution so that they are truly in command of the facts as they begin to think more broadly about the Age of Revolutions and role this century-plus era played in the history of the world.

About These Age of Revolutions Worksheets

The worksheets contain 56 multiple choice questions delivered in a variety of structured formats (see below for more information). In addition to the multiple choice section, the worksheets contain an essay prompt to help deepen understanding of the issues under study. Doing the multiple choice activity will help get students into the right mindset to write the essay since it will remind them of many, many issues they previously learned regarding the Glorious, French, and American Revolutions.

Teacher Empowerment Features of these Age of Revolutions Compare/Contrast Worksheets

To help teachers personalize the Age of Revolutions worksheets for their own classes, the worksheets are divided into a number of formats to match teaching style and student needs.

First, all the worksheet pages are available in either a standard or a "guided" format. The questions are the same on both, but the guided worksheets also contain heading questions that explicitly point out to students the type of information being contrasted in the next few questions.

Second, all the worksheet pages are also provided in both a consumable and reusable format. Consumables may be more "user-friendly" for some students, while the reusable versions can be invaluable for saving you both time and materials. A single class set of the reusable worksheets can be used period after period and/or year after year depending on your teaching schedule.

An optional answer sheet is included for use with the reusable worksheets. While students can certainly write on their own paper instead, the answer sheet is formatted to match the answer key in order to make correcting quicker and easier.

Critical Thinking Emphasis in these Age of Revolutions Worksheets

The worksheets are more than just multiple choice -- they contain an essay follow-up for students to write, asking them to generate ideas of their own as they look at all three revolutions as part of larger patterns in world history. The multiple choice section of the worksheets focuses on differences, but this essay prompt asks students to zero in on similarities, so that both halves of the "compare and contrast" pattern can be harnessed to improve student understanding.

Teacher Convenience is a Must!

In addition to making the worksheets easily reusable for teachers who like to have a "master" set of copies on hand from year to year, the teaching unit also contains a detailed answer to the essay prompt provided to the students. This can help teachers not just with grading the essay question if they want to make it a formal assignment, but will also give them plenty of ideas on ways to lead and guide a class discussion about the resemblances between the three revolutions under study.


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Keywords: Glorious Revolution, French Revolution, American Revolution, Revolutions Review, Compare and Contrast, Bill of Rights, Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, Charters of Freedom, William and Mary, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, George III
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Age of Revolutions Review Worksheets - Glorious, French, A
Age of Revolutions Review Worksheets - Glorious, French, A
Age of Revolutions Review Worksheets - Glorious, French, A
Age of Revolutions Review Worksheets - Glorious, French, A
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