Atoms & Elements Unit Video Lesson TRAILER

Atoms & Elements Unit Video Lesson TRAILER

Need a sub plan? Tired of repeating yourself for the 1,000th time? Are many of your students working at different paces? Need a remediation plan? TRY USING A VIDEO LESSON! :)

The Atoms & Elements Unit contains 6 engaging video lessons!
• Lesson #1 – Classifying Elements as Metals, Nonmetals, & Metalloids
• Lesson #2 – Atoms
• Lesson #3 – How to Read the Periodic Table
• Lesson #4 – Bohr Diagrams
• Lesson #5 – Isotopes
• Lesson #6 – History of the Atom

Need some Guided Notes?
As students watch each video lesson, they can fill-in the corresponding Atoms & Elements Unit GUIDED NOTES!
***Check-Out a FREE sample of the GUIDED NOTES!

Need a follow up Activity/Assignment after the video?
Check-out more Chemistry with Confidence Atoms & Elements Unit Curriculum!

Need a Lesson Plan?
Check-out the Atoms & Elements Unit – LESSON PLANS available for FREE!

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Happy Teaching :)

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