American Experience Theodore Roosevelt Worksheets & Puzzles for Entire Series

American Experience Theodore Roosevelt Worksheets & Puzzles for Entire Series
American Experience Theodore Roosevelt Worksheets & Puzzles for Entire Series
American Experience Theodore Roosevelt Worksheets & Puzzles for Entire Series
American Experience Theodore Roosevelt Worksheets & Puzzles for Entire Series
American Experience Theodore Roosevelt Worksheets & Puzzles for Entire Series
American Experience Theodore Roosevelt Worksheets & Puzzles for Entire Series
American Experience Theodore Roosevelt Worksheets & Puzzles for Entire Series
American Experience Theodore Roosevelt Worksheets & Puzzles for Entire Series
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Over 160 Multiple Choice Questions in video order serve as a viewing worksheets or tests for each of the four parts of this installment of the award-winning American Experience series, but that's just the beginning! This entire series American Experience TR worksheet set also includes 2 crossword puzzles for each episode, each of *them* differentiated into easy and harder levels, provide students with a fun and engaging way to review each and every part of the series. Even better, because all the puzzles are *also* provided both with and without a word bank, you'll get 16 crosswords in all as well as the four multiple choice worksheets! Plenty to choose from no matter how you like to organize instruction!

American Experience Presents The Presidents: TR
is a comprehensive biography of the 26th President of the United States. The program, which consists of four parts in all, originally aired on PBS stations throughout the U.S. The total series lasts about four hours and covers Theodore Roosevelt’s life in detail from his early childhood through his time as president, to his failed bid to regain the presidency, his domestic efforts during World War I, and his death. Along the way, the series explores the rise and fall of a major third party effort in American politics and focuses in on Roosevelt the conservationist.

About these American Experience Theodore Roosevelt Worksheets

The zip file for this worksheet set contains four PDF files -- a format that is universally easy to open and print from. Each of the four PDF files focuses in on one of the four episodes of the series.


Each PDF contains a multiple choice worksheet that includes between 41 and 51 questions, all of them are presented in video order so that students can complete problems as they are watching. Tracking information as the video plays will help students to pay more attention and learn more, and students may also find that at times, the questions help to clarify what they see taking place on-screen.


Each PDF also contains four crossword puzzles: an advanced one presented both with and without a word bank, and a basic one also presented with and without a word bank. There are four organized like this, instead of just one, so that teachers can easily differentiate instruction for various learning levels. The "basic" level puzzles contain only includes major ideas from the video, while the "advanced" level puzzles include all items from the basic puzzles plus additional prompts that are more detailed-oriented.

Within each of these two levels, however, teachers can still differentiate by deciding whether or not they prefer to provide students with a word bank to help them as they review the video material.

To help teachers correct work and / or go over answers with the class, there are two answer keys: a traditional solution grid filled out, and a vocabulary list of all the terms listed with their matching clues.

Teacher convenience features included with these American Experience The Presidents TR Worksheets

• The multiple choice worksheets includes answer blanks in case teachers want students to write directly on their copies. Having answers marked on the blanks instead of just having the correct choices circled makes it easier for teachers to review student efforts.
• At times, consumable worksheets can be the best approach for a given class, but in other cases, teachers may want to copy off a file set of worksheets that can be re-used from year to year or class to class. To help make correcting as efficient as possible in that case, I have included a special student answer sheet where answers can be recorded.
• The teacher answer key exactly matches the format/setup of the answer sheets in order to make correcting fast and easy!
• The crossword puzzles include solution grids so students can correct their own work, or each other's -- or teachers can quickly spot-check work to correct it.
• The crossword puzzles also come with vocabulary lists that can serve as study lists or as aids to assist teachers who prefer to go discuss items and answers aloud with the class.
• The crossword puzzles are designed to make differentiated learning fast and easy -- differentiation at your fingertips!

Major topics addressed in these American Experience TR Worksheets:

This specific teaching packet covers all four parts of the series:
Part One, “The Long Campaign,”
Part Two, “The Bully Pulpit,”
Part Three, “The Good Fight,” and
Part Four, “Black Care.”

Along the way, students will learn about TR's life from birth to death, including:

• Early health challenges and how he overcame them
• Tragic losses: his father when he was young, and his mother and wife on the same day
• Time out west as a rancher/cowboy
• Entry into politics as a Republican
• Development of progressive ideas
• Enthusiasm for the Spanish-American War
• Ascendancy into the Vice Presidency during the election of 1900
• Assumption of the presidency upon the death of President McKinley
• Approach to big business abuses – his “trust-busting”
• Willingness to use the “bully pulpit”
• Handling of the 1902 coal strike
• Concern for his public image
• Big Stick diplomacy including the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
• Efforts to build the Panama Canal
• Renovation of the White House
• Re-election campaign and fateful promise not to run again
• The widening rift between Progressives and Conservatives in the Republican Party
• The activities of muckrakers and how Roosevelt responded
• Roosevelt’s focus on conservation including establishing National Parks, National Monuments, and federal wildlife refuges
• Roosevelt’s foreign policy in Asia including dealing with the growing threat of Japan and winning a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end the Russo-Japanese War
• Boom economic times crashing down in the Panic of 1907
• Roosevelt’s choice of Taft to succeed him
• The world tour of the Great White Fleet
• His European travels & African safari upon leaving office
• His growing concerns about Taft’s policies
• The beginnings of the primary system for picking presidential candidates
• Roosevelt’s decision to run for a 3rd term as president in the 1912 election
• The formation of the Progressive Party / Bull Moose Party
• The electoral complications of having a strong third party in the race
• Woodrow Wilson’s challenge to the split Republican ticket in 1912
• Roosevelt’s last presidential campaign
• An attempt on Roosevelt’s life and his remarkable response to it
• His river-charting expedition in Brazil and its near-death consequences
• World War I
• Roosevelt’s zealous / hyper-patriotic response to the war
• Roosevelt’s death

Sample lesson plans for use with these American Experience Theodore Roosevelt Worksheets

The Presidents: TR lasts about four hours in all. For each of the four episodes, you could consider the following teaching procedures:

Lesson Plan #1: Viewing worksheet + Crossword Follow-Up: Show the video over the course of two class periods, stopping as it pleases you to discuss main ideas with the class or question them on what they think of TR’s developing political ideas. This will probably take you until near the end of the second day’s class period, depending on how much discussion time you work in. Have students complete the multiple choice questions as they are watching. Use any remaining time on Day #2 to go over answers and have a final discussion/debriefing of the video. The next day, use the crossword puzzles, basic and/or advanced, as a casual follow up or a quiz that will be graded.
Lesson Plan #2: Note taking while viewing + Test: Show the video straight through without discussion, finishing it up during the first few minutes on the second day (assuming your class periods are less than an hour long). Encourage students to take notes as they watch. Pass out the multiple choice questions sheets only after the video has been viewed in full. Assign the questions as a quiz or test, allowing students to use their notes as they complete them.
Lesson Plan #3: Substitute Lesson Plan: Follow lesson plan #2 above, or #1 minus the crossword worksheet. Then, later in the year when you have a sub coming in. use the crossword worksheet as a targeted review of TR’s early years. Choose from either Crossword #1, which is at a basic level, or Crossword #2, which is more advanced. Require students to answer from memory individually or in groups, or assign the crossword as a research project if your students can access the Internet in your absence.

Where to find the video

The Presidents: TR plays from time to time on public television stations across the country and is also sometimes available on streaming services. The best way to find out where it might currently be available is to run a simple Google search.
For teachers who prefer to purchase hard media, American Experience Presents The Presidents: TR is available as part of The President’s Collection, which provides American Experience biographies of more than 10 20th-century presidents, all bundled together in a very affordable set. The episode focusing in on TR can also be purchased separately from PBS online.

Looking for American Experience TR Worksheets for just a single episode?

If you don't plan to show the entire series, then you might prefer to download worksheets for just the episodes you're going to show in class. The links below will take you to the individual product pages for a single episode. You can also use the links to see targeted information about the content in each of the individual episodes that make up the series.

Part One, “The Long Campaign,” chronicles TR’s life from his early childhood up through his taking on the role of Vice President in 1901.
American Experience TR Part 1 Worksheets and Puzzles

Part Two, “The Bully Pulpit” covers TR’s first administration, covering his presidency from 1901 through 1904.
American Experience TR Part 2 Worksheets and Puzzles

Part Three, “The Good Fight” covers TR’s second administration, covering his presidency from 1905 through 1908.
American Experience TR Part 3 Worksheets and Puzzles

Part Four, “Black Care” covers TR’s retirement from the presidency, his growing disenchantment with Taft’s policies, and his failed bid to become president again in 1912.. It then details TR’s life afterwards, including his dangerous Brazilian expedition and his public service during World War I, ending with his death in early 1919.
American Experience TR Part 4 Worksheets and Puzzles

I do hope that you find these American Experience Presents The Presidents: TR worksheets a valuable addition to your U.S. history or government teaching repertoire!

Happy teaching,
Elise Parker
Great History Teaching!

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