An Entire Year of High School / AP Environmental Science Crossword Puzzles

An Entire Year of High School / AP Environmental Science Crossword Puzzles
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This bundle contains 27 crossword puzzles that are perfect for any high school environmental science course (general or AP!) I give these to my students before tests as a fun vocabulary review.

This incredible deal includes five smaller products:
Volume One- Environmental Science Basics (5 puzzles)
Volume Two-Evolution and Ecology (5 puzzles)
Volume Three-Human Impact (6 Puzzles)
Volume Four-Natural Resources (5 puzzles)
Volume Five-Atmospheric Science and Climate Change (5 Puzzles)

The puzzles are:

1) Introduction to Environmental Science (correlation, independent variable, dependent variable, hypothesis, industrial revolution, agricultural revolution, paradigm shift, interdisciplinary, ecological footprint, data, natural resources, renewable, nonrenewable, peer review, environmentalism, ecological services, experiment, theory, control group, environment)

2) Environmental Chemistry (electrons, uranium, protons, neutrons, atom, ionic bond, covalent bond, molecules, compounds, potential energy, kinetic energy, first and second laws of thermodynamics, acidic, basic, chemistry, autotrophs, heterotrophs, carbohydrate, isotope, matter, plastic, proteins, chemosynthesis)

3) Geology (landslide, mantle, core, lithosphere, transform fault, divergent fault, convergent fault, earthquake, mineral, rock, plate tectonics, continental collision, sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous, volcano, lava, asthenosphere, subduction, tsunami, geology)

4) Environmental Ethics & Economics (ecocentrism, Cassandras, triple bottom line, goods, services, biocentrism, John Muir, subsistence, nonmarket value, ecolabeling, relativists, discounting, neoclassical, external costs, Aldo Leopald, utilitarian, Cornucopians, intrinsic value, anthropocentrism, subsidies)

5) Environmental Policy (policy, lobbying, free riders, impact survey, green taxes, legislation, CERCLA, Endangered Species Act, vested interest, nongovernmental organizations, NAFTA, Toxic Substances Control Act, Soil and Water Conservation Act, trade, Tragedy of the Commons, executive order, Environmental Protection Agency)

6) Evolution (species, speciation, endemic, biodiversity, Darwin, evolution, extinction, billion, phylogenetic tree, adaptation, population, fossil, artificial selection, natural selection, divergent evolution, convergent evolution, mutation)

7) Population Ecology (developed country, density-dependent factor, births, area, hunger-gatherer, clumped distribution, emigration, inbreeding, territory, exponential, industrial revolution, immigration, logistic growth, demographic transition, dispersion, survivorship curves)

8) Community Ecology (disturbances, commensalism, predator, primary succession, phytoplankton, decomposer, parasitism, realized niche, zooplankton, secondary consumer, trophic levels, resource partitioning, consumers, food web, pioneer species, mutualism, producers, omnivores, character displacement, interspecific competition, intraspecific competition, fundamental niche)

9) Biomes (tundra, chaparral, rainshadow effect, biome, boreal forest, desert, temperature, ultraviolet light, tropical rainforest, savanna, grasslands, deciduous forest, temperate, dry, lithosols, permafrost, climatographs)

10) Ecosystem Ecology & Nutrient Cycles (nitrification, positive feedback, negative feedback, atmosphere, homeostasis, lithosphere, hydrosphere, GIS, ecosystem, denitrifying bacteria, gross primary productivity, aquifers, macronutrients, precipitation, biogeochemical, eutrophication, transpiration, ecosystem services, nitrogen fixation, phosphorus, runoff, hydrologic)

11) Human Populations (affluence, fertility, industrial demographic transition, mortality, reproductive window, transitional phase, family planning, life expectancy, sensitivity, Thomas Malthus, post-industrial, pre-industrial, biocapacity, technology, impact, demography, IPAT model)

12) Soil & Agriculture (deposition, agriculture, weathering, industrial agriculture, leaching, loam, fertilizers, Green Revolution, shelterbelts, terracing, intercropping, sustainable agriculture, soil horizon, monoculture, salinization, soil, bedrock, crop rotation, topsoil, waterlogging)

13) Agriculture & Biotechnology (feedlots, pollination, organic, farmer's market, biocontrol, integrated pest management, overnutrition, precautionary principle, ethanol, malnutrition, CSA, recombinant DNA, weeds, pests, biotechnology, undernutrition)

14) The Urban Environment (urban ecology, suburban, green building, greenbelts, LEED certification, urbanism, noise pollution, bicycle lanes, greenways, sprawl, city planning, zoning, urbanization, mass transit, light pollution, carpool lane, heat island effect)

15) Environmental Toxicology (toxicology, chronic, acute, endocrine disruptor, response, dose, risk assessment, risk management, bioaccumulation, toxicity, neurotoxins, environmental toxicology, biomagnification, mutagens, carcinogens, synergistic effects, allergens, teratogens, pathway inhibitors)

16) Waste Management (municipal waste, recycling, surface impoundment, brownfields, source pollution, electronic waste, recovery, leachate, bottle bills, incineration, methane, deep-well injection, composting, sanitary landfill, conservation, waste-to-energy, industrial waste, Superfund)

17) Biodiversity & Conservation (genetic diversity, endangered, community, restoration ecology, captive breeding, extirpation, biophilia, Red List, biodiversity, habitat fragmentation, CITES, extinction, biological hotspot, mass extinctions)

18) Forests & Forest Management (understory, concession, forest management, secondary growth, salvage logging, primary growth, prescribed burn, corridors, seed-tree approach, subcanopy, island biogeography theory, clearcutting, canopy, shelterwood approach, sustainable forestry, national park, SLOSS dilemma, deforestation)

19) Freshwater Systems & Resources (wastewater, sinkholes, wetlands, dam, reservoirs, artesian aquifers, septic tank, zone of aeration, desalination, unconfined aquifer, groundwater, floodplain, point-source pollution, watershed, primary treatment, secondary treatment)

20) Marine Systems & Resources (tides, littoral zone, pelagic zone, photic zone, ocean acidification, mangroves, benthic, algal blooms, coral reefs, bathymetry, topography, downwelling, upwelling, marine reserves, thermohaline circulation, marshes, kelp, estuaries, currents)

21) Minerals & Mining (metals, mountaintop removal, tailings, alloy, surface impoundments, drainage, reclamation, placer mining, mineral, mining, strip mining, smelting, open-pit mining, rock, subsurface mining)

22) Atmospheric Science & Air Pollution (atmospheric pressure, tornadoes, primary pollutants, Hadley cells, Montreal Protocol, hurricanes, acid deposition, scrubbers, inversion, sulfur dioxide, humidity, troposphere, photochemical smog, nitrogen oxides, stratosphere, CFCs, front, weather, climate)

23) Climate Change (greenhouse gases, proxy indicators, fee-and-dividend, carbon sequestration, carbon footprint, aerosols, carbon neutrality, mitigation, Kyoto Protocol, carbon offsets, carbon capture, climate, geoengineering, Milankovitch, adaptations, paleoclimate, cap-and-trade)

24) Fossil Fuels (hydraulic fracturing, return on investment, greenhouse gases, petroleum, eminent domain, refining, efficient, bitumen, fossil fuels, carbon sequestration, coal, anaerobic, methane hydrate, recoverable reserves, acid drainage, electricity, energy conservation)

25) Conventional Energy Alternatives (biomass, reactors, nuclear energy, nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, Pennsylvania, ethanol, carbon storage, meltdown, tsunami, Japan, hydropower, biodiesel, uranium, cellulosic ethanol, Ukraine)

26) Renewable Energy (tidal energy, not-in-my-backyard, active solar collection, hydrogen fuel cells, electrolysis, photovoltaic cells, wind farm, thermal energy, passive solar energy collection, fee-and-tariff, net metering, enhanced geothermal systems, renewable, turbines, carbon neutral, geothermal)

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