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Go Wild with Paper
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Go Wild with Paper

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    Animal habitat dioramas for kids to make: HUGE BUNDLE of beautiful animal habitat craft activities. More than 200 beautiful paper animal models and templates.

    Perfect to complement your studies on animal habitats and biomes. 21 beautiful diorama projects for children to make.

    Children can easily build their own beautiful animal habitat dioramas by cutting and gluing the pieces. Each set includes two versions: a diorama template that prints in color and a black and white template for coloring fun!

    Includes the base and background so you can create a stand alone diorama, or paste into a box to create a box diorama. You can also use the scenery to create a centre to use with your own animal toys, playdough or use the paper animals in your sand tray or block corner. Can also be made using a file folder. Endless possibilities for fun!!

    Includes easy to follow instructions on how to make a diorama. Simply cut, fold and glue to create your very own beautiful paper model habitats complete with trees and plants!

    Bundle includes the following habitat diorama templates:

    1. Rainforest (South America)

    2. Ocean

    3. Coniferous forest (North America)

    4. African waterhole

    5. River (Amazon River)

    6. Wetlands (Florida Everglades)

    7. Polar ice region (Arctic)

    8. Savanna (Africa)

    9. Hills (Pakistan)

    10. Mountains (Himalayas)

    11. Outback Australia - desert (Uluru)

    12. Bushland / Eucalyptus forest (Australia)

    13. Farm

    14. Freshwater pond

    15. Beach / Coastal (Australia)

    16. Tundra (North America / Arctic)

    17. Rock Pool / Tide pool

    18. Scrubland / chaparral (California, USA)

    19. Coral Reef (The Great Barrier Reef, Australia)

    20. Grassy plain / prairie (North America)

    21. Desert (USA - Arizona)

    Bundle includes a huge variety of animals from regions all over the world. More than 200 animals! Mix and match for all sorts of fun projects.

    Rainforest habitat includes trees, bushes and the following animals:

    - Jaguar

    - Macaw

    - Boa Constrictor

    - Red-Eyed Tree Frog

    - Monkey

    - Toucan

    - Capybara

    - Anteater

    - Tapir

    - Sloth

    Ocean habitat includes seaweed, rocks and the following sea creatures:

    - shark

    - jellyfish

    - stingray

    - sea turtle

    - seahorses

    - clownfish / anemonefish

    - octopus

    - starfish

    - plus a fold up shell with a pearl inside!

    Coniferous forest habitat includes trees, bushes, rocks and the following forest animals:

    - moose

    - deer

    - raccoon

    - hedgehog

    - eagle

    - trout

    - chipmunk

    - beaver

    - bear

    - tree with woodpecker and owl

    - fox (awake and sleeping fox)

    - plus a den for the sleeping fox!

    African waterhole habitat includes trees, bushes and the following African animals:

    - crocodile

    - elephant

    - hippo

    - flamingo

    - meerkats x 4

    - cheetah

    - mandrill

    - warthog

    - orix

    - ostrich

    - ground hornbill bird

    - includes a water piece to hide the crocodile in the water hole.

    Savanna habitat includes the following African animals:

    - lion

    - lioness

    - two lion cubs

    - cobra snake

    - giraffe

    - hyena

    - rhinoceros

    - zebra

    - monkey

    - Egyptian vulture

    - Gazelle

    - African buffalo

    - East African Grey Crowned Crane

    - also includes a large rock that animal models can be placed on.

    Amazon river habitat includes logs, rocks, plants and the following South American animals:

    - Pink river dolphin

    - Giant Amazon river turtle

    - Giant river otter

    - Piranhas

    - Anaconda

    - X-ray fish

    - Discus fish

    - Electric Eel

    - Amazonian manatee

    - Caiman (alligator / crocodile)

    Florida wetlands habitat includes mangrove trees, rocks, plants and the following North American animals:

    - Alligator

    - Box turtle

    - Copperhead snake

    - Opossum

    - Heron (water bird)

    - Roseate Spoonbill Bird

    - Frog

    - Newt

    - Florida panther

    - Wood duck

    - Otter

    - Anhinga ( darter / snakebird )

    - Butterfly and dragonfly on plant

    Arctic habitat includes 3D ice bergs and the following polar animals:

    - Beluga whale

    - Narwhal

    - Arctic hare

    - Orca whale

    - Puffins

    - Arctic fox

    - Polar bear

    - Walrus

    - Seal

    - Reindeer

    - Snowy owl

    - Gray whale

    - plus 3D icebergs!

    Hill habitat includes trees, bushes, 3D rocks and the following Pakistani / Asian animals:

    - Red panda

    - Markhor / wild goat / screw horn goat

    - Python

    - Dhole / Indian wild dog

    - Asiatic black bear

    - Tragopan bird / horned pheasant

    - Urial / wild sheep

    - Ibex / wild mountain goat

    - Brahminy Kite (bird)

    - Rhesus macaque (old world monkey)

    - Caracal - wild cat

    - Golden marmot

    - also includes 3D rocks that animal models can be placed on.

    Mountain habitat (Himalayas) includes trees, 3D rocks and the following Asian animals:

    - Yak

    - Ancient Himalayan wolf

    - Bharal / Blue sheep

    - Tibetan black-necked crane

    - Himalayan musk deer

    - Himalayan takin

    - Tibetan wild ass / Kiang

    - Snow leopard

    - Himalayan palm civet

    - Plateau pika

    - Himalayan snowcock

    - Himalayan monal

    - Himalayan langur monkey in tree

    - also includes 3D rocks that animal models can be placed on.

    The Australian outback set is a special nocturnal and diurnal animal diorama with both a day and night scene and animal burrows.

    Outback Australia (Uluru) set includes the following Australian animals:

    - Red kangaroos

    - Dingo

    - Mulgara (nocturnal marsupial)

    - Bilby (nocturnal marsupial)

    - Emu

    - Marsupial mole

    - Wedge-tailed eagle

    - Bandy-Bandy snake

    -Thorny devil (lizard)

    - Spinifex pigeon

    - Kultarr (nocturnal marsupial)

    - Spinifex hopping mouse (tarkawara)

    - Ngintaka / Perentie lizard

    - Possum in a tree

    - Rocks depicting ancient Indigenous Australian rock art

    - also includes 3D burrows that the nocturnal animals can 'hide' in during the 'day'.

    Australian Bushland / Eucalyptus Forest set includes the following Australian animals:

    - Wombat

    - Platypus

    - Sugar glider

    - Lyrebird

    - Echidna

    - Numbat

    - Australian brush turkey (bush turkey)

    - Brown hawk (falcon)

    - Tree with koala and cockatoo

    - Tree with kookaburra, rainbow lorikeets, and crimson rosella

    - also includes gum trees and Australian grass trees.

    Farm Diorama set includes the following farm animals:

    - cow

    - horse

    - sheep

    - pig

    - rooster

    - dog

    - turkey

    - chicken and chicks

    - duck

    - scarecrow and crows

    - also includes apple trees, corn field and fences.

    Pond Diorama set includes the following freshwater animals:

    - frog

    - pond snail

    - crayfish

    - blue heron

    - water shrew

    - turtle

    - water snake

    - duck

    - swan with cygnets

    - also includes plants, lily pads, cattails, reeds, rocks,and logs.

    Beach Diorama set includes the following coastal animals:

    - 3D sea turtle

    - baby sea turtles / eggs and hatchlings

    - seagull flying and a gull standing

    - crab

    - sea star / starfish

    - hermit crab

    - fairy penguins / little blue penguins (native to Australia and New Zealand)

    - pelican flying

    - also includes palm trees, sea shells, grass and 3D rocks.

    Arctic Tundra Diorama set includes the following polar animals:

    - barnacle goose

    - wolverine

    - lynx

    - Alaska dall sheep

    - musk ox

    - tundra swan

    - ptarmigan bird

    - harlequin duck (male and female)

    - Arctic tern

    - ermine

    - Arctic wolf

    - also includes bushes, wildflowers, grass and 3D rocks.

    Rock Pool / Tide Pool Diorama set includes the following sea creatures:

    - Hermit crab

    - Shrimp

    - Limpets on rocks

    - Blue ringed octopus

    - Sea stars

    - Prawn

    - Crab

    - Mussels on a rock

    - Sea urchins

    - also includes sea weed, sea shells and 3D rocks.

    Scrubland / California Chaparral Diorama set includes the following North American animals:

    - Grizzly bear and cub

    - Mule deer

    - Quail

    - California ground squirrel and 3D burrow

    - Grey Fox

    - Gopher

    - Woodrat and 3D den

    - Brush rabbit

    - Red shouldered hawk

    - Mountain lion

    - Skunk

    - Shrub with a hummingbird

    - Flowers with bees

    - also includes plants, rocks, trees.

    The Great Barrier Reef | Coral Reef Diorama set includes the following fish and sea creatures:

    - Coral Cod Fish

    - Dolphins

    - Redfin Anthias

    - Beaked Coralfish

    - Multi Barred Angelfish

    - Sea Star

    - Moray Eel

    - Moorish Idol

    - Clown Anemone Fish

    - Palette Surgeonfish

    - Squarespot Anthias

    - Ribbon Eel

    - Emperor Angelfish

    - Flame Angelfish

    - Floor Anemones

    - Many different types of corals are depicted. A section showing signs of coral bleaching is included. (Caused by rising water temperatures due to climate change / global warming, the bleaching is a major environmental issue for the reef.)

    Grassland / Prairie set includes the following North American animals:

    - Bison

    - Coyotes (1 standing and 1 sitting and howling)

    - Burrowing Owl

    - Groundhog

    - Jack Rabbit

    - Hawk

    - Pronghorn antelope

    - Northern bobwhite (bird)

    - Snake

    - Prairie chicken

    - Wildflowers with a butterfly

    - also includes plants, rocks, trees, and 3D paper burrow.

    Arizona Desert set includes the following North American animals:

    - Desert bighorn sheep

    - Gila woodpecker on cactus

    - Gila monster lizard

    - Lesser long-nosed bat and elf owl on cactus

    - Scorpion

    - Rattlesnake

    - Cactus wren

    - Vulture

    - Bobcat

    - Roadrunner

    - Ringtailed cat

    - Cactus mouse and burrow

    - Kangaroo rat and burrow

    - Armadillo

    - Cactus, plants and rocks

    - also includes 3D burrows that the nocturnal animals can 'hide' in during the 'day'.

    The paper craft templates are provided in a PDF file and are ready to print on US letter size card. For best results, print on card rather than paper.


    Go WILD with paper have a wide selection of animal crafts, paper models and animal habitat dioramas! Your first stop for fun papercraft animals for kids!



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