An Entire Year of Middle School Physical Science Crossword Puzzles (Bundle!)

An Entire Year of Middle School Physical Science Crossword Puzzles (Bundle!)
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If you're looking for a fun way to help your middle school students master physical science vocabulary, this is the crossword puzzle bundle for you! I give these to my students before each unit test, and each puzzle helps them review without just mindlessly copying definitions. This bundle consists of four smaller bundles, for a total of 20 puzzles!

This bundle consists of four smaller bundles:
Middle School Physical Science Crosswords Volume 1-Chemistry
Middle School Physical Science Crosswords Volume 2-Motion and Forces
Middle School Physical Science Crosswords Volume 3-Energy, Electricity, and Magnetism
Middle School Physical Science Crosswords Volume 4-Waves, Sound, and Light

The crossword puzzles included in this bundle are:

1) Introduction to Matter (molecule, element, exothermic, weight, temperature, formula, mass, matter, chemical, homogeneous mixture, density, heterogeneous mixture, bond, law of conservation of matter, chemistry, physical change, volume, thermal energy)

2) States of Matter (boiling point, directly proportional, condensation, temperature, volume, amorphous solid, Boyle's law, fluids, pressure, crystals, surface tension, Charles's law, melting point, shape, liquid, gas, solid)

3) Elements and the Periodic Table (groups, atom, atomic number, symbol, element, iron, nitrogen, nucleus, silicon, Mendeleev, nonreactive, molecule, periods, protons, periodic table, electrons, neutrons, atomic mass, sodium, isotopes)

4) Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids (alkaline earth metals, malleable, halogens, metals, lanthanides, nonmetals, noble gas, transition metals, metalloids, reactivity, hydrogen, semiconductors, alkali metals, ductile, luster, corrosion, diatomic, thermal energy)

5) Radioactivity (half-life, gamma radiation, beta particle, alpha particle, nuclear fusion, Marie Curie, radioactive dating, decay, uranium, nuclear, radioactive, nuclear fission, calculating protons and neutrons

6) Chemical Bonds (double bond, crystal, metallic bond, sodium chloride, formula, polar covalent bond, nonpolar covalent bond, molecule, polyatomic ion, covalent bond, ionic bond, valence electrons, subscripts, alloy, determining valence)

7) Chemical Reactions (equation, exothermic, coefficient, replacement reaction, physical change, products, enzymes, synthesis, law of conservation of mass, decomposition, endothermic, closed system, open system, activation energy, precipitate, concentration, inhibitor, catalyst, reactants, chemical)

8) Solutions, Acids, and Bases (dilute, neutralization, hydrogen ions, bases, acids, salt, suspension, solvent, solution, corrosive, colloid, indicator, hydroxide ions, solute, saturated solution)

9) Motion (meter, time, Systeme International, reference point, metric system, motion, acceleration, velocity, speed, average speed, instantaneous speed, slope, positive and negative acceleration, second, time)

10) Forces (force, newton, net force, friction, sliding friction, static friction, fluid friction, rolling friction, gravity, mass, weight, inertia, momentum, law of conservation of momentum, free fall, satellites, centripetal force, buoyant force)

11) Work and Machines (work, joule, power, watt, machines, input force, output force, mechanical advantage, efficiency, simple machine, inclined plane, wedge, screw, lever, fulcrum, pulley, wheel and axle, compound machine)

12) Energy (thermal energy, chemical energy, joule, nuclear fusion, nuclear energy, potential energy, kinetic, energy, power, electromagnetic radiation, gravitational potential energy, nuclear fission, electrical energy, elastic potential energy, mass, mechanical energy, energy transformation, law of conservation of energy)

13) Thermal Energy and Heat (absolute zero, insulator, heat, metals, expansion, convection current, Kelvin, temperature conversions, current, radiation, thermal, Celsius, specific heat, conduction, Fahrenheit, radiation)

14) Electricity (power, parallel circuit, voltage, electric field, Ohm's law, circuit breakers, induction, insulator, resistance, short circuit, fuses, static electricity, series circuit, electric, circuit, power, conservation)

15) Magnetism (magnetic field, solenoid, transformer, poles, magnetism, attract, galvonometer, force, electromagnetism, magnet, mechanical energy, compass, magnetic force, magnetic declination, electric motor, direct current, alternating current, generator)

16) Characteristics of Waves (vibration, amplitude, frequency, interference, nodes, wavelength, waves, resonance, transverse waves, diffraction, reflection, mechanical waves, trough, rarefaction, speed, compression)

17) Sound (eardrum, pitch, density, sonogram, sound, ear canal, intensity, ultrasound, Doppler effect, echolocation, loudness, overtones, fundamental, decibel, music, overtones)

18) Electromagnetic Radiation (thermogram, frequency, polarized, electromagnetic, photoelectric effect, radiation, microwaves, ultraviolet, visible, global positioning systems, gamma rays, infrared, radar, X-rays, visible light, photon)

19) Light (image, primary colors, virtual image, focal point, optical, rays, translucent, transparent, secondary colors, refraction, mirage, plane, lens, real image, opaque, complimentary colors, pigment, convex lens, diffuse, concave lens)

20) Eyes, Telescopes, and Microscopes (eyepiece, camera, rods, optic nerve, objective lens, retina, iris, reflecting, refracting, pupil, microscope, pupil, nearsighted, cones, rods, farsighted, telescope)

WANT THE BIGGEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK? This product is part of a MEGA BUNDLE made of 64 crossword puzzles for middle school students. This amazing deal includes puzzles related to life science, physical science, and earth science! Middle School Crossword Puzzle MEGA BUNDLE!

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I put a great deal of effort and pride into each of my products. Thank you for your interest and support!
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