American History Webquest Bundle (1877-2001)

American History Webquest Bundle (1877-2001)
American History Webquest Bundle (1877-2001)
American History Webquest Bundle (1877-2001)
American History Webquest Bundle (1877-2001)
American History Webquest Bundle (1877-2001)
American History Webquest Bundle (1877-2001)
American History Webquest Bundle (1877-2001)
American History Webquest Bundle (1877-2001)
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The bundle contains 23 webquests for essential content in American History from 1877-2001. I have included answer keys. Please message me if you have any questions.

*The documents can be uploaded to your website or Google Drive; however, please make sure it is password protected.

*I have included both PDF and Word Doc versions for each webquest.

The following webquests are included in the bundle:

American West Webquest (45 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Homestead Act

Dawes Act

Chief Joseph

Cattle Drives


Indian Wars

Transcontinental Railroad

Wounded Knee

Industrial Revolution Webquest (40 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution

Causes of the Industrial Revolution

Negative impacts of the Industrial Revolution

Inventions (spinning jenny, power loom, steam engine)

Henry Bessemer

Transportation and the Industrial Revolution (Steamboat and Locomotive)

Communication and Banking in the Industrial Revolution (Telegraph)

Quality of life during Industrialization (social groups, overcrowding, pollution, unsanitary living conditions)

Industrialization Beyond Britain

Jacob Riss (1890 Life in the City)

Andrew Carnegie

Child labor

Spanish-American War Webquest (31 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Causes of the war

Building an American Empire

Explosion of the USS Maine

U.S. response to the USS Maine explosion

Reasons why Americans supported war with Spain

Era of overseas expansion

The war in Cuba

The fall of Santiago

Rough Riders

Theodore Roosevelt

Defeating Spain in the Philippines

Commodore George Dewey

Manila Bay

U.S. annexes the Philippines

Emilio Aguinaldo

American expansionism

Spanish possessions that became part of the U.S.

Gilded Age Webquest (41 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Transcontinental Railroad


Cornelius Vanderbilt

Robber Barons

Industries Dominated by Robber Barons

Industrial Revolution

Reasons for Immigration

Effects of Immigration

Effects of Rapid Population Growth

Gilded Age Homes

Vanderbilt Estate

Income Inequality

Social Darwinism


Jacob Riis

How the Other Half Lives

John D. Rockefeller

Upton Sinclair and The Jungle

Labor Unions

Railroad Strikes

Engineering Advances


Alexander Graham Bell

Women in the Gilded Age

Women's Suffrage

Women's Philanthropy

Jane Addams and the Chicago Hull-House

Carrie Nation

18th and 19th Amendments

Native Americans during the Gilded Age

Effects of the Populist Party

End of the Gilded Age

Panic of 1893

Progressive Movement

Theodore Roosevelt

Reforms during the Progressive Era

World War I

Progressive Era Webquest (37 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:


Progressive writers

Populist influence on progressivism


Progressive publications

Upton Sinclair

The Jungle

Effects of Sinclair exposing the meatpacking industry

Women’s suffrage

Divisions in the women suffrage movement

Lucy Stone

Henry Blackwell

Susan B. Anthony

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

National Women Suffrage Association

American Woman Suffrage Association

Nineteenth Amendment

Booker T. Washington

Washington’s speech at the Atlanta Exposition

Plessy v. Ferguson

Tuskegee Institute

George Washington Carver

Washington’s goal of focusing on vocational skills for African Americans

W.E.B. DuBois’ goal of complete integration and equality


Teddy Roosevelt and Progressivism (38 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Roosevelt’s Accomplishments

Opposition to Big Business


The Trust Buster

Sherman Antitrust Act

Teddy vs. J.P. Morgan

Miners and Owners at Loggerheads

Roosevelt’s Popularity


Helping the Working Class

John Muir

Sierra Club

Roosevelt Protects Public Lands

Newlands Reclamation Act

Financial Panic

Taft’s Progressive Reforms

Election of 1912

Progressives and Conservatives

Roosevelt challenged Taft for the Republican nomination in 1912

Federal Trade Commission

New Nationalism

World War I Webquest (32 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Archduke Ferdinand



Schlieffen Plan

Trench Warfare

Battles of Yypress

Chlorine gas

Battle of Verdun

Battle of the Somme

Hindenburg Line





The Roaring Twenties Webquest (27 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Consumer society

Mass culture

The New Woman


19th Amendment

Labor saving appliances




The Jazz Age

The Charleston


18th Amendment


Organized Crime

Al Capone

The Great Migration

Ku Klux Klan

Nativist Movement

Pearl Harbor Webquest (23 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Location and date


Causes and effects of Pearl Harbor

American naval vessels, battleships, and airplanes destroyed


Franklin D. Roosevelt

Japan and the Road to War

Japan expanding into China

The U.S. response to Japan declaring war on China

Economic sanctions against Japan

Undefended facilities at Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona

Reasons Japan wanted to destroy the Pacific Fleet

Impact of the attack

Aircraft fleet not at Pearl Harbor

The U.S. navy rebounds quickly

FDR's speech "A Date which will Live in Infamy"

America enters World War II

American people united to go to war

Congress approved FDR's declaration of war

German and Italy declare war against the United States

The Great Depression Webquest (34 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Causes and effects of the Great Depression

Stock Market Crash

Unemployment numbers

"Roaring Twenties"



"Black Thursday"

"Black Tuesday"

Stock market crash spread throughout the world

Gold standard

Hoover administration handling of the crisis

Effects on American towns and cities (bread lines, soup kitchens, and homeless people)

Effects on farmers (crops rotting in the fields)

Bank closures

FDR and the New Deal

Percentage of US unemployment

FDR's "bank holiday"

"Fireside chats"

FDR's first 100 days

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Institutions created by the New Deal

Political movements caused by Depression-era hardships

Economic effects of FDR's decision to support Britan and France during WWII.

Social Security Act

New Deal Webquest (30 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

FDR's Promises

Unemployment percentages

FDR's Inaugural Address

"Fireside Chats"

First Hundred Days

Great Depression



Effects of the National Industrial Recovery Act

Second New Deal

Works Progress Administration

Wagner Act

Effects of the Social Security Act of 1935

FDR's Second Term

Organized Money

The Supreme Court during FDR's Presidency

National Recovery Administration

Agricultural Adjustment Administration

FDR's Plan to Protect his Programs

Difficulties in 1937


Anti-Roosevelt Sentiment

United States enters World War II

New Deal Programs and American Politics

New Deal Programs Today

World War II Webquest (30 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Pearl Harbor

American casualties

Japan entering China

Japanese Soldier's Individual Flag meaning

Three things Hitler and the Nazi Party rebuilt in 1933

Causes of WW2

German Nazi Swastika Flag meaning

Machine guns

Benito Mussolini

Franklin D. Roosevelt

FDR and the radio

Women in WW2

"I Want You" poster meaning

German submarines


Battle of the Bulge


Miracle at Midway

President Truman

Atomic bomb

Vital weapons used during the war

Nurses and the Red Cross

African Americans

United Nations

Manhattan Project Webquest (25 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

American-led effort to develop an atomic weapon

FDR authorizes the formation of the Manhattan Project

Los Alamos, New Mexico

Robert Oppenheimer and Project Y

Trinity Test

Little Boy and Fat Man

Potsdam Conference

U.S. ultimatum to Japan

Hirohito’s response to the Potsdam Declaration

Death and destruction at Hiroshima and Nagasaki

President Truman’s decision to drop to atomic bombs

Japanese Surrender

Legacy of the Manhattan Project

Atomic Diplomacy School condemns President Truman

Holocaust Webquest (35 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Past and present meaning of "Holocaust"

Reasons why Adolf Hitler did not like the Jewish people

Anti-Semitic & Hitler's Rise to Power

Nazi Revolution in Germany

Beginning of the War

The "Final Solution"

Holocaust Death Camps

Nazi Rule Comes to an end, as Holocaust continues to claim lives

Aftermath & lasting impact of the Holocuast

Holocaust Concentration Camps Photo Gallery

The Cold War Webquest (36 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Cause of the Cold War


The Atomic Age


The Red Scare

North Korea

Close of the War

Kennedy Era Webquest (32 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Early life

Beginnings in Politics

Jackie Lee Bouvier

JFK's Road to the Presidency

Lyndon Johnson

1960 Election

Richard Nixon

Televised debates

JFK's Inaugural Address

JFK's Foreign Policy Challenges

Bay of Pigs

Communist leader Fidel Castro

Berlin Wall

Naval blockade of Cuba

Foreign affairs victory

Conflict in Southeast Asia


JFK's Leadership at Home

Peace Corps

JFK's Legislative Priorities

Civil Rights Bill

JFK's response to riots at the University of Mississippi

JFK's assassination

Lee Harvey Oswald

Conspiracy theories

Civil Rights Era Webquest (30 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rosa Parks



Thurgood Marshall

James Meredith

Jackie Robinson

Freedom Riders

1963 March on Washington

The Voting Rights Act of 1965


24th Amendment

Malcolm X


Civil Right Act of 1965

Rodney King

Martin Luther King, Jr. Webquest (31 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Civil Rights Movement

Goals of MLK

Peaceful protest

Montgomery Bus Boycott

1963 March on Washington

School life


People that influenced MLK (Gandhi)

Attacks on MLK

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Nonviolent protest (boycotts, marches, and sit-ins)

Civil Rights Manifesto (Letter from Birmingham Jail)

Effects of the March on Washington

Civil Rights Act of 1964

"I Have a Dream" speech

Violence in Selma

Selma to Montgomery march

Voting Rights Act


Vietnam War Webquest (41 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Roots of the Vietnam War

U.S. Intervention

Strategy of Attrition

Impact of the Tet Offensive


Legacy of the War

Reagan Era Webquest (37 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

1980 Presidential Election

Reagan Democrats

Jimmy Carter

Iran Hostage Crisis

Assassination Attempt

1984 Presidential Election

Walter Mondale


Trickle-Down Economics


Defense Spending

National Debt

Strategic Defense Initiative

Reagan and Gorbachev

Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty

Freedom Fighters


Bombing of Libya

Iran-Contra Affair

Life in the 1980s

Drug Problems in the 1980s

Spread of Diseases

End of the Cold War

Gorbachev's Policies of Glasnost and Perestroika

The Unraveling of the Soviet Bloc

Poland Elects a Noncommunist Government

The Soviet Union is Dissolved

Iran Hostage Crisis Webquest (31 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Causes of the Hostage Crisis

The U.S. Embassy in Tehran

President Carter

The Shah and the C.I.A.

1953 Coup

The Iranian Revolution

Operation Eagle Claw

Iranians want Shah in exchange for Hostages

Media's Coverage of the Crisis

The 1980 Election

Ronald Reagan

Reagan's Campaign Staff and the Iranians

U.S. and Iran Negotiations

The Release of the Hostages

Persian Gulf War (Desert Storm) Webquest (30 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Background of the Persian Gulf War

Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait & Allied Response

The Gulf War Begins

Air Offensive in Iraq

War on the Ground

Aftermath of the Persian Gulf War

September 11 Attacks Webquest (28 questions)

Topics/Key Vocabulary:

Causes and effects of 9/11



World Trade Center

Osama bin Laden

Reasons al-Qaeda attacked America

Pentagon Attack

Effect of the 757 on the Pentagon

Twin Towers Collapse

Cause of the World Trade Center collapse

World Trade Center Data (casualties and survivors)

Flight 93

Passengers on Flight 93 attack cockpit

Flight 93 crash in western Pennsylvania

Three theories of intended targets of Flight 93

Total number of people killed in the 9/11 attacks

America's response to 9/11

George W. Bush

Operation Enduring Freedom


Death of Osama bin Laden

President Obama's June 2011 announcement

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