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VIDEO: K-2 Decodable Readers Overview

We’re happy to introduce this exciting new addition to our 2nd grade phonics & spelling curriculum – decodable readers, written by Heather Watson & Wendy Beall and illustrated by Ashley Watson from Watson Works! As children learn to read, decodable readers are instrumental in building fluency and developing good reading strategies, so it was important for us to be able to offer these readers for our teachers.  We sincerely want children to be become strong, confident readers by using our phonics & spelling program, and when a child can read a decodable book on his/her own, he/she gains a real feeling of success and accomplishment, resulting in an even greater motivation to read. 

For each week of the program, we’ve created 1 decodable reader that reviews the phonics skills, spelling words, and high frequency words for that week. We are offering these readers in both color & blackline printable PDF formats, as well as in eBook formats so that teachers have the option of printing and assembling individual booklets for students or using them with their computers, Chromebooks, tablets, and other smart mobile devices.


These are the books included in printable color/blackline PDFs & eBook formats:

Book 1 – “A Fix for Jack” – week 1

(phonics – short ă, ĭ; spelling – sad, flat, if, fix, win; high frequency – around, help, next, until, walked)

Book 2 – “Glen in the Mud” – week 2

(phonics – short ŏ, ŭ, ĕ; spelling – wet, job, hug, mud, hot; high frequency – bring, do, with, like, make)

Book 3 – “Mike and the Big Race” – week 3

(phonics – ā, ī, c, ç; spelling – gave, rake, wipe, line, race; high frequency – city, places, no, other, school)

Book 4 – “Eve and Opie” – week 4

(phonics – ē, ō, ū, g, ġ; spelling – nose, use, cute, rode, home; high frequency – by, mind, read, see, today)

Book 5 – “Blake and Grant go for a Drive” – week 5

(phonics – consonant blends (r, l, & s); spelling – spin, place, test, just, drive; high frequency – green, little, long, says, we)

Book 6 – “The Big Camping Trip” – week 6

(phonics – common final blends (nd, ng, nk, nt, ft, xt, mp); spelling – end, drink, pond, bring, jump; high frequency – animals, bear myself, second, sleep)

Book 7 – “Cliff’s Big Game” – week 7

(phonics – digraph ck, floss Rule; spelling – full, add, kick, black, off; high frequency – car, cried, try, pretty, funny)

Book 8 – “Chad and Mitch Take a Trip” – week 8

(phonics – th, sh, wh, ch, tch, ph, base Words & endings (-s, -ed, -ing); spelling – than, shine, while, chase, catch; high frequency – few, high, people, happy, before)

Book 9 – “Felix is Running Late” – week 9

(phonics – base Words & Endings (ed & -ing), CV Words; spelling – liked, using, making, closed, asked; high frequency – many, might, show, why, would)

Book 10 – “You’re the Pet for Me!” – week 10

(phonics – Contractions; spelling – you’re, isn’t, we’ll, it’s, don’t; high frequency – because, better, really, right, they)

Book 11 – “Thad Gets a Surprise” – week 11

(phonics – base Words & Endings (-s & -es); spelling – ducks, boxes, wishes, names, bells; high frequency – heard, grow, hard, light, more)

Book 12 – “Blaine Makes a Friend” – week 12

(phonics – vowel digraphs ai, ay; spelling – tray, away, train, wait, paint; high frequency – night, someone, against, different, along)

Book 13 – “Dean Sees the Dentist” – week 13

(phonics – vowel digraphs ee, ea; spelling – free, teeth, wheel, teach, please; high frequency – first, everything, story, store, world)

Book 14 – “Cole’s Winning Goal” – week 14

(phonics – vowel digraphs oa, ōw, Long ō; spelling – soap, float, know, throw, coach; high frequency – front, never, party, started, stories)

Book 15 – “Have You Ever Thought About…?” – week 15

(phonics – schwa vowel sound, compound words; spelling – cannot, maybe, myself, outside, nothing; high frequency – after, ever, live, over, thought)

Book 16 – “The Best Game in the World” – week 16

(phonics – base words & endings (-ed & -ing); spelling – running, stopped, selling, sitting, missed; high frequency – gone, something, also, look, have)

Book 17 – “I Spy in the Night Sky” – week 17

(phonics – long ī, igh, ie, vowel y; spelling – night, kind, spy, right, July; high frequency – doing, sure, else, any, studied)

Book 18 – “A New Baby for Kelly” – week 18

(phonics – long ē spelled y; spelling – happy, baby, very, funny, only; high frequency – words, under, always, soon, anything)

Book 19 – “A Party at the Farm” – week 19

(phonics – ar; spelling – dark, star, party, hard, start; high frequency – didn’t, I’ll, please, too, sound)

Book 20 – “Jordan’s Big Day” – week 20

(phonics – or, ore; spelling – story, score, store, morning, forget; high frequency – being, I’ve, ground, laugh)

Book 21 – “An Eerie Night” – week 21

(phonics – er, ir, ur; spelling – over, water, paper, offer, cover; high frequency – nothing, across, voice, behind, out)

Book 22 – “A Trip to the Market” – week 22

(phonics – homophones, base words & endings (-er & -est); spelling – meet, meat, too, two, main; high frequency – toward, what’s everyone, does, their)

Book 23 – “Mrs. Ruby” – week 23

(phonics – suffixes (-y, -ly, & -ful), final Stable Syllables (-tion & -ture); spelling – helpful, sadly, thankful, kindly, useful; high frequency – knew, though, great, write, coming)

Book 24 – “Roy Wonders” – week 24

(phonics – prefixes (re-, un-, over-, pre-, mis-), silent Consonants; spelling – unhappy, retell, unkind, unlike, remake; high frequency – earth, without, here, began, there)

Book 25 – “Aubrey’s New Pet” – week 25

(phonics – au, aw, al, short o, ä; spelling – tall, draw, soft, yawn, small; high frequency – young, ball, our, hear, were)

Book 26 – “Andrew’s Lessons” – week 26

(phonics – long oo, ew, ue, ou; spelling – spoon, few, room, you, flew; high frequency – every, won’t, follow, goes, again)

Book 27 – “A Big Chance for Brooks” – week 27

(phonics – short oo; spelling – took, books, wood, stood, cookbook; high frequency – buy, maybe, where, outside, tomorrow)

Book 28 – “Just a Dream” – week 28

(phonics – diphthongs ow & ou; spelling – house, shout, down, found, flower; high frequency – want, while, enough, happened, above)

Book 29 – “A Snail for Troy” – week 29

(phonics – longer words with ā & ī (ai, ay, igh, -y), Diphthongs oi & oy; spelling – snail, always, sly, chain, bright; high frequency – once, woman, eight, who, your)

Book 30 – “Abel’s Lab Test” – week 30

(phonics – longer words with ō & ē (oa, ow, ee, ea), Final Stable Syllable -le; spelling – seated, keeps, means, bowls, grown; high frequency – almost, money, together, sometimes, remember)

Book 31 – “Car Wash” – week 31

(phonics – review prefixes & suffixes; spelling – unlock, refill, hopeful, safely, hopping; high frequency – upon, seven, near, wash, paper)

Book 32 – “Norah Stays Home Alone” – week 32

(phonics – review digraphs, combinations, & r-controlled vowels; spelling – spark, short, gain, fright, clean; high frequency – from, door, years, pushed, dear)

We hope you enjoy this complement to our 2nd grade phonics & spelling curriculum! Follow us on TpT, Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest to be alerted when additional products or sales are available.

~Heather & Ashley

Watson Works, LLC

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Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.
Distinguish long and short vowels when reading regularly spelled one-syllable words.
Know spelling-sound correspondences for additional common vowel teams.
Decode regularly spelled two-syllable words with long vowels.
Decode words with common prefixes and suffixes.


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