American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 3)

American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 3)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 3)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 3)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 3)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 3)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 3)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 3)
American History Interactive Notebook and Graphic Organizers Bundle (PART 3)
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    Bundle Description
    This interactive notebook bundle includes everything you need to teach about American history from the Gilded Age through World War II.

    The organizers in this resource can be used on their own, or as a supplement to student notes. Interactive notebooks are a great tool to keep students organized and engaged in the lesson!


    In this resource you will find...
    136 graphic organizers with text on them, and others left blank for your own customization
    48 1/2 pages of thorough suggested answers that you are free to use with these graphic organizers and flippables.
    Previews of each page in action for you or your students to reference.
    • A cover page and table of contents for each notebook is also included.


    Material Covered
    Gilded Age Interactive Notebook
    1. Key vocabulary - Gilded Age, half-breed, stalwart, Gospel of Wealth, bloody-shirt, tweed ring, crop-lien system, assembly line, trust, injunction, Social Darwinism, progressives
    2. Important people - Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, George Washington Plunkitt, George Pullman, Eugene Debs, Frank Norris, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Thomas Nast
    3. Transcontinental Railroad - route, Pacific Railroad Act, building the railroad, the workers, the golden spike
    4. Steel Industry - Carnegie, U.S. Steel, Bethlehem Steel, Republic Steel
    5. Robber barons & monopolies - robber baron, famous robber barons, monopolies, government regulation
    6. Child labor - jobs, money, number of children, end of child labor
    7. Labor unions - purpose, improvements, first unions, great railroad strike of 1877, homestead steel mill strike of 1892, Pullman strike of 1894
    8. Gold vs. Silver - gold standard, problem with gold, banks, farmers, gold standard act
    9. Immigration - old vs new immigration
    10. Urban life - transportation, tenement housing, disease, sanitary conditions, crime
    11. Rural life - homestead act, land cultivation, Grange Movement
    12. The "New South" - rural society, race relations, model
    13. Settling the West - after the Civil War, Native assimilation, Oklahoma land rush
    14. Grant's Presidency - reluctance, cabinet choices, reconstruction & civil rights, Indian peace policy, accomplishments, corruption, result
    15. Haye's Presidency - election, civil service reform, Indian policy, foreign affairs
    16. Garfield's Presidency - reforms, civil rights, foreign policy, assassination
    17. Arthur's Presidency - civil service reform, immigration, health
    18. Cleveland's Presidency - first & second term
    19. Harrison's Presidency - pensions, antitrust laws, civil rights, Indian policy, foreign policy, civil service reform
    20. McKinley's Presidency - Spanish-American War, territorial gain, pluralism, election of 1900, assassination

    U.S. Imperialism Interactive Notebook
    1. Key vocabulary - imperialism, sphere of influence, Boxer Rebellion, protectorate, Pan Americanism, isolationism, yellow journalism, rough riders, Roosevelt Corollary, Platt Amendment, annexation, Foraker Act
    2. Venezuelan crisis of 1895 - background, crisis, arbitration, result
    3. Annexation of Hawaii - background, coup d'etat, result,
    4. Spanish American War - background, Cuban struggle for independence, Pacific theater, peace, aftermath
    5. Philippine-American War - other names, background, origins, American strategy, Filipino strategy, guerrilla warfare, casualties, political atmosphere, end of the war, aftermath
    6. Open door policy - background, spheres of influence, the policy, enforcement, second policy, result
    7. Boxer Rebellion - background, boxer war, invasion of Manchuria, massacre of Christians, aftermath, consequences
    8. Election of 1900 - republican & democratic nominations, campaign, results
    9. McKinley's Presidency - Spanish-American War, territorial gain, pluralism, election of 1900, assassination
    10. Roosevelt's Presidency - domestic policies, foreign policies, election of 1904, second term
    11. Panama Canal - early attempts, U.S. acquisition, construction
    12. Taft's Presidency - foreign policy, domestic policy, judicial appointments, after the presidency
    13. Dollar diplomacy - definition, in China, in the Caribbean
    14. Wilson's Presidency - first term, election of 1916, second term, foreign policy
    15. Big stick diplomacy - definition, Cuba, Venezuela
    16. Missionary diplomacy - definition, during Wilson's Presidency, influence
    17. Yellow journalism - definition, origins, 5 characteristics

    Progressive Era Interactive Notebook
    1. Key vocabulary - Progressive era, muckrakers, social welfare, political machine, temperance, prohibition, Socialist Party, settlement house, Bull Moose Party, populists, suffragists, cprruption
    2. Political reform - 16th, 17th, 18th, & 19th amendments
    3. Progressive Presidents - Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson
    4. Women's suffrage - background, Seneca Falls, NAWSA, Stanton & Anthony, Carrie Chapman Catt, Anna Howard Shaw, the movement splits, 19th amendment
    5. Child labor - background, failed laws, state laws, fair labor standards act
    6. Philanthropy - the Gospel of Wealth, private foundations, American Red Cross
    7. Muckrakers - background, pressure, magazines, the term "muckrakers," impact
    8. Famous muckrakers - Ray Stannard Baker, Ida M. Tarbell, Lincoln Steffens, Upton Sinclair, David Graham Phillips, Jacob Riis, Will Irwin, Chrles Edward Russel, William English Walling
    9. Labor unions - purpose, improvements, first unions, great railroad strike of 1877, homestead steel mill strike of 1892, pullman strike of 1894
    10. Temperance movement - American Temperance Society, success, support from religious groups, 18th amendment
    11. Prohibition - bootleggers, speakeasies, organized crime, end of Prohibition
    12. Pure food & drug - dangerous drugs, passage of the act, Upton Sinclair & The Jungle, Meat Inspection Act, Food & Drug Administration, enforcement
    13. Economic policy - 16th amendment, interstate commerce act, sherman antitrust act, underwood tariff, clayton antitrust act, federal reserve system, Henry Ford & the Model T

    World War I Interactive Notebook
    1. Key vocabulary - armistice, Balkans, big four, blockade, Bolsheviks, conscript, doughboy, duckboards, dreadnought, front line, no man's land, U-Boat
    2. Causes of the war - alliances, imperialism, assassination, declarations of war
    3. Assassination of Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand, before the assassination, assassination, start of WWI
    4. Allied powers - France, Britain, Russia, U.S., other allies
    5. Central powers - Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria
    6. Battle of Tannenberg - Tannenberg, armies, battle, results
    7. First battle of the Marne - armies, before the battle, battle, results
    8. Trench warfare - how they were built, no man's land, conditions, life in the trenches
    9. Battle of Somme - armies, before the battle, artillery barrage, battle
    10. Russian Revolution - Russian Tsar, Bloody Sunday, World War I, February Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, results
    11. Sinking of the Lusitania - Lusitania, before the attack, Lusitania departs, German attack, Lusitania sinks, results
    12. American involvement - remaining neutral, sinking of the Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegram, declaring war, U.S. troops in Europe, Wilson's 14 points, after the war
    13. Famous leaders - Georges Clemenceau, Franz Josef, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Red Baron, Tsar Nicholas II, Vladimir Lenin, Woodrow Wilson, Mehmed V
    14. Aviation - reconnaissance, bombings, machine guns, famous fighter pilots
    15. Modern warfare - airplanes, tanks, trench warfare, naval warfare, new weapons
    16. Christmas truce - where, actions, response
    17. Wilson's 14 points - purpose, summary, reactions
    18. End of the war - final battles, armistice, treaty negotiations, Treaty of Versailles, new borders, League of Nations

    Roaring 20s & Great Depression Interactive Notebook
    1. Key vocabulary - roaring 20s, flapper, prohibition, speakeasy, bootlegger, Harlem Renaissance, Black Tuesday, Black Sunday, deflation, depression, inflation, Social Security Act
    2. Jazz age - origins of jazz, beginning, radio, youth, women
    3. Fashion - influences, evolution of the flapper, behavior, image, appearance
    4. Temperance movement - American Temperance Society, success, support from religious groups, 18th amendment
    5. Prohibition - bootleggers, speakeasies, organized crime, end of Prohibition
    6. Lost generation - famous members, literary themes, other uses for the term
    7. Harlem Renaissance - background, religion, music, themes
    8. New technologies - automobiles, radio, cinema, aviation, television, penicillin
    9. Causes of the Great Depression - Stock Market crash, farmers struggle, borrowing, over-production, banking system, world debt & trade
    10. Stock market crash - before the crash, the crash, the Great Depression, recovery
    11. Bonus army - demands, march on Washington, camp, Congress, Hoover & the army, aftermath
    12. Dust Bowl - cause, dust storms, black Sunday, farmers, okies, government aid
    13. 1st New Deal - first 100 days, banking reform, stock market, prohibition, public works, farm programs, housing, emergency relief
    14. 2nd New Deal - social security, works progress administration
    15. City life - food, soup kitchens, clothes, school, Hoovervilles
    16. Hoovervilles - name, occupants, conditions, size, hobos, end of Hoovervilles
    17. Farm life - food, clothes, entertainment, school, dust storms, migration
    18. Fireside chats - name, subjects, first chat, popularity
    19. Empire State Building - design, construction, completion
    20. Famous people - Louis Armstrong, Al Capone, Amelia Earhart, Herbert Hoover, J. Edgar Hoover, Charles Lindbergh, Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt
    21. End of the Great Depression - causes, legacy, New Deal, public works

    World War II Interactive Notebook
    1. Key vocabulary - appeasement, Blitzkrieg, Concentration Camp, D-Day, Fascism, Fuhrer, Final Solution, Gestapo, Holocaust, kamikaze, Manhattan Project, eastern front
    2. Allied powers - original members, Russia joins, U.S. joins, allied leaders
    3. Axis powers - formation, leaders, other Axis countries
    4. Causes of WWII - Treaty of Versailles, Japanese expansion, fascism, Hitler & the Nazi party, appeasement, Great Depression
    5. Important people - Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Hirohito, Anne Frank, Eleanor Roosevelt, Georgy Zhukov, Vasily Chukov, Chiang Kai-Shek, Mao Zedong, Heinrich Himmler, Herman Goring, Erwin Rommel, Victor Emmanuel III, Ugo Cavallero, Hideki Tojo, Isoroku Yamamoto, Osami Nagano
    6. Battle of Britain - duration, name, battle, battle of Britain day
    7. Battle of the Atlantic - location, duration, early battles, allied convoys, fighting U-Boats, turning point, result
    8. Pearl Harbor - location, before the attack, attack, result
    9. Battle of Stalingrad - Stalingrad, duration, battle, surrender, soldiers
    10. Battle of Normandy - before the battle, confusion, weather, invasion, result
    11. Battle of the Bulge - duration, location, battle, result
    12. Battle of Berlin - duration, armies, Soviet attack, German surrender
    13. Battle of Midway - location, Japanese attack, surprise, results
    14. Battle of Guadalcanal - location, before the battle, battle
    15. Battle of Iwo Jima - location, duration, battle, raising the flag
    16. The Holocaust - why? ghettos, concentration camps, hiding
    17. Japanese internment camps - internment camps, Japanese-Americans, life in the camps, end, government apology
    18. Bataan death march - location, before the march, the march, end
    19. The atomic bomb - Albert Einstein, Manhattan Project, first atomic bomb, decision, Hiroshima, Nagasaki
    20. U.S. home front - rationing, women, propaganda
    21. African Americans - segregation, jobs, Tuskegee Airmen, 761st Battalion, desegregation
    22. Aircraft - major battles, fighters, bombers, aircraft carriers, transport
    23. War crime trials - war crimes, Nuremberg Trials, Tokyo Trials, other trials
    24. Marshall Plan - fear of communism, Marshall Plan, success
    25. After the war - Europe, Japan & East Asia, war crimes, United Nations, Cold War

    Please view each product for an in-depth look at what is included in this resource!


    This bundle is PART 3 of a 4-part series of American History interactive notebooks!

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    - Causes of the American Revolution
    - American Revolution
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    - Industrial Revolution
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    - Civil War
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    - Civil Rights Movement
    - 1950s & 1960s
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    - 1990s to Present


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