Animate & Code with Scratch in Your Classroom the Easy Way (ISTE Standards)

Supporting document included
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♦ Are you looking to integrate technology into your lessons in truly meaningful ways?
♦ Do you want to bring coding to your students but find it very confusing?
♦ Don't know where to start?

No problem. We're here for you. Well, once you press play that is!

With over 5 years of teaching Scratch projects to over 650+ students, we’re excited to share our best tips and advice with you.

This is a high-quality step-by-step course for Scratch beginners who want to start with coding and animation, but don't know how.

So, what do you get with your purchase? You’ll get:

✓ The most up to date information on Scratch 2.0 for 2017 with updates to be added when needed. All lessons are ISTE Standards Aligned. (Scratch 3.0 will be coming late 2018)

✓ Save a lot of valuable teaching time researching and finding out how Scratch works and what you can do with it.

✓ In the first half of this course, we break down what Scratch is, why to use it, who it is for and what you need to do before you even start. In the second half, we actually guide the student with the challenges

✓ With lots of trials and experience, we share with you how to manage student logins for your class as to minimize the "management" part. Another time saver!

In other words, we give you the background info you need to know and help you set it up!

→ Student Challenges! In the second half of the course, teachers can play the video while their students engage in the challenges on their computers.

→ Teachers can pause between each challenge to control the pace. Our guided challenges will ensure success for your students and give them some tips on how to answer them.

→ This video includes a supporting document that includes the PDF version of the presentation, lesson/project ideas, an editable Rubric for you to modify for your students and resources that will be updated on a regular basis.

Computational concepts covered:

•Events Conditionals
•If/Then statements

The 21st Century Skills (4C's) includes: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.

Timestamp & Chapter
00:00 Welcome
00:18 Key Concepts
01:55 Important Tips
04:34 What is Coding?
05:19 Why is Coding Important
06:01 What is Scratch and Who is it for?
07:58 Class/Student Accounts Best Practices
11:55 Interface layout
20:54 How to embed Scratch into your class blog
22:07 Class Challenges
22:51 Challenge 1: Login & Create New Project
23:36 Challenge 2: Create a Sprite
26:37 Challenge 3: Make your Sprite Move Forward & Backward
30:10 Challenge 4: Adding Sound
32:06 Challenge 5: Make it spin
34:31 Challenge 6: Change Colors
38:24 Challenge 7: Interact with another Sprite
42:26 Challenge 8: Make a Sprite bounce
45:53 Challenge 9: Change the Stage Backdrop
52:24 Project & Lesson Ideas (PDF included)
53:00 Computational Concepts Covered
53:09 Resources
57:22 Thank you and Contact Information

*NOTE: Scratch ONLY works on desktops computers, laptops, Chromebooks but NOT tablets.

See you when you hit "play!"

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Fred & Sharon Jaravata
(I teach K-8 innovation & tech and she teaches 3rd grade)
Learn more about us at

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