BASIC ASTRONOMY - Middle Sch - 6 wks - OPEN AND TEACH! Ch4, Sec2 PDF Version

BASIC ASTRONOMY - Middle Sch - 6 wks - OPEN AND TEACH! Ch4, Sec2 PDF Version
BASIC ASTRONOMY - Middle Sch - 6 wks - OPEN AND TEACH! Ch4, Sec2 PDF Version
BASIC ASTRONOMY - Middle Sch - 6 wks - OPEN AND TEACH! Ch4, Sec2 PDF Version
BASIC ASTRONOMY - Middle Sch - 6 wks - OPEN AND TEACH! Ch4, Sec2 PDF Version
BASIC ASTRONOMY - Middle Sch - 6 wks - OPEN AND TEACH! Ch4, Sec2 PDF Version
BASIC ASTRONOMY - Middle Sch - 6 wks - OPEN AND TEACH! Ch4, Sec2 PDF Version
BASIC ASTRONOMY - Middle Sch - 6 wks - OPEN AND TEACH! Ch4, Sec2 PDF Version
BASIC ASTRONOMY - Middle Sch - 6 wks - OPEN AND TEACH! Ch4, Sec2 PDF Version
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Chapter 4 Section 2 - PDF Version (see lesson listing below).

NOTE: This is a PDF Version for teachers that do not have SMART Notebook. A SMART Notebook version is available if you have that software. Please see below.

PLEASE NOTE: The thumbnails and preview file are only a quick look at a sample from one of the lessons in this unit. This is just to show you the quality and breadth of materials you'll get as part of each section/lesson.

This is one of 14 zipped files that cover 3 chapters of Astronomy and, in total, contain over 500 slides and documents. See below for the details. All the items are linked below that you would need to purchase. Due to TpT file size restrictions, the quantity of materials, and the resolution of the graphics, the entire unit would not fit in one 200MB file. So, I’ve broken out the price for each section individually so you could purchase them.

Glencoe - Earth Science - Astronomy Book J - SMART Notebook or PDF Versions (sold separately)

READY TO TEACH! Just buy, open up, and start teaching - everything is included.

SMART NOTEBOOK USERS - The preview file (only) contains un-editable slides due to file size restrictions by TpT. Be assured that all the SMART Notebook files come completely editable so that you can customize the lessons as you like. PDF Users do not have this same benefit, but the slides are still very useful. I priced the SMART and PDF versions the same as I spent the same amount of time creating them. In fact, I had to go another step to create the PDF versions.

The lessons, if you buy all the files, cover Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of this book. This is not meant as a replacement for purchasing the materials - this is only meant as an presentation enhancement and supplement to the Glencoe books. Still, there is enough material here that would be good to teach a basic astronomy course even without the books (which I believe may be out of print. The last copyright date was in 2008).

The numbers of slides and duration of the unit are reflective of purchasing the WHOLE unit - all the files.

MAKE SURE YOU ARE PURCHASING THE CORRECT VERSION (FORMAT). If you can’t open the preview file, you won’t be able to open the actual file. There are both PDF and SMART Notebook files for the same section of each chapter. Make sure you are purchasing the correct version for each section.

If you buy the whole package, you will purchase 13 SMART Notebook files or 14 PDF files.

This is a great Astronomy overview. It touches on all the major aspects of astronomy from planets to stars to galaxies. It goes over the phases of the moon, eclipses, comets, and more. This would be a great unit to use for a science teacher that may be out on leave and needs to leave something in the hands of a substitute. It would even be great for a homeschool situation or as a unit for a middle or high schooler to have to explore their interest in astronomy.

This package includes review sheets, tests, “Jeopardy” games. Includes differentiation for students needing more structure and for students needing enrichment. These are all in easy-to-use PDF formats.

The format of the lesson includes a “Bell Ringer” thought question as the kids come in, “I Can” statements, lesson including engaging videos and discussion questions, note-taking, review sheets, homework, and asssessments.

Videos are embedded in the SMART Notebook presentations so you don’t even have to be connected to the internet if you are using the SMART Notebook version - though I would advise that you are so you can connect to other resources. PDF users will see that the videos are included as separate files in their versions. For Chapter 3 Section 2, I had to make an extra file for PDF users for their videos because of the size. That file can be found and downloaded for free.

The files for Section 1 of each chapter have a sample daily lesson sequence in the zip.

This unit has been revised to show Pluto as a dwarf planet.

A “take notes here” animated pencil gif is provided where students should take notes in their Science Notebooks of terms and concepts. This makes it easy for the teacher to keep teaching while students have a visual cue to take notes.

Chapters/Topics Covered:

Intro to Astronomy - Class Policies and Procedures
Chapter 2: The Sun-Earth-Moon System
Section 1: Earth
Section 2: The Moon - Earth’s Satellite
Section 3: Exploring Earth’s Moon
Section 3a: NASA Missions, Comets
Section 3a: Lab - Tilt and Temperature
Chapter 3 - The Solar System
Section 1: The Solar System - (plus review of how to write in complete sentences)
Section 2: The Inner Planets
Section 3: Mars and Jupiter - (plus review of “outline” note-taking strategy)
Section 3a: Lab - Greenhouse Effect on Venus?
Section 4: Other Objects in the Solar System
Section 4a: Lab - Constructing a Comet - (plus review of “flash cards” and “study groups” strategies)
Chapter 4: Stars and Galaxies
Section 1: Stars
Section 2: The Sun
Section 3: Evolution of Stars
Section 4: Galaxies and the Universe

These concepts correlate to the following standards:

Next Generation Science Standards - Middle School Earth and Space Sciences - NGSS ESS1

Vocabulary covered: sphere, axis, ellipse, solstice, rotation, equinox, revolution, full moon, third quarter, moon phases, waxing, first quarter, waning, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, maria, impact basin, moon’s south pole, surveyor, aitken basin, lunar prospector, comet, clementine, apollo 11, earth-centered model, inner planets, outer planets, solar system, Copernicus, gravity, AU, Kepler, Mercury, Venus, craters, Mars, Venus, greenhouse effect, Valles Marineris, Earth, Olympus Mons, Jupiter, 61, Ganymede, Saturn, 21, Uranus, Neptune, Great Red Spot, comet, meteor, stardust, coma, meterorite, Oort Cloud, asteroid, nucleus, parallax, orion, blue-white, apparent magnitude, constellations, orange, red, light year, absolute magnitude, corona, prominence, sunspots, photosphere, solar flare, CME, chromosphere, aurora, H-R diagram, helium, giant, fusion, nebula, main sequence, supernova, white dwarf, milky way galaxy, spiral galaxy, big bang theory, galaxy, irregular galaxy, barred spiral, local group, elliptical galaxy

PDF Files

PDF Files - Only for teachers who DO NOT have access to SMART Notebook. (If you have SMART Notebook, use this link to take you to the first SMART Notebook file in the series.)

Chapter 2 Section 1 - PDF Version - (Includes Intro to Astronomy)

Chapter 2 Section 2 - PDF Version

Chapter 2 Section 3 - PDF Version

Chapter 3 Section 1 - PDF Version

Chapter 3 Section 2 - The Inner Planets - PDF Version

Chapter 3 Section 2a - Solar System - PDF Version

Chapter 3 Section 2a - PDF Version - Extra Video Files for PDF Users - FREE FILE

Chapter 3 Section 3 - PDF Version

Chapter 3 Section 4 - PDF Version

Chapter 4 Section 1 - PDF Version

Chapter 4 Section 2 - PDF Version

Chapter 4 Section 3 - PDF Version

Chapter 4 Section 4 - PDF Version
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