American Revolution Bundle - 8 Different Activities!

American Revolution Bundle - 8 Different Activities!
American Revolution Bundle - 8 Different Activities!
American Revolution Bundle - 8 Different Activities!
American Revolution Bundle - 8 Different Activities!
American Revolution Bundle - 8 Different Activities!
American Revolution Bundle - 8 Different Activities!
American Revolution Bundle - 8 Different Activities!
American Revolution Bundle - 8 Different Activities!
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Learning about the American Revolution can be a great experience for students or they could be sitting passively and daydreaming about anything but what is being taught. I'm a fan of students being engaged in their learning which is why I put together this American Revolution bundle for you to use with your students. I believe when students are doing they are students who are learning.

Included in this bundle are the following EIGHT activities for you to try with your students:

1. Revolutionary War Review Activity - Based on HEADBANDS Game - 96 Review Cards
[Answer Key = Does Not Apply]

Try this Revolutionary War review activity and see how it goes for you and your students. Based on the popular game Headbands these cards help students review their knowledge of the Revolutionary War.

There are 96 cards that each have something on the front that has to do with the Revolutionary War. One student holds a card up to their forehead and the other person gives them clues to try and guess what is on the front of their card. You can play for a minute a round, two minutes, or whatever you think will work well for your students.

Cardstock works best for printing because it is more durable and easier for students to keep in a stack. You could also print out a classroom set and laminate them to use over and over again. You could also use these cards as a way for students to create flashcards to help them study as well. I've included two pages that have blank cards to add more to the list if you'd like.

2. The American Revolution Review Game – Based on $100,000 Pyramid Game Show
[Answer Key = Does Not Apply]

Another review activity is one that two students play at a time in front of the class with one student seated facing away from the screen and one student seated so they are facing the screen. Kind of like the old $100,00 Pyramid game show. Each round consists of 6 topics that have something to do with the American Revolution and will be uncovered with your click of the mouse. The team has 60 seconds (you are the time keeper) to complete as many as they can in that round. Sometimes the topics are connected and sometimes it is a hodgepodge of vocabulary.

There are 16 rounds with 6 topics in each round for a total of 96 vocabulary terms regarding people, places, events, and quotations from the time period of the American Revolution.

3. 32 American Revolution Trading Cards of Historic Figures to be Made
[Answer Key = Does Not Apply]

Looking for a way for your students to discover facts about some of the major names of the American Revolution? Here is a way your students can discover these historic figures that allows them to find out some basic facts, but also allows them to identify what they think is important about each person. Each trading card has the same format and allows students to gather a very brief snapshot of who these people were and what they did that contributed to the history of the American Revolution. Decide how many you'd like students to do and make a mini-research project out of it. Kids really enjoy this format!

This file is in .pdf format and can be printed on standard 8.5x11 inch paper. Each trading card is on a half sheet of paper and will need to be cut out by students to write on and fold to make into front/back trading cards.

For each person students will identify the following:

Date of Birth
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Role in the American Revolution
Fun Facts

There isn't a lot of room for students to write so they'll have to be brief and to the point, thus contributing to the brief snapshot of each person's life.

Each trading card is set up to be folded into a front and a back and could be stapled together or left unfolded to see both sides at once. Included on each front side is a picture of the person, their name, and their signature.

The historic figures for this activity are:

John Adams
Samuel Adams
Abigail Adams
Ethan Allen
Benedict Arnold
Joseph Brant
John Burgoyne
George Rogers Clark
Lord Cornwallis
Silas Deane
John Dickinson
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Gage
Nathaniel Greene
Nathan Hale
Alexander Hamilton
John Hancock
Patrick Henry
King George III
Thomas Jefferson
John Paul Jones
Marquis de Lafayette
Richard Henry Lee
Francis Marion
George Mason
Robert Morris
Thomas Paine
Paul Revere
Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur de Rochambeau
Betsy Ross
Baron von Steuben
George Washington

This has worked well for my students so I hope yours find the same success!

4. American Revolution - 15 Famous Mystery Phrases - Research, Writing, & Analysis
[Answer Key = Included]

The American Revolution can be an exciting time for students to learn about because heroes stepped forward and there was a struggle between the upper hand and the underdog, but it can be overwhelming for students because of how much there is to cover. However, with pictures and stories students are able to get a firmer grip of this fascinating time period because of what was said, who said it, why it was said, and the impact that it had within the story of the American Revolution. And most importantly, did these people really say these phrases at all?!?

Included in this package are 15 famous people from the American Revolution who said something that was powerful at the time and still resonates in our minds today. The phrases are to be found by students using whatever research methods you decide on.

The 15 Phrases are accompanied by two different writing tasks of your choice:

Option #1 is set up for students to identify what was being said in the bubble captions, explain what the phrase means, and explain what was happening during the revolution that led to the phrase being said.

Option #2 is more advanced in terms of students choosing two of the phrases that have been discovered and identify key words, find synonyms that could have been used, identify what the words mean, and write a critical analysis as to whether or not they believe the phrase is a valid and meaningful part of American History.

The Phrases Included are:

Patrick Henry - "If this be treason, make the most of it!"

John Paul Jones - "I have not yet begun to fight!"

Nathan Hale - "My only regret is I only have one life to give for my country."

John Hancock - "There! His majesty can no read my name without glasses!"

James Otis - "A man's house is his castle."

Thomas Paine - "These are the times that try men's souls."

John Parker - "Don't fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a way, let it begin here."

Israel Putnam/William Prescott - "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!"

Benjamin Franklin - "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately."

Thomas Jefferson - ", liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"

George Washington - "Tell General Sullivan to use the bayonet. I am resolved to take Trenton."

John Adams - "Facts are stubborn things."

Paul Revere - "The regulars are coming!"

Paul Revere - "One if by land, two if by sea."

Patrick Henry - "Give me liberty, or give me death!

5. The Road to Revolution Cloze Style Quiz
[Answer Key = Included]

This is a story quiz I created that has students fill in the blanks using a word bank filled with 40 terms. The quiz is rather lengthy and takes about 30 minutes for a student to complete. Would be a great quiz to give if you knew you were going to have a substitute teacher that day. Could also be used as a pre-assessment before learning about the build up to the American Revolution.

I teach 8th grade U.S. History using the Creating America: Beginnings through World War I text book. My classes are comprised of general education, special education, and gifted and talented all together. This quiz lets me see how well students are connecting to the story so far.

This quiz needs to be printed on 11" x 17" paper and is 2 total pages. I print this on two separate sheets that are stapled together. I have students tear off the word bank so they can have that on the side to cross off words as they use them. They WILL NOT use every word in the word bank! There is an answer key included and I grade this as a class allowing students to grade their own making sure there is nothing on their desks except the red marker I provide for them. That way they can see for themselves which ones they got right or wrong and hear the story read to see how it is put together.

This was a hit with my students and they said they did better on this type of quiz because it is actually a story and easier to follow.

6. The Road to Revolution Word Find
[Answer Key = Included]

I teach 8th Grade U.S. History and use this word find after the students take their Chapter 6 Quiz to help them from distracting others in class who are finishing their quiz.

The will find words such as:

7. Revolutionary War Bingo – 30 Bingo Boards with 95 Detailed Calling Cards
[Answer Key = Does Not Apply}

Teaching about the American Revolution involves your students learning and understanding a massive list of names, vocabulary, and places of historic importance. To help students refresh their memories of the who/what/when/where of it all this American Revolution Bingo activity might be just what you and your students need.

Included in this activity are 30 individualized Bingo boards and 95 detailed calling cards that give the letter, the name, date, or place of something in regard to the American Revolution as well as a brief description about what the phrase is or a clue to lead their memories to the correct answer.

How you play Bingo is up to you. If you want to do traditional Bingo, four-corner Bingo, small diamond, large diamond, etc. you do what you think would be fun for your students.

8. The Original 13 States Latitude and Longitude Coordinates Puzzles
[Answer Key = Included]

As a way to incorporate geography into the study of the American Revolution here are 13 latitude and longitude coordinates puzzles that your students can engage in. Each puzzle consists of a set of coordinates that they will plot one at a time connecting the dots as they go. If everything works out right in the end they should see the outline of one of the original 13 states.
The number of coordinates for each state is as follows:
Connecticut – 34
Delaware – 37
Georgia – 40
Maryland – 51
Massachusetts – 42
New Hampshire – 53
New Jersey – 47
New York – 47
North Carolina – 50
Pennsylvania – 24
Rhode Island – 102
South Carolina – 30
Virginia - 47

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