An Entire Year of High School Chemistry Crossword Puzzles (22 Crosswords!)

An Entire Year of High School Chemistry Crossword Puzzles (22 Crosswords!)
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This bundle contains 22 chemistry crossword puzzles that are a great vocabulary review for high school general chemistry of AP chemistry students! I use these puzzles as a review before each of my chapter tests, and it keeps my students engaged while studying. These puzzles cover an entire year of chemistry topics!

This bundle consists of FIVE smaller bundles:
High School Chemistry Crossword Puzzles Volume 1: Matter
High School Chemistry Crossword Puzzles Volume 2: Reactions
High School Chemistry Crossword Puzzles Volume 3: States of Matter & Solutions
High School Chemistry Crossword Puzzles Volume 4: Acids, Bases, and Reaction Kinetics
High School Chemistry Crossword Puzzles Volume 5: Chemistry Disciplines

This incredible deal gets you all of these puzzles:

1) Matter & Change (reactants, elements, mixture, groups, mass number, applied science, liquid, products, atom, nonmetal, physical change, extensive properties, technological developments, metals, gas, periods, chemistry, intensive properties, compound, basic, solid, heterogeneous mixture, nonmetal, atom)

2) Measurements & Calculations (accuracy, Kelvin, inversely, candela, second, system, mole, percentage error, conversion factor, hypothesis, directly proportional, volume, quantity, density, scientific method, weight, kilogram, theory, models, meter, precision)

3) Atoms (Avogadro, protons, neutrons, electrons, isotopes, atomic number, denominator, law of definite proportions, J.J. Thomson, atom, Rutherford, mass number, conservation of mass, nuclear force, nuclide, law of multiple proportions, Millikan, Dalton)

4) Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms (quantum theory, noble gas, orbital, angular momentum, spin number, principal quantum number, frequency, electromagnetic radiation, Aufbau, electron configuration, Heisenberg, photoelectric effect, excited state, magnetic quantum number, photon, Hund's rule, ground state, emission, spectrum)

5) The Periodic Law (atomic radius, groups, periodic trends, periods, cation, main group elements, actinides, anion, valence, ions, electronegativity, Mendeleev, lanthanides, ionization energy, transition elements, halogens, electron affinity, alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, periodic table, Moseley)

6) Chemical Bonding (Lewis structure, single bond, molecule, hydrogen bond, nonpolar, bond, polar, hybridization, malleability, structural formula, resonance structure, dipole, VSEPR theory, polyatomic ions, dispersion, metallic, triple bond, ionic bond, lattice energy, ductility, chemical, covalent bonds)

7) Chemical Formulas (empirical formula, carbonate, oxide, salt, nitrous, phosphate, hydroxide, oxidation number, nitrate, oxyanions, binary compound, phosphoric acid, monatomic ion, acetate, hepta, perchlorate, tetra, hydroflouric, composition, chloride, ammonium, chlorate, sulfate, sulfite)

8) Chemical Equations & Reactions (catalyst, synthesis, equation, formula, combustion, coefficients, word equation, single, double, decomposition, reversible reaction, precipitate, aqueous, moles, diatomic, activity series)

9) Stoichiometry (balanced equation, denominator, coefficients, excess reactant, theoretical yield, composition, mole ratio, stoichiometry, limiting reactant, reaction, laboratory, percentage yield, molar mass, actual yield)

10) Oxidation-Reduction Equilibria (reversible, disproportionation, hydrolysis, equilibrium, buffered solution, oxidation numbers, reducing agent, oxidizing agent, reduction, redox reaction, half-equation, equilibrium)

11) States of Matter (amorphous solid, freezing, surface tension, capillary action, critical point, molecular, crystalline solid, effusion, boiling point, fluids, sublimation, melting point, fusion, ideal gas, deposition, triple point, elastic collisions, volatile, diffusion, vaporization, condensation)

12) Gases (ideal gas, Pascal, Graham's law of effusion, Charles' law, partial pressure, millimeters mercury, atmosphere, pressure, barometer, combined gas law, Gay-Lussac's law, Avogadro's law, Newton, Boyle's law, absolute zero)

13) Solutions (saturated solution, hydration, solubility, molarity, enthalpy, sugar, molality, immiscible, concentration, effervescence, solute, equilibrium, colloids, suspension, solvent, solvated, soluble, supersaturated)

14) Ions in Aqueous Solutions & Colligative Properties (spectator ions, nonvolatile, boiling-point of elevation, osmotic pressure, strong electrolyte, osmosis, chlorides, semipermeable membrane, sulfides, freezing-point of depression, weak electrolyte, dissociation, colligative properties, sulfates, net ionic equation, hydronium ion, sulfides)

15) Acids and Bases (salt, nitric acid, strong acid, chloric acid, carbonic acid, sulfuric acid, oxyacid, acetic acid, binary acid, iodic acid, nitrous acid, phosphorous acid, sulfurous acid, Arrhenius acids, base, phosphoric acid, sulfurous acid, amphoteric, Lewis, hypochlorous acid, neutralization, hydrochloric, monoprotic, hydrofluoric acid, Bronsted-Lowry base)

16) Acid-Base Titration and pH (hydroxide ion, pH, titration, pH meter, equivalence point, transition interval, standard, indicators, primary, neutral, ionization, bases, end point, pOH, hydronium ion)

17) Reaction Energy (Joule, temperature, exothermic, entropy, heat, calorimeter, thermochemical, Hess's law, formation, combustion, oxygen, enthalpy, free energy, endothermic, specific heat)

18) Reaction Kinetics (activation energy, order, catalysis, catalyst, lowers, order, mechanism, kinetics, intermediates, temperature, law, heterogeneous, determining, collision theory, homogeneous, reaction rate)

19) Electrochemistry (galvanic cell, corrode, zinc, cathode, electrode, electrolysis, electrochemistry, mercury, anode, voltaic cell, half-cell, electrolytic, battery, alkaline, fuel, standard, reduction, electroplating)

20) Nuclear Chemistry (reactors, positrons, radiometric dating, gamma radiation, daughter cells, half-life, rem, beta radiation, alpha radiation, fusion, chain reaction, parent cell, tracers, transuranium, defect, artificial fission, moderator, nucleons, binding, roentgen)

21) Organic Chemistry (geometric isomers, ketones, monomers, alcohols, alkenes, saturated hydrocarbons, condensation reaction, elimination reaction, aldehydes, cycloalkanes, substitution reaction, ethers, organic compounds, petroleum, benzene, alkyl halides, carboxylic acid, structural isomers, amines)

22) Biochemistry (nucleic acid, hydrolysis, DNA replication, denaturation, metabolism, heterotrophs, carbohydrates, lipids, autotrophs, proteins, anabolism, adenosine triphosphate, monosaccharides, catabolism, condensation, enzyme, saponification)

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