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This interactive notebook includes 11 activities for Ancient Rome. It also includes a rubric, grade log, and table of contents page. Each activity come with color examples and answer guide. The following is an overview of the concepts and information covered in this product:

1. Compare and Share—This activity is used to compare and contrast ancient Rome and Greece geography. Students read a brief passage that describes the geography of Italy and Greece. Then, they will use the information from the passage to complete a venn diagram.
2. Geography of Ancient Greece—This lesson includes a map of Rome that helps students identify and evaluate various cities, water, mountains, and land masses.
3. Rome’s Beginnings Comic Strip—This activity includes two legends about the founding of Rome (Romulus and Remus and the Trojan hero Aeneas). After students read each story, they choose one to illustrate in a comic strip. They can then display their comic strip by sliding it back and forth underneath the attached T.V. screen. Students will also write a summary of their comic strip.
4. Ancient Rome Society—Students will use this interactive lesson to compare the city's two main social classes. Students cut out the paper dolls (patricians, plebeians, and legionnaires) according to what they think each member of Roman society would wear and glue them in the appropriate column on a 3 tab book. Finally, under each picture, students will write 3-4 sentences about each person including what their jobs were, social status, rights, and responsibilities.
5. Rome Republic 4 Door Tab Book—In, this lesson, students will use this foldable to analyze the parts of Rome’s Republic. Vocabulary associated with this activity include consuls, dictator, senate, assembly, twelve tables, and law of nations.
6. Punic Wars Puzzle—After a lesson on the Punic Wars, students will use puzzle pieces to analyze and evaluate the three wars that Rome fought with Carthage.
7. Fall of Rome Republic Look Book—This flip-book foldable will help students evaluate the fall of Rome’s Republic. Topics covered include: Trouble in the Republic (gap between rich and poor, as well as latifundium, Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus, and Marius), First Triumvirate, Julius Caesar, Second Triumvirate, Mark Antony and Cleopatra, Octavian and the Roman Empire.
8. Sticky Note Summaries—This activity includes several sticky notes with images that students will cut out, color, and glue into their notebooks. Then, they will label and describe what each image represents. Information covered in this lesson include: Daily Life, Entertainment, Gods and Goddesses, Architecture, Aqueducts, and Family.
9. Fall of Rome Tab Table—Students will use this foldable analyze the various things that led to the fall of Rome. Major concepts covered include: Political Problems, Social Problems, Economic Problems, Constantine and Constantinople, Invasions of Germanic Tribes, Birth of Christianity. Students will explain how each of these things influenced Rome and its decline. Then, they will illustrate each tab based on the information that they included.
10. Legacy of Rome—In this lesson, students will use a graphic organizer to evaluate all of the aspects of Rome's legacy and how it continues to influence the world. Concepts for students to evaluate include: Citizenship, Literature, Architecture, Science, Laws, Christianity.
11. Byzantine Empire Star Summaries—This activity will help students evaluate The Byzantine Empire. The foldable includes 5 tabs with pictures that represent the following: Constantinople, Education, Art and Architecture, Trade, Justinian and Theodora. Students will write a brief summary of each of the topics.

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Table of Contents, Rubric, and Grade Log
Ancient Rome Geography
Ancient Rome and Greece Geography Comparison
Ancient Rome Beginnings: Romulus and Remus and Aeneas Comic Strip
Ancient Rome Society: Patricians, Plebeians, and Legionnaire
Punic Wars Puzzle
Fall of the Republic Look Book
Ancient Rome Sticky Note Summaries
Fall of Rome Tab Table
Legacy of Rome: All Roads Lead to Rome
Byzantine Empire Star Summaries
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Ancient Rome - Interactive Notebook - Bundle
Ancient Rome - Interactive Notebook - Bundle
Ancient Rome - Interactive Notebook - Bundle
Ancient Rome - Interactive Notebook - Bundle