Algebra - Cornell Notes - Unit 11 - Rational Expressions and Functions

Algebra - Cornell Notes - Unit 11 - Rational Expressions and Functions
Algebra - Cornell Notes - Unit 11 - Rational Expressions and Functions
Algebra - Cornell Notes - Unit 11 - Rational Expressions and Functions
Algebra - Cornell Notes - Unit 11 - Rational Expressions and Functions
Algebra - Cornell Notes - Unit 11 - Rational Expressions and Functions
Algebra - Cornell Notes - Unit 11 - Rational Expressions and Functions
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These Algebra notes templates are formatted as Cornell notes. They include the title of each lesson, the learning target, the two-column format, and a summary section. These notes give students definitions of key terms, detailed steps, and example problems. Each template follows the “I do, you do” format. There are examples for the teacher to go through and then a similar example for the students to attempt. This format allows for structured notes as well as formative assessments (the teacher can walk around during the “your turn” questions). The section headings for each template refer to the 2011 Prentice Hall Algebra I book, but can be easily edited to fit any Algebra I curriculum. These files are word files so you can edit the notes, as needed. Each unit is sold separately or the entire year can be purchased as a bundle. Here is a list of each title, by unit:

Unit 1: Foundations for Algebra
1-1: Variables and Expressions
1-2/1-3: Exponents and Square Roots
1-2 Part 2: Order of Operations
1-2 Part 3: Evaluating Expressions
1-3 Part 2: Real Numbers and the Number Line
1-4: Properties of Real Numbers
1-5: Adding and Subtracting Real Numbers
1-6: Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers
1-6 Part 2: Order of Operations with Negatives
1-7 Part 1: The Distributive Property
1-7 Part 2: Combing Like Terms
*1-7 Review – Justify, Oops, Simplify
*1-8: An Introduction to Equations
*1-9: Patterns, Equations, and Graphs

Unit 2: Solving Equations
2-1: Solving One-Step Equations
2-2 Day 1: Solving Two-Step Equations
2-2 Day 2: Fraction Busters
2-3 Day 1: Solving Multi-Step Equations
2-3 Day 2: Solving Multi-Step Equations
2-4 Day 1: Variables on Both Sides
2-4 Day 2: Variables on Both Sides
2-5: Literal Equations
2-7: Solving Proportions
2-8: Proportions and Similar Figures

Unit 3: Solving Inequalities
3-1: Inequalities and Their Graphs
3-2/3-3: Solving One-Step Inequalities
3-4: Solving Multi-Step Inequalities
3-6: Compound Inequalities
*3-6 Part 2: Interval Notation
3-7 Part 1: Absolute Value Equations
3-7 Part 2: Absolute Value Inequalities

Unit 4: An Introduction to Functions
4-1: Using Graphs to Relate Two Quantities
4-2/4-3: Patterns, Linear and Nonlinear Functions
4-4: Graphing a Function Rule
*4-6 Part 1: Formalizing Relations and Functions
*4-6 Part 2: Function Notation
*4-6 Part 3: Domain and Range
4-7: Sequences and Functions

Unit 5: Linear Functions
5-1: Rate of Change and Slope
5-2: Direct Variation
5-3 Day 1: Quick Graphs in Slope-Intercept Form
5-3 Day 2: Slope-Intercept Form
5-4: Point-Slope Form
5-5 Day 1: Standard Form
*5-5 Day 2: Converting Between Forms
5-6: Day 1: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
5-6: Day 2: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
5-7: Scatter Plots and Trend Lines
5-8: Graphing Absolute Value Functions

Unit 6: Systems of Equations and Inequalities
6-1: Solving Systems by Graphing
6-2: Solving Systems by Substitution
6-3: Solving Systems by Elimination
6-4: Applications of Linear Systems
6-5: Linear Inequalities
6-6: Systems of Linear Inequalities

Unit 7: Exponents and Exponential Functions
7-1: Zero and Negative Exponents
7-2: Scientific Notation
7-3: Multiplying Powers with the Same Base
7-4: More Multiplication Properties of Exponents
7-5: Division Properties of Exponents
7-6: Exponential Functions
7-7 Day 1: Exponential Growth and Decay
*7-7 Day 2: Compound Interest

Unit 8: Polynomials and Factoring
8-1: Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
8-2: Multiplying and Factoring
8-3: Multiplying Binomials
8-4: Multiplying Special Cases
8-5: Factoring Trinomials (leading coefficient of 1)
8-6: Factoring Trinomials (leading coefficient not 1)
8-7: Factoring Special Cases
8-8: Factoring by Grouping

Unit 9: Quadratic Functions and Equations
9-1: Quadratic Graphs and Their Properties
9-2: Quadratic Functions
9-3: Solving Quadratic Equations
9-4: Factoring to Solve Quadratic Equations
*9-5: Completing the Square
9-6: The Quadratic Formula
9-7: Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Models
9-8: Systems of Linear and Quadratic Equations

Unit 10: Radical Expressions and Equations
10-1: The Pythagorean Theorem
10-2 Day 1: Simplifying Radicals
*10-2 Day 2: Rationalizing the Denominator
10-3 Day 1: Operations with Radical Expressions
*10-3 Day 2: Conjugates
10-4: Solving Radical Equations
*10-5: Graphing Square Root Functions
*10-6 Day 1: Trigonometric Ratios
*10-6 Day 2: Inverse Trig Ratios

*Unit 11: Rational Expressions and Functions
*11-1: Simplifying Rational Expressions
*11-2 Day 1: Multiplying Rational Expressions
*11-2 Day 2: Dividing Rational Expressions
*11-3: Dividing Polynomials
*11-4: Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
*11-5 Day 1: Solving Rational Equations
*11-5 Day 2: Checking for Extraneous Solutions
*11-6: Inverse Variation
*11-7: Graphing Rational Functions

Unit 12: Data Analysis and Probability
12-2: Frequency and Histograms
12-3: Measures of Central Tendency
12-4: Box-and-Whisker Plots
12-6: Permutations and Combinations
12-7: Theoretical Probability
12-8: Probability of Compound Events

*Brand new notes template. Others have also been updated.
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