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American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 1)

American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 1)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 1)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 1)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 1)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 1)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 1)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 1)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 1)
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This interactive notebook bundle includes everything you need to teach about American history from Colonial America through the Early American Republic (Roanoke Colony - the Monroe Doctrine).

The organizers in this resource can be used on their own, or as a supplement to student notes. Interactive notebooks are a great tool to keep students organized and engaged in the lesson!


Are you interested in this resource, but aren’t sure if it’s for you? Check out my Causes of the American Revolution FREEBIE to get a glimpse of what this resource is all about!


In this resource you will find...
93 graphic organizers with text on them, and others left blank for your own customization
3 maps are also included
34 pages of thorough suggested answers that you are free to use with these graphic organizers and flippables.
Previews of each page in action for you or your students to reference.
• A cover page and table of contents for each notebook is also included.


Material Covered
Colonial America Interactive Notebook
1. Key vocabulary - lost colony, meetinghouse, middle colonies, musket, New England colonies, plantation, Quakers, southern colonies, charter, House of Burgesses, great awakening, cash crops
2. Lost colony of Roanoke - location, original plans, first colony, second colony, disappearance, theories
3. Jamestown settlement - sailing to America, Jamestown, first settlers, first year, the Powhatan, John Smith, starving time
4. Plymouth Colony - why, sailing to America, the Mayflower Compact, Plymouth, first winter, the Wampanoag, Thanksgiving
5. Voyage of the Mayflower - size of the ship, route to America, life on the Mayflower, passengers, crew
6. The Thirteen Colonies - what is a colony, each of the colonies
7. Williamsburg, Virginia - Middle Plantation, William and Mary College, capital of Virginia, planned city, gunpowder incident, American Revolution, restoration
8. The Puritans - who were they, what did they believe, why did they go to America, Massachusetts Bay Colony, the Great Migration, Rhode Island, Connecticut
9. King Philip's War - who fought, where it was fought, leading up to the war, major battles & events, results and consequences
10. The French and Indian War - who fought, seven years war, where it was fought, leading up to the war, major battles & events, results and consequences
11. The Salem Witch Trials - belief in witches, how the trials started, panic, how many were killed, end of the trials
13. Who was a witch? - touch test, confession by dunking, lord's prayer, dreams, submersion, pressing
13. Men & women's clothing - 2 flippables to describe different pieces of clothing men and women wore
14. Daily life - on the farm vs. in the city
15. Colonial jobs - apothecary, blacksmith, cabinetmaker, cobbler, cooper, chandler, gunsmith, miller, printer, tailor, wheelwright, wig maker
16. Colonial women - education, legal status, work, maintaining a household, wealthy women, women in the city, slave women
17. Slavery in the colonies - indentured servants, beginning of slavery, jobs, clothes, homes, treatment
18. Important people - William Bradford, Henry Hudson, Pocahontas, William Penn, James Oglethorpe, John Smith, Roger Williams

Causes of the American Revolution Interactive Notebook (FREE)
1. The Stamp Act - paying for the war, no representation, reaction in the colonies, Stamp Act Congress, Sons of Liberty, Stamp Act repealed
2. The Townshend Acts - what were they, why were they made, importance, reaction in the colonies, results
3. The Boston Massacre - what happened, after the massacre, the trials, results
4. The Boston Tea Party - what was it, why were they protesting, was it planned, cost of the tea
5. The Intolerable Acts - Boston Port Act, Massachusetts Government Act, Administration of Justice Act, Quartering Act, Quebec Act, results
6. Continental Congress - First and second congresses, accomplishments
7. Declaration of Independence - who wrote it, agreement, July 4, 1776, signatures

American Revolution Interactive Notebook
1. Key vocabulary - colony, confederation, constitution, garrison, haversack, legislature, militia, minutemen, Parliament, Redcoat, Tory, Whigs
2. Causes of the war - French and Indian War, taxes and laws, protests in Boston, Intolerable Acts, Boston blockade, unity in the colonies, First Continental Congress, beginning of the war.
3. Sons of Liberty - who were they, how were they formed, how did they get their name, where did they meet, protesting the Stamp Act, Boston Tea Party, members
4. Patriots vs. Loyalists - what was a patriot/loyalist, why become a patriot/loyalist, famous patriots/loyalists
5. American military leaders - George Washington, Nathanael Greene, Henry Knox, Jean Baptiste de Rochambeau, Francois Joseph Paul de Grasse, Horatio Gates, Daniel Morgan, Marquis de Lafayette, John Paul Jones
6. British military leaders - William Howe, Henry Clinton, Charles Cornwallis, John Burgoyne, Guy Carleton, Thomas Gage
7. Battles of Lexington & Concord - Lexington, Concord, British Retreat
8. Capture of Ticonderoga - Green Mountain Boys, capturing the fort, siege of the fort, attack on the fort
9. Battle of Bunker Hill - where, leaders, what happened, results
10. Battle of Long Island (Brooklyn) - when and where, leaders, before the battle, battle, retreat, results
11. Washington crosses the Delaware - Hessian soldiers, battle of Trenton, importance, three crossings
12. Battle of Germantown - when and where, commanders, before the battle, battle, results
13. Battles of Saratoga - leaders, before the battle, Bennington, Freeman's farm, Bemis Heights, results
14. Battle of Yorktown - before the battle, siege of Yorktown, surrender
15. Valley Forge - where, why, American leaders, conditions
16. The Treaty of Paris - negotiations, major points, other points
17. African Americans - patriots, separate regiments, British side, American side
18. Spies - secret messages, disguises, Culper spy ring
19. Famous spies - Nathan Hale, Benjamin Tallmadge, Abraham Woodhull, Lydia Darragh, Benedict Arnold, Hercules Mulligan, Daniel Bissell, Nancy Hart
20. Roles of women - nurses, spies, camp followers, soldiers
21. Famous women - Abigail Adams, Kate Barry, Lydia Darragh, Mary Draper, Nancy Hart, Molly Pitcher, Betsy Ross, Deborah Sampson, Mercy Otis Warren, Martha Washington
22. Weapons - Musket, bayonet, cannon, other weapons
23. Soldiers - militia, Continental Army, number of soldiers, payment, who joined, ages, diseases and medicine, prisoners of war

Articles of Confederation Interactive Notebook
1. Key vocabulary - constitution, Articles of Confederation, compromise, Anti-Federalist, Federalist, impeachment, popular sovereignty, amendment, veto, enumerated powers, concurrent powers, shared powers
2. Articles of Confederation - who wrote them, when each state ratified them
3. 13 Articles - summarize each of the 13 Articles
4. Strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
5. Constitutional Convention - purpose, president, draft, signing, ratification
6. Proposed plans - Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, Hamilton's Plan, Pinckney's Plan, the Great Compromise
7. Branches of government - executive, legislative, judicial
8. Checks and balances - separation of powers, checks on the branches, power of the states
9. Bill of Rights - summarize each of the 10 amendments

Early American Republic Interactive Notebook
1. Key vocabulary - domestic policy foreign policy, neutrality, impressment, factory system, cabinet, internal improvements, John Marshall, nationalism, precedent, Nonintercourse Act, tariff
2. Washington's administration - inauguration, cabinet, District of Columbia, Northwest Indian War, economic policy, foreign affairs, farewell address
3. Party System - Federalists vs. Democratic-Republicans
4. Whiskey Rebellion - whiskey tax, grievances, resistance, insurrection, federal response
5. Adams administration - election of 1796, presidency, cabinet, quasi-war with France, Alien and Sedition Acts
6. XYZ Affair - commission to France, reaction in the U.S., reaction in France, treaty
7. Jefferson Administration - elections of 1800 and 1804, cabinet, domestic and foreign policies
8. Louisiana Purchase - more land, cost, size, borders, opposition
9. Lewis & Clark Expedition - Lewis & Clark, exploration, Native American encounters, the Great Falls, the Rocky Mountains, Pacific Ocean, accomplishments
10. Marbury v. Madison - Judiciary Acts of 1789, 1801, and 1802, Adams appoints Marbury, Jefferson denies Marbury, decision
11. McCulloch v. Maryland - 1816 Act, case, decision
12. Gibbons v. Ogden - background, case, decision
13. First Industrial Revolution - duration, cultural changes, transportation, working conditions
14. Burr-Hamilton duel - background, Burr's intentions, Hamilton's intentions, aftermath, anti-dueling movement
15. War of 1812 - causes, leaders, U.S. attacks Canada, U.S. victories, British fight back, Battle of Baltimore, Battle of New Orleans, peace
16. Era of Good Feelings - post-war nationalism, Great Goodwill Tour, Monroe and political parties
17. Monroe Doctrine - main points, why, long-term effects

Please view each product for an in-depth look at what is included in this resource!


This bundle is PART 1 of a 4-part series of American History interactive notebooks!

Part 1
- Colonial America
- Causes of the American Revolution
- American Revolution
- Articles of Confederation & Constitution
- Early American Republic

Part 2 (Coming Soon!)
- Age of Jackson
- Westward expansion & manifest destiny
- Civil War
- Reconstruction
- The Gilded Age

Part 3 (Coming Soon!)
- U.S. imperialism
- The Progressive Era
- The interwar years (1920s -1930s)

Part 4 (Coming Soon!)
- Cold War
- Civil Rights Movement
- 1960s & 1970s
- 1980s - present


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